Floral Essential Oils

Why You Should Scent Your Home with Floral Essential Oils

Home perfumes, especially those that we can make ourselves, are always unique! No matter the mood or the atmosphere of your home, you can always change it with a few drops of floral essential oils. Of course, you can mix them with other favorite oils of yours. But floral bouquets can make you feel like there’s spring or summer once again.


The majority is constantly looking for new and simple ways to scent their homes. It’s usually very pleasant to walk around the house and smell your favorite flowers. Even though outside is winter, for example.


In this article, I will give you the details and reasons for which you should scent your home with essential oils. The good news is that once you learn how to make your own ambiance perfume, you can use it wherever.


At the office, in your working shed, in your car, etc. You can relax and focus better, or even unwind with your favorite scents.


Floral Essential Oils


Why Scent Your Interiors with Floral Essential Oils?


First of all, why scent the space you’re living or working, period. The most obvious answer that comes to mind is because it smells nice. A nice scent can always take you out of the ordinary.


It can make you relax while enjoying the lovely scent. Or, depending on the fragrances used, if they’re natural, they can also boost your creativity and help you concentrate on your task at hand.


The best natural fragrances are essential oils. If you’ve never smelled one, you’ll be surprised at how powerful they can be. These oils don’t need heat to evaporate because they’re volatile substances. This means that they evaporate at any temperature, the moment you uncap the bottle.


Essential oils have very complex chemical profiles. They’re made from tiny active molecules that dissipate into the air instantly. The minute you inhale an oil, you can get up to 70% of that oil into your body via the nose.


The nose is the bridge between the aromatic essence and your brain and nervous system. Those tiny molecules can activate certain receptors inside the nose. These receptors will send various messages to the brain. These messages will in turn cause the release of certain neurotransmitters.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that induces a state of peace and happiness. It also regulates the functions of the body. In other words, inhaling essential oils can actually improve your mood and health.


This is one of the best and most important reasons why you should scent your home with floral essential oils.


But, why floral oils? Because they go well with any other combination of essences and extracts. They are also very strong and sweet, making it possible to give oils like Patchouli or Galbanum a chance. Or any other beneficial essential oil, for that matter.


The truth is that some oils don’t smell great at all, but they are very good at what they do. For instance German Chamomile essential oil smells too herbaceous and earthy for my taste.


But it is very good against allergies or to lighten up hair color. For this reason, I usually mix it with some Rose oil, Lavender, or Ylang-Ylang and the herbaceous scent becomes barely noticeable.


Let’s recap a bit the benefits of using floral essential oils in interior/ambiance perfumes:


  • They don’t pollute the air. Rather, they balance the ion charge in the atmosphere and purify the air by killing bacteria and germs.
  • They maintain any living space clean and disinfected.
  • They are natural so they don’t contain phthalates or formaldehyde, which are toxic to our health.
  • They’re a lot more accessible and easy to use. A small amount of an essential oil goes a long way.
  • And they offer the possibility of creating your own favorite scents for the space you like.


That being said, I think it’s time to move on to another interesting part of this post. Continue reading to find out details and recipes for a very nice homemade interior perfume.


Floral Essential Oils


How to Choose and Make Your Own Floral Essential Oils Diffuser


From all the tens of essential oils available and ways to diffuse them, it might become a bit overwhelming when taking your pick. And I can see why, especially if you’re not a long-time user or experimenter, how I like to say.


I wouldn’t worry though. Next, I’ll explain a few very nice and interesting ways of making your own diffuser. I will also give you some advices on how to choose the best floral essential oils blend.



Tips on How to Choose the Scent of Your Interior Perfume


  • First of all, it’s your taste that matters in this choice. It’s the place you’ll stay in and you need to enjoy it and feel comfortable so go with whatever you like.
  • Think of scents as colors, if they make you happy then go for it.
  • Take each room and think about what you’d like to feel when going in there.
  • Also, think about how you’d like to feel when staying in that specific room. The hallway for instance, could smell like something fresh and fruity like Vetiver, Lemon Verbena or Lily of the Valley.
  • In the living room, you could go for white floral essential oils. I’m referring to white flower essences like Jasmine, Lily or Lily of the Valley again. They can be very relaxing and sensual.
  • When it comes to the bedroom, everything needs to scream peace and quiet. You need oils that can help you sleep and rest well. You could go for soothing and calming floral essences like Neroli, Lavender, Melissa, and Roman Chamomile.
  • For working spaces, the best essential oils to use would have to be more subtle. Imagine reading. For that you’ll need a “quiet” scent, a scent to leave you be… I would suggest using combinations of your favorite floral essential oils with Sandalwood or Amyris, Amber, Vanilla or Musk.


