Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Soothing & Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Even though it’s a common condition, hemorrhoids can cause discomfort. If you’re looking for alternatives to surgery, using essential oils for hemorrhoids is a good option. Among many other things, they can help relieve itching, pain, and swelling. Check out all the facts and tips in this article to improve your life.

In this post, you’ll be reading about:

  • Short intro on hemorrhoids and the correct way to tell what you suffer from.
  • The way essential oils can help with hemorrhoids.
  • The pros and cons of some of the best essential oils that can be used for hemorrhoids. Relief can come quite fast if they’re applied correctly.
  • How to use these aromatic oils to feel comfortable again and get rid of embarrassment.
  • Safety tips and warnings necessary to know before using Aromatherapy.
  • Signs and causes, plus a few words on hemorrhoids and pregnancy.
  • Last but not least, some Aromatherapy recipes. They’re meant to help you calm down hemorrhoids pain and discomfort.


Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids (Pros & Cons), How to Use Them & Safety Tips


The medical term for hemorrhoids is piles. The anus contains lots of small blood vessels, which make it very well innervated. The anus and the rectum are tightly connected.


The rectum is also well innervated. These small blood vessels are also called hemorrhoidal veins. Thus, we can safely say that we all have hemorrhoids.


Sometimes, you may see and feel some small lumps around the anus. They are called external hemorrhoids. They can also be internal (inside the rectum). External hemorrhoids are usually the ones that cause pain and discomfort.


Those lumps are the result of irritated or damaged hemorrhoidal veins. These veins can also be very dilated and feel like lumps. Some say that hemorrhoidal veins are for the anus and rectum, what the varicose veins are for the legs.


So, when you suffer from “hemorrhoids”, you actually suffer from a hemorrhoidal crisis. It can be mild or acute. I know that there are lots of people who want to know whether hemorrhoids go away on their own or not. Luckily, they can go away on their own, but only if they’re mild forms.


You will find lots of other details about this condition in the last part of the article.


Luckily, we can rely on the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of essential oils. They can be very beneficial, as long as they’re used the correct and safe way.


Essential Oil Remedies for Hemorrhoids


How Can Essential Oils Help with Hemorrhoids

Before going into more details, remember that aromatic oils can be used only for external hemorrhoids. Natural treatments for internal hemorrhoids should be approved by doctors first!


You’re here because you wanted to know the truth about essential oils for hemorrhoids. Well, the truth is they can indeed help provide comfort and speed up healing. This is possible for mild cases, which many are. Some of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids are:


  • Hemostatic – Refers to the ability of an oil to stop the bleeding or delay the blood flow in the veins.
  • Circulatory – Almost all oils improve the blood circulation. A better blood circulation speeds up healing.
  • Vasoconstrictor – This effect refers to the contraction or shrinking of the hemorrhoidal veins. This also helps in stopping the bleeding.
  • Astringent – Astringency makes an oil able to cause the contraction of all skin cells, not just the veins.
  • Antibacterial – When dealing with hemorrhoids naturally, you must keep the area disinfected. The risk of an infection is very high. Aromatic oils are useful because they can prevent further complications.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation is the natural response of the body to infections. When a vein is inflamed, it’ll swell and become painful.
  • Wound healing – Almost all essential oils promote tissue healing. This speeds up the closing of bleeding hemorrhoids. Also, many oils for hemorrhoids can also strengthen the blood vessels. Thus, they won’t get damaged as easily in the future.
  • Analgesic – This effect refers to the ability of an essence to relieve pain.
  • Antipruritic – If the oil is an antipruritic, it means it can relieve itching. There are many such oils that help bring comfort from hemorrhoidal crises.
  • Calming for the nervous system – All aromatic oils affect the nervous system. Some are better at inducing peace and calm and decreasing the heart rate. This, in turn, leads to more relaxed muscles, which may help with bowel movements.


A study used a multi-herbal ointment on 50 patients. After just three days of treatment, they felt less pain, itching, and discomfort. After 10 days of treatment, there was no pain, bleeding or discomfort reported.


This study shows how the oils and other herbal extracts can work in a synergy together. They deliver their most potent effects to help heal the skin and relieve pain and itching. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many studies on this topic.


This study though shows that we can use essential oils for hemorrhoids treatment. Talk to your doctor about using them first! You need to establish some safety guidelines, proper dosage and time of treatment.


Some of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids (piles) are:

  • Roman Chamomile,
  • Mastic,
  • And Clove.


They are not the only ones, of course. These ones, however, were involved in some studies, which proved their efficacy.

1) Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Botanical name: Chamaemelum nobile/Anthemis nobilis (old term).

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids (Roman Chamomile)


  • Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb. It has proven effective at relieving many symptoms and help the nervous system as well. Roman Chamomile has strong antispasmodic effects. This means it can calm down nervous and/or muscle spasms.
  • The oil contains a high amount of flavonoids (apigenin, patulein, quercetin, etc.). In a human study, they were able to pass deep into the skin layers. This speeds up the beneficial effect of the oil. Flavonoids have also been found effective at strengthening the veins. Plus, they also promote a better lymphatic drainage. Roman Chamomile essential oil for hemorrhoids is a venotonic.
  • The oil is very calming and relaxing for the mind and muscles. It relieves tension effectively. It can also help with insomnia.
  • Chamomile is also a very good anti-inflammatory and circulatory. It can improve the blood flow in the affected veins, thus speed up their healing. It is also antibacterial, which prevents infections.
  • Roman Chamomile oil is great for hemorrhoids, as it can also soothe pain and discomfort.



  • People with epilepsy and/or asthma should ask for a doctor’s approval first. A high dose can induce seizures.
  • Large amounts of Roman Chamomile oil can cause vertigo or drowsiness.


Why I like it:

As it turns out, a Roman Chamomile ointment (blend) may help with hemorrhoidal crises. The oil is also gentler on the skin. It can be used in many situations, from skin care and insomnia to digestion.

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2) Mastic Essential Oil

Botanical name: Pistacia lentiscus.

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids (Mastic/Lentisk)


  • Mastic oil is not very common in American Aromatherapy. Still, it is highly regarded by the French. Mastic is the first oil they recommend when it comes to hemorrhoids or varicose veins. The French call it “lentisque pistachier”. That’s why mastic is also called lentisk.
  • There are studies that prove the anti-inflammatory effects of Mastic essential oil.
  • Mastic essential oil is very good at decongesting the blood vessels. This property can also reactivate the circulation. It can inhibit the activity of cytokines (molecules that cause inflammation). The oil is also a vasoconstrictor.
  • Mastic oil can decongest the lymphatic system and improve its activity.
  • Plus, it also has anti-edema effects. This means that Mastic oil promotes the elimination of excess water and fluids.



  • The oil of Mastic should not be used by epileptics or asthmatics without medical supervision. The same goes for those prone to seizures.
  • It’s meant only for adult use.
  • It has cortisone-like effects. The oil may interact with certain medications.


Why I like it:

The scent of Mastic oil is somewhat resinous, similar to that of Pine essential oil. It’s an excellent essential oil for hemorrhoids treatment. Mastic oil can be put on hemorrhoids to shrink them and improve circulation. All in all, it’s an excellent option for dealing with vein problems.

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3) Clove Essential Oil

Botanical name: Eugenia caryophyllata.

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids (Clove Bud)


  • You’ve probably heard about the strong analgesic properties of Clove Bud oil. They’re not myths, and once again, Clove oil has proven useful. One study focused on anal fissure healing. They used a Clove oil cream and a placebo. 60% of the patients (30 people) had a better healing rate. Only 12% of the placebo patients experienced healing. This happened during a 3-months period. The oil was also able to reduce anal pressure, which would help with hemorrhoids too.
  • Clove bud oil is a local anesthetic, with similar effects to lidocaine. This is why it’s so good for relieving neuralgia and tooth pain.
  • It can also protect from and prevent bacterial infections.
  • Using Clove oil for hemorrhoids can also help lower the inflammation. It is also antioxidant, which speeds up the healing time.
  • Clove oil has antispasmodic and calming effects.



  • It can irritate or burn sensitive mucous membranes like the nose or anus. The oil must be used in low amounts and always diluted.
  • Over long periods of time, large amounts of Clove oil can cause liver toxicity.
  • Never use Clove oil with anticoagulant drugs.
  • The oil can also increase the blood pressure.

Why I like it:

Clove oil has a specific scent, spicy and somewhat medicinal. The oil can also repel mosquitoes and other insects. It is calming for the nervous system, as is for the body. You can use it in skin care as well.

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Other good essential oils for hemorrhoids:
  • Helichrysum
  • Cistus
  • Cypress
  • Myrtle
  • Geranium
  • Juniper
  • Palmarosa
  • Oregano
  • Thyme (ct. thymol)
  • Camphor (ct. cineole)
  • Frankincense
  • Patchouli
  • Niaouli
  • Sandalwood
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wintergreen
  • Sweet Birch
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Rosemary (ct. cineole)


I left three of the most popular oils for hemorrhoids last. They are Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree. These essences can also be used for hemorrhoids, just like the others.


