Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

How to Manage High Blood Pressure with Essential Oils (Studies and Tips)

With an increasing number of cases every year, high blood pressure is not to be taken lightly. Although most of the times you can’t tell, it affects many vital organs and their activities. Fortunately, some natural remedies like essential oils for high blood pressure can actually lower it.


If you want to know how to manage this silent yet harmful condition, read on. In this post, I’ll be telling you more about:


  • What these high blood pressure essential oils can do and how they can help.
  • Some of the best aromatic essences, with pros and cons that can prevent hypertension (high BP). They can also calm down the heart rate whenever necessary. There is also scientific data that proves their effects on the cardiovascular system.
  • Best ways to use the oils to your advantage and benefit.
  • Practical blend recipes to lower blood pressure as soon as possible. They will help you on your way to a more peaceful and less stressful life.
  • More facts you should know about high blood pressure. Learn about the symptoms, causes and readings of blood pressure (BP).


Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, and Studies


The blood pressure is the speed with which the blood travels through the blood vessels from the heart.


The blood puts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels anyway. But when this pressure is abnormally high, it is called hypertension or high blood pressure.


While a lower than normal blood pressure (BP) is not that dangerous for our health, a higher one is. In time, it can wear down the blood vessels and cause them to weaken or rupture.


High BP is the cause of a wide range of diseases too. Read more on the causes and symptoms of high BP in the last part of the article.


There are certain foods and plants that can lower the blood pressure. Thus, they can prevent many illnesses. Besides the right food and herbs, you can also use essential oils. They are very concentrated plant extracts that have all sorts of properties and benefits.


Depending on the oil type, it can be highly anti-inflammatory or highly relaxing. Most of them can do a little bit of everything. It all depends on the chemical profile of the essence.


The best essential oils for high blood pressure are those that:

  • Dilate the blood vessels so the blood pressure decreases.
  • Have diuretic effects (increase the production of urine). This eliminates excess water and salt. These are two reasons for which one could get high blood pressure.
  • Re-balance the nervous system. This induces a peaceful and relaxing state that slows down an accelerated heart rhythm.
  • Protect from oxidative stress. They can do so thanks to their antioxidant effects (scavenging for free radicals).


Now, let’s see which oils are the best to lower blood pressure. I will also be providing some links to a few studies that prove their beneficial effects. That could help you in further research, if necessary.


1) Ylang – Ylang Essential Oil

The “flower of flowers”, Cananga odorata has a unique fragrance. It is very strong and floral, sensual and romantic. But there is so much more to this oil than its scent. Besides cosmetic benefits, the oil has some impressive effects on our health too.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, Ylang-Ylang oil



  • It has good antispasmodic effects, which helps in calming down muscle spasms. The heart is a powerful muscle that can be calmed this way.
  • Ylang-Ylang acts on the physical body through skin and on the brain and mood via inhalation. The latter is possible through smell.
  • The oil has been found effective in decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Its calming effects act directly on the central nervous system. It also has antioxidant effects, which help in relieving oxidative stress.



  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil has estrogen-like effects. This makes it especially dangerous for pregnant women.
  • In case of diffusion, it is recommended to mix it with other milder oils. It blends well with citrus oils with which makes a fragrant bouquet.


Why I like it:

Ylang-Ylang is a good high blood pressure essential oil. On top of all its relaxing effects, it also smells nice. This makes it one of almost everyone’s favorite. Plus, it can also be used in many anti-aging blend recipes.

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2) Neroli Essential Oil

Citrus aurantium or Neroli is among the most appreciated aromatherapy oils. It has a long history and ever since, it has always been used in the perfume industry.


In Aromatherapy, the oil of Neroli or orange blossom can be used in skin and hair care, well-being and health.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, Neroli (Orange Blossom) oil



  • Because of its high linalool content, Neroli can re-balance the nervous system. Thus, it can soothe the mind and act as an antidepressant.
  • Its most important property though, is its ability to dilate the blood vessels. This means that when inhaling or applying Neroli oil, it enlarges the diameter of the blood vessels. This property is the one that helps normalize a high blood pressure.
  • Studies show that Neroli essential oil is great for high blood pressure too. It has been found to be emotionally soothing. It is especially effective in calming heart palpitations. Shock or fear may cause the latter and so, inhaling Neroli can help steady your heart and emotions.
  • Neroli can also strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.



  • If ingested, especially in a wrong dose, Neroli oil can be toxic to the kidneys.
  • Using Neroli essential oil for high blood pressure can be very expensive. Luckily, it is very effective and you only need a few drops to gain benefits.


Why I like it:

It’s hard not to like Neroli oil. It has a beautiful fragrance, perfect for perfumes and blends. It is also relaxing and it has many good effects on acne prone skin or wrinkles.

