Thinning Eyebrows

Why You Have Thinning Eyebrows and How to Fix It

Eyebrows can actually soften specific traits and bring more character to your face. They can also make it look kinder or more serious. Because eyebrow trends change a lot, you might wake up with thin or scarce brows. Luckily, there is a natural way of getting rid of thinning eyebrows and prevent eyebrow hair loss.


This natural way is, of course, the use of certain essential oils and carrier oils. Some stand out more than others, just because of their ability to attach to the hair follicles.


In this article, you’ll find:

  • The reasons why your eyebrows may fall out, break or become thinner. Find some interesting dos and don’ts for your eyebrows maintenance and care too.
  • Learn how to use natural oils to thicken your brows faster.
  • Details about the right carriers and essential oils to use to stop losing eyebrows and start growing them back.
  • A step-by-step eyebrow growth guide.
  • One last chapter full of essential oil blends for thinning eyebrows.



Thinning Eyebrows


Eyebrows Falling Out, Causes plus Dos and Don’ts


When they are young, women are taught to get rid of unnecessary hair through various methods. When it comes to eyebrows, their shape and maintenance may not be as easy as it seems. There are countless errors a woman can do while trying to give her face a desired look.


After many experiments, you’re starting to wonder why your eyebrows are falling out. Or maybe they’ve started thinning and you want to know why.


Well, there is more than one cause for eyebrow hair loss or thinning. I will start with these causes, and then continue with more practical tips, info and remedies.



1) This is a cause you can’t control or change. I’m talking about the aging process that causes the eyebrows to thin and/or fall out.


With age comes a certain hormonal imbalance.  Thus, a drop in estrogen usually leads to a shorter hair growth cycle. During this time of your life the skin expands, which means the hair and brows will become sparser.



2) Thinning eyebrows may also be caused by a vitamin deficiency.


There are some studies that show how certain vitamins can stimulate hair growth. They can also help with brows, strengthening them and even prevent the loss of eyebrows. Those responsible vitamins are A and E, and also D.


Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 maintain the hair hydrated. The B vitamin complex can also help strengthening the brow hairs and prevent their falling out. Iron deficiency can also trigger eyebrow hair loss.



3) Eyebrow hair loss or thinning eyebrows may also be caused by various diseases.


There are two main conditions that can affect the integrity and growth of brows. They are hypothyroidism and brow spot baldness (alopecia areata). Spot baldness is a disease that affects the hair follicles on the scalp. It usually includes the eyebrows as well.


Unfortunately, this disease is recurring. Any hair that might have grown over the years is usually forced to fall out when the disease comes back again.


Hypothyroidism is a gland disorder. When the balance of the thyroid gland is disrupted, it may cause the loss of hair. That includes eyebrows and lashes.



4) Skin conditions like eczema.


Eczema’s symptoms are inflammation and itchiness, among others. This inflammation can locate anywhere on the body, including the eyebrows. It affects the hair follicles by preventing them from getting all the nutrients and oxygen from the blood. A good circulation can help the hair grow.


This condition, as silent as it is, it causes a long list of health and beauty problems. Stress forces the body to continuously stay in an alert state and tension.


It releases the stress hormone – cortisol. It affects all the vital processes of the body, including hair growth. Too much stress, a strong emotional shock, etc., can all affect the health of your brow hairs.


Thinning Eyebrows


5) Also, over-plucking your brows may lead to thinning eyebrows.


In time, over-plucking may damage the hair follicle and cause your eyebrows to fall out. Although this is a very comfortable and easy to use grooming method, it is not entirely safe. Unclean tweezers may cause infections and also ingrown hairs. These are unfortunate accidents, but they don’t happen that easy.


It may help to think twice before plucking out an eyebrow hair if you know it takes at least 4 weeks until it grows back.


An inappropriate brow shape may not hide your flaws and it may not soften your traits. Consider the shape of your face as well as the natural shape of your brows when you pluck them.


Your eyebrows may be thinning because of causes that are out of your control. Or they may be thinning or falling out because of a cause you could control.


For the first one, you should consult a doctor immediately and see what is there to do. For the second statement, I have a list of dos and don’ts for you and your eyebrows.



  • If you have a round face with soft traits, your brows should be rather short with a high edge. That will make your face seem a bit longer.
  • If you have a longer face shape, your eyebrows should be straight, with a very little pronounced arch.
  • If the shape of your face is rather short, then the eyebrows should have a pronounced arch. That will also make it seem longer.
  • When you groom your eyebrows with the help of tweezers, make sure you follow their natural line. Don’t force an arch if there is none. You can still use some good quality thinning eyebrow makeup to give that impression.