They’re all good antibacterials and anti-inflammatory agents. However, I haven’t found any pertinent results while searching for medical studies. Peppermint and Tea Tree are mentioned in some treatments with other substances.


There are lots of other available studies though. They support the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasoconstrictor effects of Peppermint and Tea Tree.


Using Lavender oil for hemorrhoids can help with wound healing. It can also help to strengthen the tissue. Lavender is very relaxing and calming.


Peppermint oil for hemorrhoids has a cooling effect that helps with pain. It is also astringent, which should stop the bleeding. It is circulatory and antibacterial too.


As for Tea Tree oil for hemorrhoids, studies show it has clear antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plus, like I said, it’s also anti-inflammatory.


When choosing a natural oil good for hemorrhoids, you should:


  • Talk to your doctor first, especially if you suffer from another condition.
  • Buy only 100% pure and trusted essential oils. This here includes companies like doTERRA. Still, there are no special doTERRA essential oils for hemorrhoids. They sell the same oils as everybody else. It’s the way they’re produced and handled that makes a difference. It is possible for them to create special hemorrhoid blends, however.
  • Consider both the pros and the cons of an oil.


That being said, let’s move on to our next topic…


How to Use Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Now you know that essential oils can help with hemorrhoids. But how do you get rid of them, right? It’s quite simple. You can get rid of hemorrhoids with topical ointments or blends. These blends can be made by mixing essential oils with carrier oils.


Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful medicinal liquids. You should never, ever apply them undiluted in the intimate area.


The absorption rate is also a lot higher than through the skin. The anus is filled with blood vessels, which absorb the oil molecules fast.


One of the most important things to remember here is that there is no standard dosage. Each blend and/or treatment time depend on the patient. Age, gender, skin, they all matter in topical applications of Aromatherapy.


The one study I told you about in the beginning, used a multi-herbal ointment. Still, they did not give away the amounts used to make that ointment. We don’t know the oil quantity they used, nor the base cream. We just know the patients applied it topically 3 times a day, for 10 days.


This is why the treatment time and dosage must be established by a medic. A close investigation should tell your doctor how severe the crisis is. It should also tell him about the type of hemorrhoids you have.


To be extra safe, one could mix a drop of essential oil for hemorrhoids per teaspoon of carrier oil. A tsp. holds about 5 ml of carrier.


Carrier Oils and Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids


Some of the best carriers to use for hemorrhoid treatments are:

  • Tamanu,
  • Hemp Seed,
  • Olive,
  • Black Seed,
  • Arnica,
  • And Coconut. Coconut oil is very good for hemorrhoids. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can effectively deal with skin infections like ringworm, for example.


Other vegetable oils are good too, but the above-mentioned are also anti-inflammatory.


Another good way of feeling relief and more comfortable are sitz baths. You can rest your bottom in some warm water for about 10 minutes to reap the benefits.


Add 2 – 3 drops of essential oil(s) to 1 – 2 Tsp. salt and dissolve it in the water. The salt will disperse the oil molecules evenly into the water.


Many people are interested in using essential oil hemorrhoid suppositories. I do not recommend them without medical supervision. Once the support oil or wax melts, if the essential oil dosage is too high, it can burn the rectum.


Thus, it can make matters worse for your hemorrhoids. If your doctor approves them and gives you a safe dose too, then it’s fine. Otherwise, I would not use essential oil suppositories for hemorrhoids.


Safety Tips

When you deal with essential oils, there are lots of safety tips to consider. It’s important to remember they’re very potent. They can seriously injure the sensitive membranes of your intimate area. Now that you know how to use essential oils for hemorrhoids, consider the following:


  • First, you should always test your essential oils for allergic reactions. Mix a drop with some carrier and apply on the inside of your forearm. If nothing happens within a few hours -a day, the oil should be safe.
  • Avoid applying essential oil blends or pure essences on bleeding hemorrhoids. It’s best to apply your blend around it and always diluted.
  • Make sure the skin is always clean before applying your topical treatment/ointment.
  • Also, make sure you have good toilet habits. They’re very important at relieving existing discomfort and preventing future crises.
  • Stop using a blend as soon as you feel your symptoms are getting worse. Visit your doctor instead, and talk to him openly.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must also consult with their doctors in advance.
  • Do not use essential oils for hemorrhoids in children and elderly people, without medical approval.