Floral Essential Oils
Lily of the Valley


How to Make Your Own Diffuser (Ideas and Blends)


There are a few different ways of scenting an interior. I will detail them below and give you recipe ideas so you can start benefiting from the oils’ properties as soon as possible.  I hope you have fun and choose one and start kicking!


a) Spray Interior Perfumes

These are probably the simplest ambiance perfumes you could come up with. All you need is:

  • Water: ½
  • Alcohol: ½
  • Essential oils perfume: 25 – 35 drops
  • Spray bottle


Fill the bottle half with pure water, half with alcohol (vodka). Add in your mixture of floral essential oils and shake well before spraying.


The alcohol evaporates faster than water, which will help dispersing the oil molecules faster. Depending on the perfume used, you could spray all over the room, curtains, sofas, and even sheets.


This blend is a great air freshener and mood booster. Regardless of the oils you use, they will have a certain effect on your psychic and create a positive atmosphere!



b) Dried Flowers (Potpourri)

This is a very nice way to scent your home and decorate it at the same time. You can use dry petals and buds of flowers that you really love. Make your ambiance perfume blend and drop some of it on the dried flowers.


You can either keep them in a nice decorating vase, or you can store them in a cute sachet and hang it in various places around the house. Whenever you pass by, make sure you give it a shake to release their subtle aroma. This is a good choice for a working space or a library.


Floral Essential Oils


c) Reed Diffusers

This type of diffuser is very popular. It uses rattan or bamboo sticks that absorb an oily scented mixture. They release the scent gradually and they also require a bit of attention, to maintain the bottle full.


But then again, each diffusing method requires some level of attention. Scents are not meant to last forever, so if you want to keep enjoying them, then you need to refill the recipients.


A reed diffuser may work with a carrier oil base or with alcohol, whichever you prefer. With alcohol, the scent is more intense but it also evaporates faster, while with the oil base, the release is slower.


The scent could also be more subtle, yet it’s not a rule. If you use strong floral essential oils or blends, they can smell very strongly too.


Reed Diffuser Exotic Scent

You’ll need:

  • Neroli essential oil: 20 drops
  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil: 15 drops
  • Tahiti gardenia extract: 15 drops
  • Jojoba oil: three quarters (3/4)
  • Reed glass recipient
  • Bamboo sticks


Mix all the oils together then dip in the reed sticks. Once they’re imbued with the scent, take them out and place the opposite ends into the perfume base. Place the diffuser somewhere visible and keep switching the ends of the sticks every time you want to stir the perfume.



d) Gel Diffusers

These are a nice piece of décor and a very fun method of diffusing your favorite scents at the same time. They are very easy to make too. Here’s a fun recipe:


Gel Ambiance & Décor Perfume

You’ll need:

  • Any glass or metal recipient
  • Neutral gelatin: 1 pack
  • Pure water: three quarters (3/4)
  • Alcohol (vodka): one quarter (1/4)
  • Food colorant (dye)
  • Floral essential oils perfume blend: 2 ml (50 drops)


Boil the water. Add the colorant and then the gelatin in the water. When the gelatin has reached the room temperature, you can add in your alcohol mixed with the oils. Give the gel a good stir and place the recipient somewhere at sight.


You’ll get lots of compliments for this scented piece of décor. When the fragrance is no longer perceptible, give the gel a good stir and it’ll return.


Floral Essential Oils


e) Suspended Solid Ambiance Perfume

This is a personal favorite of mine because I give it any shape I like. I can also hang it anywhere I like, which makes it even better.


You’ll need:

  • Small silicone mold (any shape)
  • Bees wax: 1/4
  • Jojoba oil: 3/4
  • Floral essential oils perfume: 50 drops
  • Dye


Assuming the mold is regular to small size and not a very large one, the quantities should work just well.  Melt the wax on a double boiler, then take it out and stir the Jojoba oil slowly. Add the dye if you want and the essential oils perfume.


You could mix in Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily, Tuberose, etc. Place it in the refrigerator until complete cooling. You can then make a hole in it with a chopstick for instance, and hang it anywhere (wardrobe, windows, etc.).


Enjoy your new suspended ambiance perfume!


Floral essential oils



I bet you’ve spotted a few good ideas in here, if not already set out to make one. I know they’re quite lovely to make, look at and enjoy, and some are really easy to carry with.


You could make a suspended room perfume and take it with you at the office and hang it somewhere near you. That way you’ll enjoy your perfume all day long, without disturbing the others around you either.


The possibilities are unlimited and you could make all the diffusers you want, for each room. Use these interior perfumes to decorate, to scent and to purify the air you breathe wherever you are. Using floral essential oils is the biggest plus, because they are natural and packed with health benefits.


What does an interior perfume mean to you? How do you like to scent your home? Do you have specific criteria that you use to choose your ambiance fragrances? How important are they for you and your family?


As you can see, this is a topic I very much enjoy and am very curious about how the others go about it, so don’t be shy and share! 🙂



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