Carrot Seed Essential Oil

How to Use Carrot Seed Essential Oil to Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Further Damage

Carrots are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that protect against free radicals. The essential oil extracted from the seeds of carrot plants is very good for the skin. It illuminates and evens out the skin tone, while filling wrinkles and giving it a more firm aspect. The good news is that Carrot Seed essential oil is just as good for the hair too!


This article is totally about hair care and how to use the oil of Carrot seeds to its benefit. You will find out what this oil can do for your hair and scalp right from the first part of this post.


Almost any plant can be infused in vegetable oils to extract its essence. The same principle applies to the roots of carrots. You will also find out a bit about carrot macerated oil.


After I’ve given you all these details, you will also find a section of tips and recipes for hair care. They will involve the use of Carrot vegetable oil and essential oil.


This article is a good way of ensuring a successful experience with your new hair care recipes.


Carrot Seed Essential Oil
Carrot seeds and flowers. A.k.a “Queen Anne’s Lace”


What Can Carrot Seed Essential Oil Do for Your Hair and How It Works



The color of this essence is usually a deep gold. It is so because of the carotenoids it contains. The color of carrots is given by their orange pigments. These pigments can also be found in red bell peppers, for instance. The two vegetables are very high in carotenoids, which are in fact antioxidants.


These antioxidants are great for the skin. They can protect it against sun damage and premature aging. At the same time they can also prevent premature aging on the inside of the body. A good amount of antioxidants on a daily basis can maintain the organs healthy and elastic.


Carrot seed essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the upper part (flowers) of the Daucus carota species. This is the ordinary carrot we use in the kitchen. While the macerated Carrot oil contains a higher amount of carotenoids, the seeds have it too, only less. That is still a lot more than most essential oils.


The antioxidants contained in this oil are provitamin A (a beta-carotene form) and vitamin E. A very important chemical compound that can be found in this essential oil is carotol. It has significant antibacterial and antifungal effects.


What can Carrot seed essential oil do for the hair?


  • It can stimulate growth.
  • Strengthen its roots and help it grow thicker too.
  • Hydrate the scalp.
  • Provide the right humidity for your scalp and hair.
  • Maintain the hair and scalp healthy.
  • Can make it shine.
  • Stimulate the circulation underneath the scalp.
  • Soften the hair and give it a silky feel.
  • Maintains beautiful curls and keeps away hair swelling or static energy.
  • It can also condition the hair and prevent split ends and breakage.



How does it all work?


The best method to enjoy its benefits is to massage a Carrot seed essential oil blend on the scalp. The oils infiltrate themselves into the hair roots, the scalp and the hair follicles. While there, they will nourish the roots and the hair with vitamins and antioxidants. The massage itself will stimulate the circulation.


A good blood circulation will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. That will stimulate hair growth. This essential oil will also improve the aspect of dandruff. It can do so because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.  In time, with regular applications it will help you get rid of it too.


Such a massage will maintain the hair and scalp protected against chemical substances and pollution. It will also strengthen the roots. A healthy hair will also shine and will be easier to style.


Carrot Seed Essential Oil


What is macerated Carrot oil?


Macerated oils are usually plant matter infused in vegetable oils. This is a very easy and comfortable method to make your own infused oils at home. You can choose to infuse whatever flower or plant part you like.


In this case, the roots of the carrot are infused in a good quality vegetable oil (carrier oil). The quality of the carrier is very important because it will blend with the properties of the carrots. Therefore, if you want to use it in face blends, it needs to be exactly what your skin type needs.


For instance, if you have a combination or oily skin type, you could infuse the roots in Macadamia or Grapeseed oils. You can then blend that base with another essential oil (EO) or even Carrot Seed EO. The Macadamia oil is light and will not clog the pores, while the essential oils will prevent inflammations and shrink pores.


Tip: Blend 12 Carrot seed essential oil drops into 1 Oz (30 ml) Carrot infused oil (macerated). Apply this blend on your scalp, once every other week.


You could also add half an ounce of Castor oil in your blend for an even more effective result.


Other ways to use the oil of Carrot seeds:


  • Apply a few drops of undiluted oil on the scalp and massage gently. By doing so before bed, your hair will be thoroughly conditioned and will have a bit more volume.
  • Make a spritz solution from Frankincense hydrosol (floral water) and Carrot seed oil. Use it on the ends of your hair to prevent it from splitting and becoming damaged.
  • Add 20 – 25 drops of Carrot seed essential oil into a new bottle of normal shampoo. Wash your hair normally, leaving it on for a few more minutes. Rinse with enough water, preferably not very hot.
  • You can also add a few drops in your conditioner, if you use any.


Leaving essential oil on the scalp overnight will not make your hair greasy! Essential oils get absorbed into the skin really fast. They also don’t contain any fatty acids (like vegetable oils do).


