Young Living Aria Diffuser

Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser (Aromatherapy & Luxury Decor Piece)

Essential oils smell beautiful! They’re also therapeutic and can help change your day from bad to great. But how can you reap these benefits in a very short time? You can do it through diffusion, and the Young Living Aria Diffuser is one great device to start with. Why is this diffuser so popular and sought after? Find out now!

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • The type of diffuser Aria is and the technology it uses.
  • The benefits of using it for the diffusion of your favorite aromatic oils.
  • The disadvantages of the product. I believe that no decision should be made without knowing them.
  • Troubleshooting problems for Aria. How to clean or assemble it, among others.
  • Where to place your Aria diffuser. A short intro on how useful it is as decor piece for your interior.
  • The spare parts you can buy separately to replace them, if needed.
  • A few words about the Aria starter kit collection, should you be interested.
  • A few simple Aromatherapy blends and recipes for your new diffuser.


Know Your Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser


In the past decade, Aromatherapy gained a lot of popularity. Even more so today! One of the best ways of experiencing its benefits is through diffusion and inhalation.


This method has the highest absorption rate. You can inhale anywhere between 50% and 70% of the active oil molecules. The rest usually evaporates into the atmosphere.


Because of this fact, we’re now seeing lots of Aroma diffusers on the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. But they also use different diffusion technologies.


From the simplest ones like a cotton pad, to the most performing ones – the nebulizers. These nebulizers use the atomizing technology, the latest in Aroma diffusion. You can read more about types of diffusers here.


Young Living is one of the leaders in Aromatherapy-related products. Of course, the company has its own collection of diffusers. One of their most popular diffuser is Aria. This name is not random and you’re about to discover what it stands for, from its functions.


1) What type of diffuser is Aria?

Being the type of product that it is, Aria ensures a good dispersion of your favorite oils. That’s the purpose of any Aroma diffuser.


Aria is an ultrasonic diffuser. This means it uses the ultrasonic technology, the second best in Aromatherapy. It’s second best after nebulizers.


The Young Living Aria ultrasonic diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations. They hit a sensitive membrane, which then starts to break down the oil and water molecules. Slowly, they’ll start rising from the device into the air and disperse.


The Aria diffuser uses water and essential oils to create a cold mist. This mist is easily visible and adds to the soothing feeling that the oils induce.


This diffuser was created specifically for all our senses. It relies on stimulating 4 of our 5 senses to induce total peace and relaxation.


Young Living’s Aria stimulates the sense of vision, hearing, smell, and touch. It would have been funny if it could have stimulated our sense of taste too 🙂


2) What are the benefits of Young Living’s Aria ultrasonic diffuser?


Young Living Ultrasonic Aria Diffuser


The first thing that’s impressive about it is its design and colors. The base of Aria is hard, solid American maple. It has a very pleasant polished round shape. In its middle, there’s the water reservoir with a discreet mark, up to which you can add the water.


Aria also has a glass dome that goes on top of the water reservoir. It’s through this glass dome that the mist comes out and disperses the oils.


This mist is made of microscopic drops of essential oils and water. This mist can also add a bit of moisture to a small room. But it’s not a humidifier, so it won’t be able to do what humidifiers do.


The ultrasonic technology doesn’t use heat. This is a good thing because it preserves the benefits of the oils intact. Above a certain temperature, heated oils start to lose their therapeutic value.


Aria diffuser is easy to assemble and use. For a simple use, it also comes with a very cute, matching wood remote control. It’s all in the details! The remote control is used to turn the device on and off and to start other features.


It is also very useful to stop the diffuser after 20 – 30 minutes. Research shows that 60+ minutes of oil inhalation may raise the blood pressure and make you more nervous, instead of the opposite.


