The Power of Essential Oils

Understanding the Power of Essential Oils and How to Use Them Efficiently

In the past decade, essential oils have gained a lot of popularity. With their properties, they can relieve many common ailments that occur daily. More and more studies show the power of essential oils. They can help regenerate the tissue, but they can also improve your mood and well-being.


Learn how to use your favorite essential oils! Learn how to do it in an efficient manner in the first chapter of this article. You’ll also understand their power so that you’ll be able to use essential oils in various blends for various reasons.


In the second chapter, I’ve put up a list with ten of the most common ailments and problems a person can encounter on a daily basis. For each, you will get the essential oils that help improve that specific problem. Before concluding my article, I will also give you a few words of caution to use essential oils safely.


Using essential oils efficiently not only does it help improve certain conditions, but it will also help you save up money. You’re about to find out how this strategy can help with your savings, so let’s begin!


The Power of Essential Oils


What is the Power of Essential Oils and How to Use Them in an Efficient Manner


On the inside, plants’ DNA is almost the same as ours.  We share more than a half of common genes, even though on the outside the difference is obvious.


However, this characteristic makes the plants beneficial to our health. Plants hold many properties. Some have sedative properties, while others have antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.


The difference between healthy and unhealthy is a simple chemical balance. Fortunately for us, plants can affect this chemical balance in a positive way. It is known that ancient peoples have used plants and tinctures to treat themselves or to improve their well-being for over 6,000 years.


But unfortunately, plants themselves are not very concentrated. Because of that, their effects are diminished. It also takes a long time to improve certain conditions only with herb teas, for instance.


On the opposite side we have drugs that are made from plant molecules. Thanks to modern medicine, plant molecules can be singled out from a plant and used in very high amounts. This makes drugs very concentrated substances, with side effects. Then, we have essential oils, which are between plants and drugs.


Essential oils are concentrated essences, extracted through various methods. The most common extraction method is called steam distillation. Essential oils can be extracted from barks, roots, leaves, flowers and resins. They are volatile, meaning they evaporate quite fast.


Essential oils are liquid or semi-liquid. Some essential oils are very thick (like Patchouli) and others are very thin (like citrus oils). They are composed of hundreds of aromatic molecules that give each type of oil its own properties.


These molecules are secreted by plants for various reasons. Because plants don’t have the luxury of moving from one place to another when they’re in danger, they secrete these substances to protect themselves.


  • Plants can produce aromatic oils to protect themselves against predators (herbivores).
  • They can also produce aromatic oils to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. Or to heal from fungi and infections.
  • Another reason why they produce aromatic oils is to attract pollinators. That ensures the surviving of their species.


These molecules that are found in essential oils don’t mix with water. They make the oils insoluble just like any other oil. But essential oils don’t contain fatty acids. Therefore they don’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin. The ones that do contain fatty acids are called carrier oils, or vegetable oils. They’re used as support for essential oils.


Most essential oils are very powerful substances and they need to be diluted in a carrier oil. That way they can deliver their properties on larger skin portions. Otherwise, used undiluted they can sensitize the skin and even burn it.


The power of essential oils starts with their aroma. They have powerful and characteristic, yet pleasant aromas. The moment you inhale a certain essential oil you’re in therapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to enhance physical and psychological well-being.


According to the U.S National Library of Medicine: “Aromatherapy is one of the most actively growing forms of alternative medicine combining massage together with counseling and a nice odour.” Countless studies have shown that essential oil molecules can affect the brainwaves and alter the mood of a person.


Our sense of smell is strongly tied to memories. Whenever we smell something, it reminds us of good or bad things. Take for instance Orange and Cinnamon. They’re representative for the winter Holidays. They will always evoke warm and happy feelings in most people.


The Power of Essential Oils


This is also one of the methods used for people that suffer from chronic stress or anxiety. Many doctors suggest their patients practice Aromatherapy daily. When stressful moments occur, they can smell the same essential oil they’ve inhaled in practice and associate it with calmness and peace.


It has also been proven that certain essential oils can increase alertness. Those oils are Peppermint and Rosemary among others.


Why is Aromatherapy effective? It is effective because, through inhalation essential oils can travel the fastest to the brain. That’s where they can affect the nervous system and the amygdala.


The amygdala is the center of emotions. Essential oils with uplifting or relaxing effects can overwrite certain commands to the brain. Essential oils can react to your body’s real needs and stimulate all the necessary organs to achieve their goal.


How to Use Essential Oils Efficiently


Essential oils can be used externally in massages and compresses, in inhalations and internally.