(Facts) Symptoms, Causes, and Types of Hemorrhoids


Like I said in the opening too, hemorrhoids are blood vessels. They line the walls of the rectum and anus. When they get damaged, they swell and inflame and become painful. Because of all the friction around the area, the external ones are more painful.


The role of hemorrhoidal veins is to help the sphincter muscles to control the evacuation of the stool.


What Causes Hemorrhoidal Crises?
  • Constipation.
  • Certain medicines.
  • Family history.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Overweight and obesity.
  • Liver dysfunction.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Violent or specific sports like cycling or horse-riding.
  • Diet (spicy foods, coffee, lack of fibers, not enough hydration, etc.)


Unfortunately, more than a quarter of adults worldwide suffer from hemorrhoidal crises. Living the speedy lives we do and always eating on the run, it’s rather normal to be affected by this condition.


Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids - Healthy Diet and Fibers
Fibers can prevent constipation, which makes hemorrhoids worse.


Estimates say that 1 in 4 people suffer from this embarrassing and at times, very painful condition.


When the veins and connective tissue get bruised or ruptured, they swell. They become small lumps around the anus or inside the rectum.


Some hemorrhoids can go away on their own, in as much as a week or so. Applying a blend can speed up their retraction and healing.


Types of Hemorrhoids
  • Internal

Their shape and color can’t be seen, but they cause some bleeding. The color of the blood is usually a very bright red and can be seen on the toilet paper. The major symptom is itching; pain is less pronounced for internal hemorrhoids. You may also feel like going to the toilet more often, without a result.


  • External

They’re small lumps right at the base of the anus. If the inflamed vein doesn’t retract it can become blocked. The result is called hemorrhoidal thrombosis. It’s basically a blood clot which may cause great pain. The clot is still very well irrigated with blood, thus it’s very sensitive to touch.


If the internal hemorrhoids prolapse (slide out), they become external:


  • Grade 1 – They are not visible from outside and they’re very slightly swollen.
  • Grade 2 – These hemorrhoids can be seen/felt before or after passing stool. They usually go back in on their own.
  • Grade 3 – These are larger bulging lumps that need to be pushed inside manually or cut out surgically. They don’t go back in on their own. They’re also called prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  • Grade 4 – Also prolapsed hemorrhoids and very enlarged. They can’t be pushed back in and are usually thrombosed. The rectum may slide out of the anus too. This is the most serious and debilitating hemorrhoidal crisis.


Milder forms of hemorrhoids (grade 1 and 2) can go away on their own. With a good hygiene and good lifestyle habits, they could never come back again.


If pregnancy is the cause of your hemorrhoids, your doctor should be able to give you the right treatment. Don’t forget to mention the essential oils you want to use for pregnancy hemorrhoids. It’s important to do it properly to avoid affecting the baby and yourself.


If you’ve had hemorrhoid problems before, you’ll most likely have them again during pregnancy. If you develop them during that time, you could prevent the problem by avoiding constipation.


Diet, Lifestyle and Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids


Essential Oil Recipes to Soothe External Hemorrhoids

Before concluding the article, I’ve put up a small list of soothing blends for you to try. I’ve used the smallest amount possible, to prevent problems.


Keep in mind that even this ratio may be too much for your condition. For that, I urge you to seek medical help in advance.


Soothing Adult Hemorrhoids Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Coconut oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Mastic essential oil: 2 drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 2 drops


Give the blend a good shake before each use. Apply a small amount of the blend, on a clean area, 2 – 3 times a day.


External hemorrhoids and Anal Fissure Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Tamanu oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Arnica oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Clove essential oil: 3 drops
  • Helichrysum/Mastic/Cistus essential oil: 3 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 3 drops


Follow the same instructions as for the previous recipe.


Piles Oil Blend Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Black seed oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Cypress essential oil: 2 drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 2 drops


Apply a small amount on a clean area, 2 – 3 times a day, for about a week. Seek medical help if your symptoms don’t improve.



There are lots of aromatic oils out there. Some of them are better at relieving pain, itching, and inflammation than others. They are Roman Chamomile, Mastic and Clove Bud.


These essential oils for hemorrhoids, along with others, can help you lead a normal life. The success of the treatment depends a lot on the type of hemorrhoidal crisis. Types 1 and 2 are easier to manage, while 3 and 4 especially, need medical intervention.

I know it’s hard to talk about these problems, but please don’t hesitate to do so with a doctor! Let’s not forget that they see people with the same problem daily. I believe the benefits are well worth a bit of embarrassment.


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