The safest way to diffuse essential oils, even when using Aria, is to:


  • Keep a window ajar while diffusing. The room/house needs to be well ventilated at all times. The oil molecules can saturate the air and cause nausea or headaches. They also tend to linger in the air a very long time, which adds to the buildup.
  • Actively diffuse for up to 30 minutes, every 2 hours or more. When you stop the active diffusion, the oils will continue to disperse.
  • If you have pets, leave the door open, so they can leave if they don’t like the smell. Some essential oils can really harm your pet’s health. Read more about it here.


One of these other features of Aria is the built-in sounds (and music). This internal playlist lasts 12 minutes. Luckily, you can turn them off if you don’t like them.


This feature was specially added to enhance your well-being and stimulate your sense of hearing. Natural sounds combined with Aromatherapy can provide the ultimate relaxing experience.


Maybe you’d rather listen to your own music selection? In that case, you can plug in your music player and listen to your favorite songs. Young Living Aroma Aria diffuser comes with an AV cord so you can plug in your own music device.


The sound can be turned up or down from the remote control. This is again useful, as you don’t have to move from your spot.

Check Aria’s Price 

This diffuser is made by Puzhen. It’s a Chinese company reputed for crafting beautiful handmade diffusers and ceramics. They have offices in Hong Kong and New York and chose to team up with Young Living.


Young Living chose to name the diffuser “Aria” because of its meaning in classical music. A musical aria stands out from all drama.


When you hear a musical aria, you leave everything because it calls for your attention. The built-in music and design of the Aria diffuser can also do that.


There are also a few lovely LED colors you can choose from, or you can turn them off altogether. It’s a matter of preference, but it’s always great to have options.


Now, for more technical details – how long does the Aria diffuser run? Aria may run for up to 3 continuous hours. Theoretically, you can also choose a one hour program, but it’s not what I recommend.


The Aria glass and wood diffuser can cover an area the size of a medium room. That would be about 430 sq. feet (40 sq. meters). This coverage can also be influenced by the oil type and quantity you use.


It doesn’t make a lot of noise either. The level would be just like the one in a library or of bird calls. The Aria diffuser weighs 2.3 kilos (5 lbs.).


3) What are the disadvantages of the Young Living Aria diffuser?

The most obvious disadvantage is its weight. Weighing 5 pounds forces you to keep it steady, in one place only. The glass dome is also sensitive, which makes moving even more difficult. Well, it was never made to be portable, so for a home diffuser, I think it does a great job.


You should also keep it out of children’s and pets’ reach. Make sure you always place it on firm surfaces.


Many users say that the built-in sound system is quite weak. Considering that the diffuser is for Aromatherapy and relaxation, weaker sounds are preferred. It’s enough for a bit of a background noise to go well with the oil diffusion.


One aspect I’m not very fond of is the fact that it uses water. Water molecules will bind to the oil ones and disperse throughout the atmosphere too.


First, this dilutes the power of the oil molecules a bit. Second, they will pull down the oil molecules, causing them to settle on surfaces. They don’t linger too much either.


These disadvantages, however, should not be a problem for many people. Beginners, for example, can learn more about Aromatherapy with the Young Living Aria diffuser.


4) How do you clean the Aria ultrasonic diffuser?

Because it uses water, the diffuser needs to be cleaned and dried out regularly. The risk of mold growth is very real and it may happen in as little as 24 – 48 hours. If you use it regularly, I suggest cleaning it every other day.


If not, you can simply empty the container after use and wash it before you use it again. Simply wipe off the water reservoir with some water mixed with vinegar. The glass dome can be washed in the dishwasher.


5) How to fit/assemble your Aria diffuser?

Assembling it is part of the Aria diffuser troubleshooting category. The oil diffuser comes with instructions (manual), but if you want to know how it’s assembled in advance, you can:


  • Simply fit on a splash guard in the shape of an “S” in its designated place.
  • Then fit on its ventilation attachment.
  • Plug in the electrical plug.
  • Fill the water tank up to the mark.
  • Add 5 – 25 drops of essential oil in the water.
  • Place the glass dome on and turn your Aria ultrasonic diffuser on.


Aria Diffuser as a Luxury Decor Piece


Where to place your Aria diffuser?