  • Don’t over-pluck your brows! Your hair will become thinner and it will take a very long time to grow back stronger. Stick to plucking only those rebel hairs once a week. General grooming should be done once a month only. The longer you let the eyebrow hairs rest, the easier it will be for them to grow back thicker and faster.
  • Make sure your brows don’t finish in a very thin tail. It doesn’t have to be thinner than the beginning of the brow. Again, go with the natural shape.
  • Avoid coloring your eyebrows with a crayon that’s darker than your natural hair color.
  • Don’t overuse the under eye concealer to give the eyebrows the shape you want. Yellow lines under the brows don’t look aesthetic! The best way to avoid this is to blur the lines until they fade away.


Thinning Eyebrows


What is the Best Natural Method to Thicken Your Eyebrows?


Eyebrow hair is made of keratin, the same protein that the hair and nails are made of. This keratin needs many essential fatty acids and nutrients to grow, maintain hydrated and whole.


Without all these things, the hair can break. The result will be a fragile, prone to breakage and falling out hair.


Carrier oils contain all these nutrients, while essential oils can stimulate eyebrow hair growth. They can also stimulate the circulation underneath the scalp or the eyebrows.


An improved blood circulation will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and help them grow.


These oils are a good way of fixing the problem of thinning eyebrows.


If you’re losing eyebrows, you can try one of the following oils for at least 4 weeks, and see the results.  Worst case, the use of carriers and essential oils will prevent further eyebrow hair loss and thicken them.



Best Carriers and Essential Oils for Thinning Eyebrows


I have found a few studies that refer to the benefits of oils on hair. That discovery made me want to share it with you, so you know what these oils can actually do for your eyebrows.


Now you know why you’re eyebrows may be thinning, or at least you know where to begin investigating. It’s time to get to more practical tips.



Best Carrier Oils for Eyebrows



Thinning Eyebrows


1) Coconut Oil


This oil is highly rich in essential fatty acids. These acids can reduce the protein loss if used before and after washing the hair. It can be used as a grooming product and as a hot oil mask. One study concluded that Coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft very fast. It can do that because of its low molecular weight.


This means that your thinning eyebrows can now start growing again, fuller and thicker too.


Thinning Eyebrows


2) Olive Oil


Another scientifically proven beneficial substance is the Oleuropein. It can be found in olives and Olive oil. This substance was able to stimulate hair growth in mice. Find out more about the trial here.


This oil is great for thinning or falling eyebrows. It is highly nourishing and a good anti-inflammatory. Olive oil is great to use if you suffer from eczema and dandruff too.


The oil is full of vitamins A and E, two powerful antioxidants and hair growth stimulants. Olive oil is great for eyebrows that have been dyed and thinned for a long time.


Thinning Eyebrows
Castor seed pods


3) Castor Oil


The oil of Castor is also rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids. It is thicker than the usual vegetable oils so it should either be mixed with another oil, or used in a very small amount. The vitamin A and the proteins in Castor oil can stimulate the growth of your eyebrows.


Beware though, as it may cause allergic reactions. Test a small amount on your forearm and watch it for a few hours.



Other great oils to use for eyebrow brow hair loss or thinning eyebrows are:


  • Sweet Almond
  • Jojoba
  • Avocado
  • Black seed (Nigella)



Best Essential Oils for Eyebrows


Thinning eyebrows can be fixed with the use of two very potent essential oils. My only warning is that you need to use small amounts and always rub only on the eyebrows. If they go near the eyes, the oils can irritate the eyes.



1) Peppermint Essential Oil


In an experiment on mice, Peppermint has managed to stimulate hair growth within weeks of use. The mice were rubbed with 30% Peppermint mixed with Jojoba.


This oil contains menthol, which can increase the blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. If you’re losing eyebrow hair, this essential oil could be a great natural remedy to stop it.


It can also protect against bacteria and dandruff, two other risk factors for which you may be experiencing thinning eyebrows.


Thinning Eyebrows


2) Rosemary Essential Oil


I’ve recently written a whole article about the use of Rosemary oil on hair. It is great to use this oil to help your brows grow thicker and shinier. Your eyebrows will thus be healthier and less prone to breakage or falling out. Damaged hair follicles can slowly be restored by using Rosemary oil.



Step-by-Step Eyebrow Growth Guide


Thinning eyebrows are not pretty. If you’ve had to deal with them for years, you can try this growth guide. This treatment will slowly but surely help you get the eyebrows and the look you desire.


You do have to arm yourself with a lot of patience though. Eyebrow hair grows slowly as it is, but if it’s also damaged, then it’ll probably take longer.


Make a habit out of massaging your brows every night, before bed. Massage stimulates the blood flow in your brows. It won’t be long until you start seeing some improvement.


