Lavender essential oil for babies

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Babies Safely

The benefits of essential oils spread well beyond scenting and purifying the air. They are soothing to our skin and they can relieve many mild symptoms. Lavender is especially helpful in most situations. You’re probably using it for a long time now and you’re wondering if Lavender essential oil for babies is safe enough to use on your own.


It’s only natural that you want the best for your baby! It’s also great that you’re here reading about the use of Lavender oil on babies.


You should know a few important things about it and how to use it safely. You will find things like precautions and recommended dosage in the first chapter of the article.


In the second chapter, I’ll tell you about some of the best ways to use Lavender essential oil for your baby. Before concluding the article I will also give you a few Aromatherapy blends. Just in case you want to use right away and see how your baby responds to them.



Did You Know?

  • Your baby has more skin than you do! Reported to body weight, the lower the weight of a person, the more skin it has. And babies are tiny.


Lavender essential oil for babies


How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Babies, Dosage and Precautions


Baby skin is a skin that’s still a work in progress. It is very sensitive to your touch. While that’s a good thing for bonding, it’s not as good for the other things that touch his skin. Things like chemicals or very concentrated substances like essential oils.


While it is not forbidden to use certain essential oils on your baby, it has to be done with the utmost care. First of all, you’ll want the essential oil you’re using to be diluted in a carrier oil.


The superior layer of a baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, so it’s even more sensitive to undiluted essential oils.


But there are a few essential oils that you can use on your baby, in very low concentration. Among those essential oils we have Lavender also.


It is considered to be one of the safest essential oils to use on babies, even undiluted. Although, I don’t recommend it, if you want to stay on the safe side and not risk anything with your baby!


The safest Lavender species to use on babies is Lavandula angustifolia. It is also known as true Lavender and it comes either from France or Bulgaria. True Lavender can:


  • Calm down the mind and body.
  • Improve the quality of sleep.
  • Oxygenate the organs and improve the blood circulation.
  • Strengthen the immune system and protect from infections.
  • Improve the digestion and relieve from stomach pain.


Essential oils in general, and Lavender essential oil specifically can help your baby with the following:


  • Sleep better and deeper.
  • Relieve ear aches.
  • Soothe teething.
  • Overcome childhood diseases.
  • Inhibit diarrheas.
  • Lavender oil can also act on the baby’s immune system.
  • Calm down insect bites.
  • Soothe itching from chickenpox.
  • Help the skin heal without scars.
  • Disinfect baby clothes.
  • Dry little pimples.
  • Reduce the symptoms of colic.


How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Babies


Lavender oil can be used in massages, baths and diffusion. These are the safest ways to use an essential oil on babies. Internal consumption is forbidden, unless you’ve talked to a doctor first.


Especially massages will work amazingly on babies since they like to be caressed so much. The best and safest places to massage a diluted essential oil on a baby are his soles. Try to avoid rubbing his back or chest, or do it only in cases like respiratory problems.


The proper dosage of Lavender oil for a baby:
  • 3 – 6 months: 1 drop of essential oil per Oz. carrier oil.
  • 6 months – 2 years: 1 to 2 drops of essential oil per Oz. carrier oil. You can also use 2 – 3 drops of essential oil per cup of fatty milk in bath water.


Lavender essential oil for babies


Precautions when using any type of essential oil on your baby:


a/ Keep all essential oil bottles far away from the baby.


b/ It is not recommended the use of essential oils for premature babies and babies under 3 months. Their skin is usually not mature enough to deal with essential oils that early in life.


c/ Try using a lot of hydrosols or floral waters for babies under 2 years old. If you use essential oils, do it knowingly and do not go above the recommended dose.


d/ Always dilute the essential oils you’re going to use on a baby.


e/ Never give a baby or a child under 12 essential oils by mouth without the consent of a doctor.


f) If you diffuse an essential oil, do it without the baby in that room. You can do it for several minutes before putting him back in his crib for instance.


g/ Perform an allergy test for your baby too. Dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil and place a drop on your baby’s arm. Wait at least a day to see if any reaction occurs.


h/ Avoid using essential oils on the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of the baby.


i/ Use only pure Aromatherapy essential oils. They need to have their Latin name on the label, the distillation method and the source where they were grown. That usually shows the oil is good quality. Also, make sure the oils are essential and not fragrance!


j) Go easy on the baby at first. Most aroma therapists recommend starting with Lavender essential oil for babies. Another gentle essential oil is Chamomile. For the other essential oils you need to do some research before using them on your baby.


k) Pay special attention to essential oils that are high in menthol, 1, 8 – cineole and camphor. It has been found that these substances can severely harm babies and toddlers. They can be found in Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus globulus. Only the species of Eucalyptus smithii can be used in babies but do a lot of research in advance.


Lavender essential oil for babies is safe to use after 3 months. But Dill, Chamomile and Blue Yarrow are other safe oils to use on babies between 3 and 6 months.


Between 6 months and 2 years, a baby can already start to get along better with more essential oils:


  • Grapefruit
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin
  • Sweet Orange
  • Neroli
  • Tangerine
  • Tea Tree
  • Cypress
  • Rose Otto
  • Pine
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Eucalyptus (smithii)


As you can see, most of them are citrus oils. Babies love the smell of citrus; they’re joyous and fresh, yet gentle for them.


But be careful though! Many citrus essential oils can sensitize the skin, especially if you’re exposing it to the sun after using them. That happens when citrus are cold pressed instead of steam distilled.


