Essential Oils Uses for Health

Top 35 Essential Oils Uses for Health

Why spend a fortune on so many drugs and creams from the pharmacy? You have a better option and it’s natural; and that is to use essential oils. They can be used anytime on almost anything. Most essential oils uses for health may not seem efficient to some. But to others, the essential oils uses and benefits cannot be denied.


I believe they can do wonders for our health. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies or experiments on all essential oils and their effects. But there are still a lot that prove the efficiency of many other essential oils.


I will give you the following essential oil uses list with 35 ways to use them. All uses refer to preventing, treating or improving minor health or skin conditions.


First, we’ll see why they are important to most people. Then we’ll see why we should give them a chance before spending a lot of money on drugs or pharmacy creams. After that you can read all about the essential oils uses for health I’ve put up especially for those who want to use them to their benefit.



Why Do We Need Essential Oils and How Can They Affect Our Health?



Essential oils are a natural alternative to drugs. They have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade for being such powerful substances. But their popularity also comes from being useful in most skin conditions.


There are many essential oils uses for health. You can treat, prevent or improve a lot of ailments with essential oils. That makes me think of all those people, thousands of years ago. They didn’t have anything else but the plants to treat themselves with.


Sure, without today’s knowledge on the human body there were cases when people didn’t make it with herbs. But they were still pretty effective against most minor health conditions.


Today’s essential oils are obtained through various extraction methods, and most of them give pure oil.


It’s important the extraction method uses as little heat as possible and doesn’t add solvents to the oils. If that happens, then those essential oils are pure and organic. Considering that the herbs were also grown in a safe environment.


Essential Oils Uses for Health


The factors that can alter the quality of essential oils are:

  • The soil where they’ve been grown.
  • The climate where they’ve been grown. For instance, the Patchouli that grows in Asia will not have the same properties and quality like the Patchouli grown in someone’s garden.
  • The time of picking. It must be the herb’s peak to yield the best quality oil.
  • The extraction method.
  • The bottling method.
  • And the storage.


Pure Aromatherapy essential oils can interact with the nervous system. They alter the limbic system leading to mood changes. Some essential oils can make us feel happy and full of energy, while others can relax us and help us sleep better.


Both physical and mental plans are positively affected by the essential oils uses and their benefits. There are of course, some essential oils that are very toxic. That is why you should always do your research when you’re planning to use one of those toxic essential oils. Also, always ask for a doctor’s approval or advice when you want to take essential oils internally.


The main uses for essential oils are:


  • In a diffuser – put a few drops in a diffuser’s water. It will release an aromatic mist on a given time.


  • Through vapors – add a few drops in boiled water. Inhale the steam for sinusitis relief or cleaner complexion.


  • Through sprays – add a few essential oils drops in water and keep the mixture in a spray bottle. You can use the mixture to change the scent and atmosphere of a room.


  • Through evaporation – pour a few drops on a cotton ball. Then keep it close to you for a constant release of oil components.


  • Skin application – add a few drops of essential oils to carrier oils. Use the mix for skin massages or cosmetics.


  • Trough ingestion or suppositories – certain doses of essential oils can do wonders if swallowed. But always ingest small doses and only after you’ve consulted a doctor. Or, if you did a very thorough research first.



35 Essential Oils Uses for Health



I’ve compiled this essential oils uses list for the most common and minor conditions and health issues. These problems are dealt with on a daily basis, so it’s great to have a fast and easy remedy at hand.


Essential Oils Uses for Health


I hope you’ll find these essential oils uses for health beneficial to you and your family. They’re most welcome especially when unexpected situations occur. It would be great to have some of the following essential oils in your home, just to be prepared.


1.  Remedy against back pain (and neck pain) – there are quite a few essential oils that can relieve pain. Take Olive oil or Coconut oil and mix with Cypress, Peppermint, Ginger and Juniper. This blend can be rubbed on the painful area. You should then keep the area warm to help the oils penetrate the skin faster.


2.  Deal with allergies – itchy eyes, stuffed nose, and sore throat? Dilute 1 drop of Lavender and 1 of Frankincense in a teaspoon of carrier oil. Then rub a moderate amount of this blend between your palms and inhale deeply for as long as you can.