Those fatty acids are responsible for the oily film on the skin. That is why vegetable (carrier) oil is very hydrating for the skin and can prevent premature aging!


Carrot Seed Essential Oil


How to preserve your Carrot seed essential oil and its blends


This oil is very reactive so it can oxidize quite fast. You are recommended to keep it out of direct sun light, in a cool place. A very good option is to buy small quantities and make small batches to consume within their term. You can also add some preservative (Cosgard) to your blends to preserve them for a longer time.


Normally, a blend would last two months, but with a drop or two of natural preservative can hold up as much as three months. After that, bacteria might start growing and the oils can spoil. Depending on the ingredients used in a blend, some spoiled essential oils might not be dangerous, while others can cause skin irritations.



Hair Care Tips and Recipes with Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Hair is a very big thing for most women, but not only. Everybody wants a shiny, strong and easy to style hair. But sometimes, to get that hair, people usually turn to commercial products that promise everything… and fast!


The problem with that is that the hair and scalp need time to purge and recover from all the chemicals they have absorbed over time. Therefore, any hair treatment will take a while until you start seeing good results.


Even if they manage to do what they say, the effects of commercial hair care products only last a short while. On top of that, they manage to overburden the hair follicles and strands and cause them to break and fall off.


Taking care of your hair is not a big effort if you really want to see it healthy and shiny. The following recipes and tips are meant to give you more options in your hair care treatments.


It’s good to vary the treatments to give the hair as much nutrients as possible. Apply a treatment or a mask every other week at least. You will then start noticing very good results in a relatively short time.


All these blends contain Carrot seed essential oil, but also a few other great active ingredients. Let’s see what they are:


Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Maintain the Strength and Brilliance of Your Hair

You’ll need:

  • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Carrot oil (macerated): 1 tablespoon
  • Carrot seed EO: 2 drops
  • Lemon EO: 3 drops


This blend requires 30 – 60 minutes on before rinsing it off.


Feel free to adjust the quantity of oils according to your hair’s length. You can add between 6 and 12 drops of essential oil in an ounce (30 ml) of carrier oil. Warm the blend a bit and stir it well before use.


Apply it on your scalp and all the length of the hair. Use a shower cap to maintain the warmth inside. That way the pores will open up and receive a lot more nutrients. Wash your hair really well, until you feel it squeaky clean!


After drying, the hair will be very soft and easy to style. It will also shine a lot and look incredible.


Tip: If you want to grow a very long hair, you can do so during summer. Heat opens up pores and hair follicles and makes them more receptive to natural ingredients!




Prevent Hair Loss Treatment Mask

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Coconut oil: 1 teaspoon
  • True Lavender essential oil: 4 drops
  • Carrot seed essential oil: 4 drops
  • Atlas Cedar essential oil: 4 drops


This is a pre-shampoo treatment mask. It also needs to stay on for 30 – 60 minutes before being rinsed.


With this blend you can follow the steps from the above recipe. Make sure you massage it all well into your scalp and you cover the whole length of your hair. This treatment mask can be applied once a week or bimonthly.


You can then continue with the next recipe, which is a shampoo.



Prevent Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

You’ll need:

  • Neutral shampoo base: 3.38 Oz (100 ml)
  • Castor oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Lavender essential oil: 4 drops
  • Rosemary ct. cineole: 3 drops
  • Carrot seed essential oil: 5 drops


This shampoo can be used every time you have to wash your hair. Massage it well into the scalp and hair and leave it on for a few more minutes, until you finish the bath.


Rinse with plenty of warm water and dry as normally. The neutral shampoo base will remove all dirt and sebum, while the oils will hydrate the scalp and hair, and nourish them.


 Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Hair Rinse Solution

You’ll need:

  • Green or Black tea (freshly brewed): as much as necessary for the length of your hair
  • Carrot seed EO: 10 – 12 drops


This is another method to get the benefits of the oil of Carrot seeds without having to wait for a long time.


Stir the oil in the still warm tea and then rinse your hair as final step after shampooing and conditioning it.


Carrot seed oil is one of the great ones when it comes to hair care. It is full of antioxidants and nutrients, and it has antifungal and antibacterial properties.


All these qualities make it a great active ingredient in your skin care treatment blends and masks. The best thing is that it can be so easy to use, and a few drops can revive your hair in an instant.


Always perform an allergy test before using it the first time. Pour a drop of essential oil on the soft inside of your forearm and wait for at least 30 minutes to see whether there are any reactions.


If you are pregnant or lactating make sure you have your doctor’s approval. The molecules of essential oils are very small and they can make it into the milk or placenta.


Have you ever used Carrot seed essential oil? How did you use it and how did you find its smell?


Hair care is a subject that’s most interesting to me. This means I’m always on the lookout for more tips and recipes that I can use to vary my own hair care treatments.


Let me know if you have any inside tips or questions in the comment section below. I’d be happy to share with you some of my knowledge on the topic too.



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