Through the steam distillation process, citrus oils lose the substance that causes photo sensitivity. This substance is called bergaptene. While using cold pressed citrus oils, you shouldn’t expose yourself or your baby into the sun.


Besides essential oils you could also use hydrosols, or floral waters. They are a lot gentler with the baby’s skin and they don’t need dilution. Floral waters keep the same properties as essential oils, they’re just less concentrated.


Take into account all the precautions above and always use the lowest dose possible! And never use the same oil for a long period of time. By doing so, your baby will enjoy his massages or diffusions with essential oils. Now, let’s see how exactly you can use Lavender essential oil for babies.



Did You Know?

  • In the first year of life, your baby has very thin skin that lets you see all his or her blood vessels. You can also see how his or her body reacts to heat or cold because the skin will either turn red or blue.


Lavender essential oil for babies


Tips and Ways in Which Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Your Baby


You’ll be surprised at how many uses Lavender oil has for babies. Since it’s one of the most popular and safe oils, Lavender can help you both. Mother and child can enjoy the properties of Lavender essential oil. Just don’t underestimate the power of essential oils and always stick to the recommended dose.


  1. Use Lavender essential oil in your baby’s bath water.


Mix 1 or 2 drops of essential oil with a small cup of fatty milk and pour it into the bath water before bathing the baby. Babies love it when their bath (play) water smells nice. The scent of Lavender will slowly be associated with a good time. Lavender has great sedative qualities and it can calm down all nervous breakdowns.



  1. Massage your baby with Lavender essential oil to relieve colic symptoms.


It has been proven that Lavender essential oil for babies can improve and reduce baby colic. Depending on age, pour 1 or 2 drops in 2 tablespoons of Sweet Almond oil and massage his tummy with clockwise movements. Do so once or twice a day. If things get more serious, don’t hesitate to go to the doctor immediately.



  1. Calm down an irritable baby with Lavender essential oil.


It’s not easy to have to try and calm down a non-stop crying baby, so try to use this little trick. Use 1 drop of Lavender oil on the shoulder you usually rock the baby. Continue rocking him to sleep making sure his head rests on your shoulder. But you’ll also have to make sure he doesn’t sit with his mouth, nose or eyes on the spot you added the essential oil.


Lavender essential oil for babies


  1. Create a “sleepy” environment for the baby with Lavender essential oil.


Diffuse 2 drops of Lavender essential oil for babies (lavandula angustifolia) for 10 – 15 minutes in his nursing room. Diffuse the oil while the baby is not there. You can then stop the diffuser and take it out when the baby is ready for bedtime or nap. When you tuck him in, the Lavender vapors in the room will help him relax and fall in a deep sleep.



  1. Soothe teething pain with Lavender essential oil.


Teething is a great discomfort for the baby, it hurts and he can’t sleep properly anymore. Neither can his parents, for that matter. You can then put 1 drop of Lavender on a clean cloth and wrap it around an ice cube.


Place the wrapped ice cube on the baby’s gums and hold it in place for 1 to 3 minutes. Repeat the move until the gums are numb without freezing his mouth. Others also suggest a blend from Lavender with carrier oil and massaged onto the jaw line.



  1. Soothe ear aches with Lavender essential oil.


When that happens, you can make a blend with 1 -2 drops of Lavender in 1 Oz. carrier oil. Massage the baby gently around the ears and down the neck towards his lymph nodes. That’ll promote a good drainage and more comfort for the baby.



  1. Improve respiratory problems with Lavender oil.


If your baby is older than 6 months you can also use Frankincense oil along with Lavender essential oil for babies. Put 1 drop of each in 1 Oz. carrier oil and gently massage his soles and chest a few times until his breathing is not so loud anymore.



Did You Know?

  • Some babies can take as much as six months for their skin to develop a permanent skin tone. They’ll all be purple or reddish for a few days, until their circulation system starts working properly.


Lavender essential oil for babies


Aromatherapy Blends for Babies


Lavender can help you help your baby when he’s growing, and you’re about to see how. I’ve gathered a couple of simple and useful blends that use Lavender essential oil for babies.  They will help make it easier during your baby’s first years of life.



Diffusion Blend for Irritable and Excited Babies

You’ll need:

  • True Lavender essential oil: 1 drop
  • Tangerine essential oil: 1 drop


You can add the essential oils in steaming, boiled water as it is cleaner. Or you can use a traditional diffuser. Just make sure it’s clean. Diffuse for 10 – 15 minutes and wait at least 30 minutes until you bring the baby back into the room.



Profound Sleep Blend

You’ll need:

  • True Lavender essential oil: 1 drop
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 1 drop
  • Avocado or Sweet Almond oil: 1 Oz.


You can also replace Chamomile with Neroli essential oil. Or you can just use Lavender essential oil for babies, if the baby’s younger than 6 months. Massage this blend on his soles and back before bedtime or naptime.



There’s nothing more irritating than not knowing whether the essential oils you like so much work for your baby also. Well, most of them do work for babies too. Many of them can be used on babies older than 6 months.


Only a handful of them can actually be used for babies under 6 months. But remember that no essential oil is recommended for newborns until 3 months.


The safest way for a baby to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is through foot massages. But they can also respond well to the diffusion of essential oils, especially to Lavender essential oil for babies. Lavender can be the initiation oil as it is among the safe ones to use on babies of 3 months+.


Have you ever used Lavender essential oil on your baby? How did he react?



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