3.  Improve your immune system – are you afraid you might get sick after flying to a different country? Mix one teaspoon of olive oil with one drop of Oregano. Then rub the soles of your feet before flying on a plane to ward off against germs and other sicknesses.


4.  Ease your muscle pain – muscle pain happens to all of us after intense workout or effort. You can make your life easier by making a blend from Almond carrier oil and a few drops of Eucalyptus and Cypress. Just keep in mind the dosage recommendations.


5.  A little help in the weight loss battle –a healthy diet and workout will help you get there. But you could also take small doses of Ginger and Grapefruit essential oils. Take them as a supplement each day, but please talk to a doctor first, to make sure you’re good to take them internally. Or do your research to see the precautions of taking oils internally.


6.  Get rid of the morning sickness – pregnant women must be careful with the essential oils they inhale or use. They should also know the trimester when using EOs is safe. Generally speaking, inhaling a few drops of Lemon or Ginger may significantly reduce the morning sickness caused by pregnancy. You can also use Sweet Orange oil for that.


7.  What to do when you get a sunburn? – Coconut oil is renowned for its UV protection properties. Mix a tablespoon of Coconut or Sesame carrier oils with 2 or 3 drops of Roman Chamomile or Lavender and use on the sunburn. It will reduce the inflammation and pain.


8.  Heal poisoned skin – poison ivy and poison oak are dangerous. After touching one, you can heal your irritated skin with Peppermint oil diluted in a carrier oil of your choice. Apply on the affected skin until it goes away.


9.  Treat contagious itching (ringworm) – one of the many essential oils uses for health is given by the Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca). It has great antibacterial properties.

Mix 3 drops of Tea Tree with 2 teaspoons of carrier oil. Then massage the affected skin area twice a day until it improves. Continue applying once a day or once every other day until complete healing.


10.  No more skin ulcers – again Tea Tree is your essential oil. Mix it with a good carrier oil and rub onto the ulcer maximum 5 times a day.


11.  Treat lice with essential oils – lice are nasty but they aren’t hard to kill. Make a blend out of Coconut or Olive oil with 1 drop of Lavender, 1 drop of Thyme and 1 drop of Eucalyptus. Massage the blend into your scalp and keep it in for at least 30 minutes before washing it off.


Essential Oils Uses for Health


12.  Get in the mood for fitness – one of the many uses and benefits of the Peppermint essential oil is that it improves the mood. But it also energizes the body. So inhale some Peppermint before your workout to be more alert.


13.  Reduce your food appetite and cravings – for that you can use Peppermint or Cinnamon essential oils. As you can see, the essential oils uses for health can be so diverse! These two essential oils can balance the sugar in the blood and reduce the appetite by inhaling them.


14.  Get rid of arthritic joint pain – arthritis can be so painful. But you have natural options to improve the condition of your joints.


You can make a blend from 1 Oz carrier oil and 2 drops of Lemongrass essential oil, 2 drops of Wintergreen, and 2 drops of Cypress. Massage your aching joints with the blend and apply heat on them to relieve the pain faster.


15.  In case of fever – pour one drop of Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus on a warm cloth and rub it all over the body. The oils have antimicrobial properties and they can kill those germs that cause fever.


16.  In case of motion sickness – sometimes you can get motion sickness and when that happens you can use Peppermint or Ginger essential oils. They will improve the sickness feeling while traveling. You can inhale it and/or rub a blend on your temples.


17.  Treat PMS symptoms – use a warm towel and pour on it 2 drops of Rosemary, Sage and Basil essential oils. Put the warm towel on your abdomen and relax for a few minutes.


18.  Improve your blood circulation – the uses and benefits of Grapefruit essential oil are many. One of those uses is to improve the blood flow in your body and help your cells get all the oxygen they need to function at full capacity. Dilute 8 to 10 drops of Grapefruit oil in milk or bath salt and add it to a warm bath.


19.  Grinding your teeth? – then you can use Lavender essential oil. 1 to 3 drops to massage the soles of your feet and behind the ears every night, before going to bed.


20.  Improve the aspect of eczema and psoriasis – make a simple blend from Sesame oil and Lavender essential oil. Apply no more than twice a day on the inflamed skin.


21.  Relieve the pain in your feet – after walking too much or sitting up for too long, your feet may be in a great deal of pain. Prepare yourself a warm foot bath and add some bath salt with 10 drops of Peppermint essential oil in and relax.