Before I get into the eyebrow growth guide, I’d like to remind you about the dos and don’ts section from the first part of the article. If you take them into consideration, those tips can help you get and maintain some great looking eyebrows.


For some women, thin eyebrows may be what they want and look good with. For others though, they’re just not an option. If you want to stop losing eyebrows or simply grow some thicker, new brows, here’s what you should do:


  1. First of all, for any treatment lotion you intend to use on your eyebrows, you should first prepare them. Wash your face really well with a homemade lotion or honey, or simply hot water. Make sure there’s no trace of makeup in your eyebrows.


  1. Every once or twice a week, scrub your eyebrows with salt or sugar. You could also use a toothbrush for gentle exfoliations.


  1. Dip a Q-tip in your eyebrow growth serum and apply on each brow. You should do this eyebrow treatment only at night. You can apply the growth serum during the day too, just as long as you don’t wear makeup. Otherwise, the makeup will not hold.


  1. Rub the lotion well and make sure all the eyebrow hairs are covered. Massage the area very gently for two minutes, if possible. Massages stimulate the circulation, thus the hair growth too. It will also help the oils penetrate deeper and faster into the hair follicles, pores and hairs themselves.


  1. Repeat these steps every night for at least 6 weeks. Nighttime is the best because the oils have time to work their magic while you rest.


  1. Make some changes in your lifestyle and diet. Add more sleep, water, vegetables and fruits. In other words, make sure you give our body all the minerals and vitamins it needs to function properly.


  1. Use makeup tricks to fill in those gaps in your eyebrows.


Thinning Eyebrows


Blend Recipes to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss


We’ve come to the final chapter of this article. Blending and making my own serums is what I enjoy the most. The following recipes will hopefully help you get rid of thinning eyebrows. If you’re more interested in stopping eyebrow hair loss, you’ll also find something helpful in the following paragraphs.


Intense “Repair and Grow” Eyebrow Lotion Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 tablespoon (15ml)
  • Coconut oil: 2 teaspoons (10ml)
  • Aloe Vera gel: 1 teaspoon (5ml)
  • Grapefruit seed extract: 3 drops
  • Phytokeratin: 1 ½ teaspoons


Pour the Aloe Vera in a bowl, add the phytokeratin gradually and mix really well. You can use a mini mixer or a mini whip (or a fork). After whipping these two ingredients, add in the oils and the extract, mixing really well after each.


Transfer the serum into an empty and disinfected recipient, preferably glass. It can also be an empty, clean mascara recipient.


Apply on your thinning eyebrows with upward and downward movements and then massage. Use this blend at night and wash off with warm water in the morning. This serum is great for nail and lash growth as well.


The phytokeratin contains important amino acids. They are similar to those found in the keratin that makes the hair and nails. Phytokeratin can strengthen the structure of your eyebrow hairs. It can also lock in the moisture your hair needs to stay hydrated.


The Aloe Vera gel can deeply hydrate and nourish the hair with minerals and vitamins. The Grapeseed extract can disinfect and protect against bacteria and fungi.


It is also an excellent preservative for the watery ingredient, which is Aloe Vera. Castor oil can stimulate the circulation and hair growth, and nourish as well.


Homemade Eyebrow Growth Serum with Essential Oils

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Black seed oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Rosemary essential oil: 2 drops


Store this blend in a plastic recipient, in a cool, dark place. Shake it well before each use. Apply a moderate amount only on the eyebrows, on a clean face. Massage the area for 2 minutes and let the blend soak in overnight. In the morning, wash them off using warm water.


These oils will boost cellular regeneration and repair the hair follicles. All that while stimulating hair growth and improving the appearance of thinning eyebrows.



Eyebrow Hair Loss Essential Oil Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Coconut oil: 2 teaspoons
  • Olive oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Aloe Vera Gel: 1 teaspoon
  • Peppermint essential oil: 3 drops


Apply each night on a clean face, and keep at it for at least 6 weeks. Use gentle stimulating massage movements. Don’t forget to do some light eyebrow scrubbing once or twice a week. That will remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and allow the oils to penetrate deeper.




You can totally have fun with your eyebrows if you want. For some occasions you could let your brows grow bushier and try a new look. Just make sure you don’t pluck too much. I would recommend going to a specialist first, and then maintain that line by plucking the rebel hairs, once a week.


As you can see, thinning eyebrows may be fixed once you know the cause. Never ignore the role of a doctor in establishing the cause of your eyebrow hair loss either. If there’s one thing you can do to grow denser and thicker brows, it is using natural blends and serums with carrier and essential oils.


What tricks do you use to get the look you want? How do you help your eyebrows grow or stop falling naturally? Please share your beauty tricks so we can all learn more and experiment even more.



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