Aria is a very stylish aroma diffuser. Its shape and design are rather unique, handcrafted by professional artisans. The materials are also high quality, which explains the high price.


Whether you know a thing or two about interior design or not, it doesn’t really matter. Aria stands out immediately because it looks luxurious. It can add class to many different spaces. Because of its round shape and different colors and textures, Aria makes a great decor piece. Why?


Interior designers talk about a technique called “juxtaposition”. It basically means the placing of things side by side or on top of each other for contrast. This usually creates an interesting visual effect.


If you have lots of squares in your home, which is likely, a round piece creates a pleasing contrast. It can enhance the value of the square piece upon which Aria is placed.


The square solid furniture pieces on which you can place the Aria diffuser are a bed stand and desk. It also works well on counters and bookshelves. The higher and protected the place, the better.


Aria Diffuser Facts, Starter Kit Collection and Aroma Recipes


The Aria ultrasonic diffuser comes at a high price. However, it is possible to buy spare parts for it, should they break.


It is a big and sturdy device and accidents often happen. So, to put your mind at ease, know that you can find and buy many Aria diffuser replacement parts.


Young Living sells separately:

  • The air vent accessory (S-shaped).
  • Audio cables.
  • Glass domes.
  • The ultrasonic plate (membrane) and key set.
  • Power adapter.
  • Remote control.
  • Splash guard.


Another interesting fact about this diffuser is that it’s included in a Young Living starter kit. The other starter kits contain a Rainstone diffuser or a Dewdrop diffuser.


If you’re interested in the Aroma Aria collection diffuser, you will get the full package. This starter kit contains:

  • Aria diffuser.
  • 11 bottles of different essential oils and blends (5 ml bottles). They are individual popular essences like Lavender, Peppermint, Copaiba and Frankincense. And it also contains proprietary blends like Thieves, Purification, R.C., DiGize, PanAway & Stress Away.
  • An AromaGlide roller fitment.
  • 2 NingXia Red (2 Oz samples).
  • Guides and welcoming letters.
  • Business cards.
  • Aromatherapy magazine.
  • Agreements and product price lists.

Check Price 


Essential Oil Recipes for Your Young Living Aria Diffuser

This was my in-depth review of one of the most popular aroma diffusers from Young Living. Aria is great for Aromatherapy, but you also need some oils to make it work. Remember that you can mix and match them to your own preference.


You can create all sorts of interesting perfumes for diffusion. Or you can simply use them to relax, prevent viral infections, improve your breathing, sleep and so on.


Below, you’ll find a few essential oil recipes for your Aria diffuser. Don’t hesitate to try whatever essences and aromas you like. Just keep it safe and use moderate amounts, for short periods of time.


It’s best to alternate between oils and do your research in advance. Some oils are not good for pregnant women for example. Others may interfere with medication, induce seizures, etc.



Total Relaxation Aria Diffuser Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Rose Otto: 2 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 2 drops
  • Melissa essential oil: 4 drops


Add more or less, depending on space and preference. Avoid diffusing the whole night, as that may lead to oil build up and later on to headaches and/or nausea.


Morning Vitality Aria Diffuser Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Sweet Orange essential oil: 15 drops
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 15 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil: 10 drops


Keep this blend in an empty glass bottle and use a few drops per each session.


Headache Relief Aria Diffuser Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Bergamot essential oil: 5 drops
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil: 3 drops


Add more or less, depending on the room space and preference.



Who doesn’t love a good diffuser and their money’s worth?! Well, it seems that Aria is the right device just for that. It’s easy to use, though it looks very complex and luxurious. It also enhances every piece of furniture you set it on.


In other words, if you decide to buy the Young Living Aria Diffuser, you would be making a good investment. With the spare parts you can buy, this device may last a very long time.

Are you interested in giving this Aroma ultrasonic diffuser a chance? Or maybe you’ve had it in the past and have some feedback for us? I’ll be looking forward to your comments.


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