  • The power of essential oils is not something to ignore. Internal consumption of essential oils is recommended only with the advice of a doctor. Some essential oils can be very dangerous if you don’t know their precautions. They can cause severe problems, especially if they’re used in large doses.



  • The external use is the easiest and safest way to deliver the properties of essential oils into the tissue and bloodstream. Skin applications get absorbed in a 5% – 15% proportion. If you keep the massaged area warm, they will penetrate the tissue faster and get where they’re needed in a larger proportion.


Many essential oils can be used for more than one issue. It’s important to know their properties, benefits and precautions beforehand. That will help you use them efficiently.


I like many essential oils. I like Clove, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Rosemary and Sweet Orange. But I also like Lemon, Rose Geranium, Jasmine and Eucalyptus.


They all have different properties and benefits and I can use them all because I like their aromas. But, for the sake of argument, I will give you a few examples to understand the power of essential oils and how to use them efficiently.


The Power of Essential Oils


First Example:


Let’s say I want to repel bugs during summer and improve my insomnias. Now, there are many essential oils that can repel bugs. From my list I could use Eucalyptus, Rosemary or Lavender just to keep away mosquitos, ants and other pesky bugs. On the other side, for my insomnias I could use Ylang-Ylang, Lavender or Orange.


You see, I have more than one essential oil to pick from. If I’d blend them all together, the results would also be mixed. I’d only manage to confuse my mind and body.


So I choose to be efficient and pick the one essential oil that does both: It repels bugs and helps with insomnias. The best for such problems is Lavender essential oil. It is notorious for its calming and relaxing properties, and its pungent smell can keep bugs away.


I would diffuse 2 – 3 drops of Lavender for 20 minutes before bed. Or spray a mixture of water with a few drops of Lavender essential oil on my sheets and pillow to help me sleep better and keep the bugs away.


The Power of Essential Oils
Eucalyptus leaves


Second Example:


During the cold season, there is that constant threat of epidemics. Either at work or at home, you have to prevent it from happening by all means necessary. Nobody likes to miss work days or spend time in bed, weak and sick as a dog. The thing is, when it’s cold I don’t have to worry only about catching a cold or flu. I am also prone to respiratory infections.


So, when that time comes, I take the power of essential oils seriously. From my list of favorite essential oils, Lemon, Clove and Eucalyptus work perfectly for clearing the air. I diffuse a total of 10 drops into a well-ventilated room for 1 hour max on a daily basis.


They will also help preventing respiratory infections. I can also blend them together, and rub the blend on my chest to improve my symptoms. That is if I already have respiratory problems.


It has been proven that a blend of essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral properties can reduce microbial colonies. In thirty minutes, essential oils managed to reduce the number of microbial colonies from 210 to 4. It was the French professor Griffon who tested the ability of essential oils to purify the air.


I use the three essential oils efficiently. They will purify the air in the room I’m working. But they’ll also help me breathe easier, protecting me from developing respiratory infections.


Although essential oils can’t work miracles, they’re very helpful in preventing or improving minor health conditions. We all suffer from a headache or a stomach ache from time to time. When that happens we either let it pass on its own, while resting for a few minutes or we can use essential oils.


That way the ailment will disappear faster and in a very pleasant way too, thanks to their aroma. That’s the power of essential oils. They work on multiple levels and improve physical, as well as psychological issues.


When it comes to Aromatherapy, choose your essential oils from reputed sources. Make sure they’re 100% pure and keep them stored in cool, dark places. Also, don’t leave them uncapped because they can evaporate fast. Many will last well over a year if they’re properly stored.



Essential Oils to Use in 10 Most Common Health Problems


It’s good and useful to have essential oils in your home. You can use them to relieve pain and help the skin heal faster. You can also use them to keep your house clean and bacteria-free.


A few multiple-use essential oils can help you deal with almost all daily problems. Now you know what they can do for your health.  Let’s see how you can use the power of essential oils to your advantage in 10 most common health problems.


  1. Anxiety, stress and anguish


Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by dark thoughts, panic, anxiety or anguish. When that happens, diffuse 3 – 4 drops of true Lavender essential oil or Roman Chamomile. Rose or Verbenone Rosemary work well also.


They will help your mind quiet down and remove dark thoughts. They will also calm down your nerves and relieve all the tension. You can also use 10 drops of either one in a cup of milk and add it to your bath water. That will completely relax you.