22.  Help your stomach digest better – you can use Ginger and Fennel essential oils. But you can also use Peppermint oil in digestion blends.


Massage the stomach area with a blend made out of these essential oils and keep the area warm for half an hour. The many health uses Peppermint oil has makes you wish you have it in your house all the time.


23.  Essential oils uses for health also include treating and improving asthma or other respiratory problems – bronchitis and asthma can both be improved by inhaling Eucalyptus essential oil or Peppermint oil.


You can also make a blend from these two oils combined with Almond carrier oil (or any other carrier) and rub the blend on your chest and up the neck.


24.  Strengthen fragile or broken bones – for good results in helping the bones repair faster or become stronger, you can use blends made from carrier oils and Fir, Helichrysum and Cypress. Apply twice a day or more if necessary. But for more you’ll need to contact a doctor and see exactly how long you can use the mixture.


25.  Improve your memory and focus – the essential oils uses for health extend to helping out the memory as well. The best essential oils that can wake up your senses and alertness are Peppermint, Rosemary, Bergamot and Grapefruit essential oils. You can diffuse them or inhale from a cotton pad.


26.  No more bug bites – there are many essential oils that can soothe and take away the itchiness, pain and redness of a bug bite. But the best is Lavender! Rub the bites or stings with Lavender oil and you will heal beautifully. Lavender can be used undiluted as well.


27.  First aid against burns – burns are painful and they can get inflamed if you don’t disinfect and treat them right away. The best cooling, soothing and pain relieving for burns is Aloe Vera gel mixed with Lavender essential oil. Mix them and gently massage the affected area.


28.  Breathe easier and stop coughing – among other essential oils uses for health, Eucalyptus can open up the airways and put an end to coughing. You can use 2 or 3 drops in a diffuser or steam and clear the nasal passage to be able to sleep better at night.


29.  Chase away headaches – you can make a simple blend from 3 drops of Lavender essential oil and 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil in 1 Oz. carrier oil. Then you can use a small amount to rub your temples and your neck with.


Essential Oils Uses for Health


30.  Improve your libido – with licorice. Licorice is a sweet, aromatic and beneficial herb (essential oil or tincture too). It can be put under your pillow in a small bag for its scent to arouse your senses and libido. You can also use Rose flowers or essential oil to get the same result. They both have aphrodisiac properties.


31.  Protect your gums and oral health – you can use Clove essential oil in gargles after brushing your teeth. Do not swallow it! 2 drops of Clove oil in half a glass of water will do the trick.


32.  Calm your nerves – when you’re stressed, anxious or simply irritated you can dilute Sweet Orange or Lemon essential oils and apply on skin (diluted). Or you can inhale it to calm down and relax a bit.


Do not expose yourself to sunlight because citrus oils can cause sensitivity. You can also inhale Lavender but I would only recommend it at night, because it can make you sleepy.


33.  Get rid of scalp itchiness and dandruff – we all know how annoying it can be to have visible dandruff or itchy scalp. You can get rid of it by adding Basil, Cedarwood or Tea Tree essential oils in your usual shampoo. Let it on for a few minutes to penetrate the scalp before washing it off.


34.  Sleep better – not enough or poor quality sleep can cause many health and concentration problems. But you can avoid all that by inhaling some Lavender or Chamomile essential oils before bed. Use a diffuser, a cotton pad or simply spray your sheets with a mixture of water and Lavender oil (or Chamomile). You’ll sleep a lot better.


35.  Get rid of mycoses – any type of mycosis can be improved and even treated with Geranium essential oil. Dilute 2 drops of Geranium in a carrier oil and massage the skin around the affected area. Another good essential oil to treat mycoses is Tea Tree oil.


As you can see, these essential oils uses for health are not to be ignored. They can be really helpful in improving or preventing all sorts of health issues.


You can write down the most common problems and needs of you and your family members and buy those essential oils that meet most of your requirements. Luckily, one essential oil can be used in treating more than just one problem so that’s a big advantage.


It doesn’t matter the method you choose to be able use your favorite essential oils. The important thing is that we have lots of options, and that we can all benefit from the properties of essential oils whenever, wherever.


Do you prefer treating certain conditions with essential oils or with pharmaceuticals? Which essential oils have you tried so far?



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