Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia

(Organic Blends) The Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia

Pneumonia is one of the most common lung infections. Its symptoms can vary from mild to actual life-threatening. Depending on which type it is, you could treat it at home too. Essential oils are very potent remedies that can be used for the improvement of pneumonia symptoms. Find out more about some of the best essential oils for pneumonia, and how to use them.


In this article, you’ll find:


  • Details with pros and cons about four of the best oils to use for pneumonia.
  • How to use them in practical organic blends to soothe those symptoms.
  • A few more things about pneumonia and what can natural remedies actually do.
  • Also, a few tips and recommendations to prevent or help speed up the recovery.
  • And finally, some safety words about the use of essential oils for pneumonia.



Did You Know?

  • Pneumonia is a very common infection. It registers almost 500.000 hospitalizations per year.


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia, How to Use Them and Recipes


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and the alveoli, which means that certain bacteria cause it. Because of its nature, this condition may be kept in check, and even prevented with essential oils. It is true that a long time ago this illness was fatal.


Today however, our medicine has evolved a lot and it is easier to treat pneumonia. As with any other illness, your best chances are when it is not very advanced.


But what makes essential oils a good remedy? These substances are very concentrated. They are impressive antibacterials and antimicrobials, as well as antivirals and anti-inflammatory agents. The aromatic oils that each plant contains are meant to protect them from diseases. They will also help it regenerate.


  • The best way to enjoy their useful properties is by inhalation. You can thus diffuse 4 – 7 drops of an essential oil (EO) or a blend of EOs in a diffuser or candle burner.


Make sure you only diffuse for 20 – 30 minutes per session. It is recommended to diffuse every 2 hours, in a very well ventilated room.


  • You could also pour a drop or two in your palms, cup them over the nose and inhale deeply for 5 – 10 minutes.


  • A cotton pad kept near the nose can be just as useful.


I do believe that diffusing strong antibacterial oils is the best method though. That way they’ll be able to kill hundreds of strains of bacteria in the air you breathe, and fast too!


Here are four of the best essential oils for pneumonia, with pros and cons to help you choose better:



1) Tea Tree Essential Oil


This is one very potent essential oil for pneumonia. It has several studies to back up its beneficial properties. One of them was strictly performed to see its action on fungal and bacterial pneumonia.


Researchers found very promising bacteria-killing abilities of the Tea Tree oil. They also found it to be a good active ingredient in local therapies.


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia



  • Tea Tree oil was also found to have little drug resistance.



  • This oil may have an unpleasant smell for some people.
  • If ingested without medical advice, Tea Tree can cause vomiting, confusion, and drowsiness among others.
  • It can also be adulterated with synthesized substances. Buy only from trusted brands that don’t fear answering all your questions and demands.


Why I like it:

I admit I don’t really like the scent of Tee Tree essential oil. But when you need its antibacterial powers, the smell doesn’t matter anymore. It is medicinal anyway, so you tend to accept these kinds of smells when you’re in pain, for instance.

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2) Ajowan Essential Oil

The essential oil of Ajowan is one of the best essential oils for pneumonia. It contains thymol and carvacrol, which are two of the strongest bactericidal substances. Among essential oils, these substances have the highest ability to kill bacteria and viruses.


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia



  • It can kill bacteria because it’s a strong antibacterial.
  • The oil can also boost the immune system to help it face the infection better.
  • It is a great active ingredient that works wonders in good synergies. (It can be blended with Ravintsara and Inula essential oils, for example)



  • If taken internally, without medical approval, Ajowan oil may cause liver problems.
  • It should also be avoided by epileptic and diabetic people.
  • Extra care should be taken when suffering from raised blood pressure.


Why I like it:

The smell of this oil is like thyme, and I’m not particularly fond of it either. Nonetheless, Ajowan essential oil for pneumonia should be at least as effective as Tea Tree. It is a very good ingredient in skin care, especially for acne!

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3) Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano is a well-known herb and spice, especially by pizza lovers. It is a very powerful “natural antibiotic” and it should always be used with care. Skin applications are usually safe. In inhalations, the oil should be used in small amounts (2 – 3 drops only).


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia



  • Lung infections cause inflammations too. These inflammations cause pain while breathing. Oregano essential oil is great for pneumonia as it can soothe inflammations.
  • It is also great at boosting the immune system, which further helps in healing your lungs.
  • Oregano oil also has antioxidant benefits. This ability makes it great in the healing process after the lung infection decreases.



  • Do not consume this oil without medical guidance, especially if you’re already on medication.
  • It contains linalool, which triggers allergies. Always test it on a small portion of your skin and wait for a day before widespread use.
  • Make sure you don’t use large dosages as it may cause difficulty in breathing. It could also be a problem for those with a weak heart.


Why I like it:

I like Oregano because I can use it in some of my favorite dishes. 2 drops in a bit of tomato sauce gives it the taste and smell of the dried herb. I have also used it as antibiotic and I can truly say it is powerful stuff.


The oil of Oregano can cause the insulin level in the blood to drop. This is one great added bonus effect. If the above mentioned oil was not recommended to diabetics, Oregano might be safe. You should always seek medical guidance first though!

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4) Thyme Essential Oil

Another popular spice to use in the kitchen! Thyme has been used for centuries as medicinal remedy as well. It is very useful in treating respiratory and digestive problems.