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3) Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

You can choose a good Sweet Marjoram oil after its botanical name – Origanum majorana. Studies show that sweet marjoram is an effective oil. It calms down the heart rate and decreases blood pressure.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, Sweet Marjoram oil



  • Sweet Marjoram is among the best essential oils for high blood pressure for several reasons. One is the fact that it can dilate the blood vessels, which leads to less strain on the heart. This in turn leads to a decreased blood pressure.
  • The second reason is the oil’s ability to relax muscles and relieve anxiety.
  • Marjoram is the type of oil that balances stimulant and calming effects.
  • It is also good at boosting the activity of the immune system.



  • Avoid using Marjoram essential oil for blood pressure on a long term and in high dosage. It can cause sleepiness and kidney toxicity.
  • Don’t confuse Marjoram with Oregano oil. Both are called Origanum, but they are different plants with different benefits.


Why I like it:

It isn’t necessarily among the most popular oils in Aromatherapy. But Sweet Marjoram has a pleasant smell. It makes it pleasant to use in diffusions and skin applications. The oil can also be used to relieve any kind of muscle pain and strain or prevent colds or the flu.

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4) Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula angustifolia, otherwise known as true Lavender oil is very popular. There are many studies that confirm its anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects. But that’s not all, and because of it, Lavender is among the best essential oils for blood pressure.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, Lavender oil



  • Lavender oil is antispasmodic, calming and sedating.
  • It can significantly reduce cardiovascular problems by lowering high blood pressure. This can happen in as fast as 10 minutes after inhalation.
  • Lavender can also decrease heart palpitations and the excitation of the nervous system.
  • It is very soothing and relaxing for both the mind and body.



  • Lavender essential oil has emmenagogue effects. This means it can increase the menstrual flow. This increase makes the oil dangerous for pregnant women. It is so especially during the first 3 months.
  • If ingested in large dosage, Lavender can cause gastrointestinal problems and nausea among others.
  • Make sure you use the angustifolia type for the specified benefits. There are other types of lavender that give very different oils.


Why I like it:

Lavender has an almost instant effect. It can reduce stress and blood pressure in 10 minutes, which makes the oil very effective. It is always a good idea to have a bottle of Lavender oil at hand. Plus, it can also act as an insect repellant and calm down the skin after their bites.

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General safety note:

Essential oils must not be taken internally without medical consent. They should also be used with a lot of care by pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly and children. Certain oils may interact with medicines, so research and medical approval are needed.


Here’s a list with other great essential oils for high blood pressure:
  • Ginger –it can stimulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
  • Litsea Cubeba – This oil can regulate the abnormally fast beating heart (tachycardia). It can also relax and calm down the blood pressure.
  • Oregano – lowers the blood pressure.
  • Cypress – This oil has diuretic properties. Thus, its use can help eliminate excess water and salt from the blood.
  • Lemon Eucalyptus – Is a good high blood pressure essential oil as it can limit hypertension. It relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, leading to enlargement. Larger veins allow an easy blood flow.
  • Frankincense – is able to slow down the heart and respiratory rhythm.
  • Rose – it has instant relaxing and calming effects, which slows down the heart rate as well as the BP.
  • Bergamot – reduces anxiety and the harmful effects of stress.


As beneficial as all the above mentioned oils are, caution is still needed. These are very potent essences that could do more harm with inappropriate use. If you are uncertain about what to do, seek medical advice first.


That being said, there are also a few essential oils that should be avoided when dealing with hypertension:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Hyssop
  • Peppermint
  • Pine
  • Rosemary
  • Sage


How to Use Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

There are two best ways of using essential oils to decrease high blood pressure. These aromatic oils can enter the body via two ways: inhalation and topical application.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure, Inhalation


1) Inhalation

Essential oils are volatile. This means they evaporate in the atmosphere, which is what gives them their fragrance. This volatility is given by the tiny molecules in their composition. These molecules enter the body and blood via the nose.


This is how they trigger certain responses from the brain. The brain then releases chemicals that relax you, put you in a good mood, help you sleep and elevate your energy levels, etc.


You can diffuse up to 10 drops of essential oil for high blood pressure. The time limit is 30 minutes per diffusion.


You should also do it in a well-ventilated room, every 2 hours to avoid air saturation. The latter can cause nausea and headaches. It can also increase the blood pressure instead of decreasing it.



2) Topical application (massages)

Once applied to the skin, the oils penetrate it on a deep level through pores and sweat glands. Generally, they take between 5 to 10 minutes to enter the blood. Then, they’ll start working their way towards the affected areas.


Because they are concentrated, essential oils need to be diluted (mixed). They mix very well with carrier oils. You can add 6 – 30 drops of essential oil (EO) per Oz carrier oil for local applications. Face blends require half that amount.