  1. Hot flushes


Menopause can be a difficult time for a woman. It affects her on a psychological and physical level. Luckily, essential oils can help on both plans. In a Swiss study, Sage essential oil has been proven to treat hot flushes. Make yourself a blend from 15 drops of Sage into 1 Oz carrier oil and massage your lower abdomen area.


You can also use Peppermint and Niaouli essential oils for the same purpose.


The Power of Essential Oils
Bay leaf


  1. Joint pain


Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which help calm down joint inflammations. For joint pain you can use Katafray essential oil. It is known for its soothing and fortifying qualities.


You can also use Bay, Helichrysum and Wintergreen essential oils. Make blends with them and massage the painful areas as often as needed. Keep the joints warm so that the oils can work faster.



  1. Hypertension


For hypertension you could diffuse or massage a blend made from Ylang-Ylang, Wintergreen and Spike Lavender (lavandula latifolia). The latter has almost the same properties as True Lavender (lavandula angustifolia).


The power of essential oils can influence the mind and body and calm them down. They can also lower the blood pressure.



  1. Psoriasis and eczema


There are many powerful essential oils that could help with these skin conditions. But the most important are Niaouli, Palmarosa, Helichrysum and Geranium. Blend them with Avocado or Jojoba oils, which have a high content of fatty acids. Fatty acids with essential oils will deliver their benefits and nourish the skin on a deep level.



  1. Water retention or venous congestion


Although two different conditions, water retention and venous congestion can be improved with Tarragon, Cypress and Niaouli essential oils. This shows once again the power of essential oils and their efficiency. Massage blends made out of these essential oils on the painful areas daily.


The Power of Essential Oils


  1. Sinusitis and respiratory infections


The best essential oils for this type of ailments are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Ravintsara. They have high antimicrobial and antifungal properties and can purify the air you breathe.


In steam inhalations they can help clear the nasal passage and help you breathe deeper and easier. You could also diffuse them or make a blend and rub it in on your chest before bed.



  1. Asthma


Asthma can be prevented and improved by diffusing and inhaling essential oils. The recommended ones are Ylang-Ylang, True Lavender, Tarragon or Roman Chamomile. Rub your chest with a blend made from 12 drops of essential oil in 1 Oz carrier.



  1. Buzzing ears


This phenomenon is medically known as tinnitus. You can use Helichrysum, Tarragon and Cypress essential oils. Never apply undiluted essential oils in your ears, or any other orifice for that matter. Diffuse essential oils and inhale deeply. Or rub the back of your years with a blend made from 6 drops of essential oil in 1 Oz. carrier oil.



  1. Cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns


Domestic accidents happen all the time. For any type of open wound, burn or cut you should always have Lavender essential oil at hand. It is known for its regenerating and healing properties. You can also use Nutmeg, Tea Tree and Sage essential oils for the same purpose.


As you can see, certain essential oils can be used to improve or prevent more than one health issue. Like I said earlier, the power of essential oils starts with their aroma and ends with their multiple uses.


Do not ignore persistent symptoms or a higher pain level. Drugs have their use also, and when the situation is severe you should always consult a doctor.



A Few Words of Caution When Using Essential Oils


Essential oils are very powerful and concentrated essences. You should know that whatever holds the power to change things inside the body for the better must not be taken lightly. The opposite is also possible. Used in high doses, essential oils can also cause side effects. Nausea and vomiting are just a few of them.


It’s because of the power of essential oils that you need to pay close attention to what essential oil you use. How you use them and for how long can also make a great difference in the outcome of your treatment.


  • Always respect the recommended dose and warnings for each type of essential oil.
  • Consult a doctor for the internal consumption of essential oils.
  • People with seizures, children and pregnant women should also ask for the approval of a doctor before using most essential oils.
  • Wash your hands after an essential oils massage.
  • Never touch your years, eyes, mouth and nose with undiluted essential oils.
  • Use only pure, organic essential oils.
  • Don’t use the same essential oil for a long time. It may sensitize your skin. You can replace one essential oil with another that’s similar in proprieties and benefits.


Almost all essential oils smell incredibly well. Because there are over a hundred different types of essential oils out there, we have lots of choices. But when it comes to using them efficiently, it matters more to buy essential oils that can be used in more than one situation. You already saw how some have double or even triple use. That’s a sure way to make good savings also.


The power of essential oils is undeniable and it’s being put to the test every day, by people and researchers alike.


What do you think about essential oils? Do you use them to improve or prevent certain ailments? Which ones are your favorites? It’d be great to find out your personal experience with essential oils.



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