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia



  • Thyme oil is one of the best essential oils for pneumonia because it can soothe coughs and the spasms of the respiratory system.
  • It has strong antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant properties. It can also be used to kill fungi infections like Candida.
  • Thyme oil can purify the air you breathe and clear your lungs from infection and inflammation.



  • This oil should not be used with anticoagulant medication.
  • Eating fresh thyme should also be avoided by those with heart problems. It contains vitamin K, which can cause the blood to clot.
  • It may irritate or even burn the mucus membranes of the nose, throat and digestive tract. Therefore, Thyme essential oil should always be diluted before use.


Why I like it:

Thyme oil is great to use in blends against colds and flu. It helps with muscle pain caused by high fever. It is also great at soothing rheumatic and joint pain. I don’t particularly like its smell though, and I try to use it only for what I just mentioned.

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Other good essential oils for pneumonia are:
  • Sage
  • Inula
  • Ravintsara
  • Clove Bud
  • Eucalyptus


Essential Oil Recipes for Pneumonia (Organic Blends)


Essential oils are a complementary therapy. This means they can usually be used with other medication to enhance the treatment. They can ease up the symptoms in a more pleasant manner. Their perfumes and benefits for health, plus their effects on skin, essential oils can help you feel better.


I’ll give you the details of two good organic blends to use for pneumonia. This doesn’t mean you should only rely on their effects though!


It is mandatory that you see a doctor and do some tests to know what type of bacteria is causing your pneumonia. Some types can be treated with antibiotics, while others are resistant to them. Essential oils have been found very capable of killing most of the resistant bacteria.



Pneumonia Blend with Essential Oils

You’ll need:

  • Thyme essential oil: 20 drops
  • Ajowan essential oil: 15 drops
  • Tea Tree essential oil: 10 drops
  • Black seed oil: 1 Oz (30ml)


Add all the oils in a dark colored glass or plastic bottle. If they’re mixed with a carrier oil like Black seed, essential oils won’t eat at the plastic recipient. Always shake well before use. Apply 6 – 8 drops of this blend all over the chest and massage really well. You can re-apply up to six times a day.


Do not use for longer than two weeks though! The skin will get used to the ingredients and prevent it from being efficient anymore. Continue to diffuse these oils (without the vegetable oil!) to complete the treatment.



Organic Blend with Essential Oils for Pneumonia

You’ll need:

  • Tea Tree essential oil: 20 drops
  • Eucalyptus (globulus) essential oil: 20 drops
  • Ravintsara essential oil: 20 drops
  • Jojoba or Black seed oil: 1 Oz (30ml)


Mix all the oils well and apply 2 – 3 times a day, until you feel better. Use a moderate amount each time and massage the blend well into the chest, and along the spine. Try to complete this treatment with the diffusion of one of the 4 best essential oils for pneumonia I gave you.



About Pneumonia and Natural Remedies, plus Tips and Recommendations


The symptoms of viral lung infections (viral pneumonia), may seem just like those of a flu. They can be fever, coughing and chills that are followed by more fever and pain in the lungs. This may lead to reddish sputum (mucus and saliva mixture).


If this happens, then these are signs of a severe type of pneumonia. It should never be treated at home without medical guidance!  Go to the doctor and take a lung radiography.


Otherwise, all the other milder types of pneumonia have the following symptoms:


  • Burning fever.
  • A weakened body.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Chills.
  • Headaches.
  • Painful coughs (in the chest)
  • Painful inspiration.
  • Various noises while breathing.


Pneumonia is caused by various bacteria and viruses. Once they’re inhaled, they will locate in the lungs, cause inflammations and weaken the immune system.


Using essential oils for pneumonia will help enhance the efficacy of your treatment. Or, they will help soothe your pain and keep the infection in check until you can get to a doctor.


Either way, these aromatic essences will definitely help you cope with pneumonia better. They will not treat it though, so keep this fact in mind at all times. Don’t rely only on their power and consult a medic to remove all worries.


Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia


Tips and Recommendations to Ease Up Pneumonia Symptoms


  • Since it affects the digestive system too, you should drink plenty of fruit and veggie juices.
  • Rest in bed without forcing the body and brain to shift their attention in helping you to move around.
  • Maintain your room warm and moist enough.
  • You should never smoke while treating pneumonia. It is said to be fatal.
  • Hydrate plentifully.



Safety Words

  • The oils described in this article as some of the best essential oils for pneumonia should always be treated carefully. Especially when you have to fight a possibly dangerous health problem.
  • Test them on a skin patch and monitor for a day for allergic reactions.
  • Always dilute essential oils with vegetable oils (carriers).
  • Pregnant and nursing women should consult their doctor before using any of the essential oils.
  • Children under 8 and people with other health concerns should also avoid using the oils.



If you choose to speed up your recovery, you can safely use essential oils. They can help clear and disinfect the air you breathe. Plus, once inhaled, these oils can start killing viruses and bacteria in the respiratory tract, lungs and digestive tract.


Any of the given pneumonia blends in this article will be able to soothe many of your symptoms.


I gave you some of the best essential oils for pneumonia to use in some practical organic blends. Please take into consideration the cons and the safety words for those oils, for a safe use. And don’t forget to go to the doctor as soon as possible for a complete checkup and diagnostic. I wish you speedy and safe recovery!



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