You can lower your blood pressure with essential oils in an aromatic bath too. Just mix 10 – 20 drops of EO in a cup of salt, shower gel, milk, or honey.


The oils need a neutral environment to disperse properly. Otherwise, they don’t mix with water and they’ll simply float around.


Blend Recipes to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

I’ve told you about the pros and cons of the best essential oils for high blood pressure. Now it’s time we put them to the test.


You can use any of the following blend recipes to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. On top of all these benefits, a blend can help you relax profoundly.


Aromatherapy Diffuser Blend for Hypertension

You’ll need:

  • Lavender EO: 2 ml (approximately 50 drops)
  • Ylang-Ylang EO: 2 ml (approximately 50 drops)
  • Litsea Cubeba EO: 1 ml (approximately 25 drops)


Mix all these oils together in a dark glass bottle. Keep it in a dark and cool place and use 7 – 10 drops of it at a time. You can use it in a nebulizer, an aroma diffuser or a candle oil burner.


I recommend the first two, which preserve the oil molecules better. The heat from the oil burner may destroy some molecules and decrease their effects.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure


Relaxing and Fortifying Blood Vessels Bath Blend

You’ll need:

  • Himalayan salt: 1 cup (200ml)
  • Neroli EO: 5 drops
  • Lavender EO: 5 drops
  • Sweet Marjoram EO: 10 drops


Add the oils over the salt, shake the blend well and pour it over a steaming bath water. Inhale the aromas deeply and massage your solar plexus and wrists with the oils from the water.


Repeat weekly to fortify your blood vessels and decrease the heart rate and blood pressure. It is useful against anxiety and stress too.


Lower Blood Pressure! Blend Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Lavender EO: 10 drops
  • Ylang-Ylang EO: 10 drops
  • Lemon Eucalyptus EO: 10 drops
  • Carrier oil: 1 Oz (30 ml)


Mix and shake the oils well before each application. Apply a moderate amount on the chest, around the heart and massage it well all the way to the shoulders. This blend can be used twice a day for 2 – 3 weeks. Take a week break and then start over again.


Things You Need to Know About Hypertension, plus Tips to Feel Better


Stress or physical effort can raise the blood pressure, it’s normal. On a short term, this thing is beneficial. But, when the blood keeps on running with an abnormal speed, it wears down the blood vessels and the heart.


Modern lifestyles are quite sedentary and stressful. Besides lack of exercise and stress, there are other bad habits that contribute to a raised blood pressure. They can be:


  • A poor diet, mostly rich in saturated fats.
  • A combination of too much salt with water.
  • Consuming tobacco, coffee and alcohol in large quantities.
  • Old age.
  • Kidney and thyroid problems.


Unfortunately, high blood pressure doesn’t have any particular symptoms. It is often discovered by chance, especially during medical examinations. 


But there are certain signs that could lead you to think of hypertension:

  • Repeated headaches, especially early in the morning.
  • Ringing ears.
  • Blurry vision or little dots in front of your eyes.
  • Nose bleeding.


These conditions should be enough to make you visit the doctor. All the more reason if they occur frequently.


Left untreated, hypertension can cause cardiac arrest, kidney damage, eye damage, etc. Hypertension is often seen in obese and diabetic people. But it can also be seen in people suffering from arteriosclerosis.


Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure


Conventional treatment contains diuretic medications. They eliminate excess salt and water from the blood. The doctor may also prescribe beta blockers, to decrease blood pressure.


As you can see, many essential oils for high blood pressure can have the same effect as these drugs.


There are two types of blood pressure:

  • Primary – Due to smoking, weight gain, stress, coffee, energizers, tea, drugs, medications, salt, etc.


  • Secondary – This type of hypertension is caused by other health problems. Hormonal imbalances, a narrow aorta (hereditary), kidney problems, arteriosclerosis, thyroid problems, etc.


A normal blood pressure is around 120 with 80 (120/80). The first number represents the systolic pressure – it’s the pressure of the blood pumped out from the heart. The second number represents the diastolic pressure. This is the blood pressure in the arteries between heart beats. This is also when the heart rests.


Any numbers higher than that range indicates prehypertension or high blood pressure. That is when you should consult the doctor.



Aromatherapy is well reputed for being able to induce relaxation, peace and calm. Hypertension needs a suitable lifestyle and careful medical attention. With these measures, essential oils for high blood pressure can decrease it and the heart rate effectively.


We have scientific research that proove their effects in this regard. Just make sure they don’t interact with any of the medication you were given, if it’s the case.


Have you experienced the oils’ beneficial effects so far? How did you feel after inhaling one? I’ll be looking forward to your comments.


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