Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

How Can Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Keep Your Oily Hair Clean and Beautiful

Oily hair is one of the most common problems that affect the majority of people. Too much sebum requires a proper hair care regimen to keep it under control. With Lemon Verbena essential oil you can benefit from a clean and shiny hair for a longer time. Check out all the info in this post for more details and blends!


Lemon verbena has a delicious citrusy fragrance with lots of benefits for the hair and scalp. This essence will clean and protect the scalp from numerous conditions. At the same time, it will also bring you much joy and pleasure while using it. The plant is full of beneficial qualities for the skin and mood.


Our main focus is getting rid of the oily appearance of your hair and its other conditions. You’ll find lots of details about the benefits and uses of the oil of Lemon Verbena in the following chapter.


As a bonus, you’ll also find blend recipes with this oil to help you start using it right away! You’ll see it’s not hard at all, and the rewards are well worth the small effort.


In the last chapter, you can indulge in more info about Lemon Verbena essential oil and its relatives. There are a couple of other types that are part of the same family. You should know a bit about them so you can buy the right oil. Of course, our oil has a few safety concerns too. I will give you all the necessary details for a safe use in the same chapter.



Did you know?

  • It was two Spanish professors who gave lemon verbena its Latin name. They also named it “the Princess’s herb” – in the honor of Maria Louisa, the princess of Asturias.


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil



How to Use Lemon Verbena Essential Oil to Care for Oily Hair, plus Mood-Enhancing Benefits


Botanical name: Aloysia citriodora (Aloysia triphylla or Lippia citriodora – an old Latin name)

Texture: thin oil.

Color and Aroma: pale yellow – greenish with a fresh, lemony scent.

Other names:  Lemon bee-brush, true Verbena, Verbena lemongrass, 3-leaves Verbena, Chile or Peru Verbena.


This aromatic oil is widely used for its pleasant fragrance and beneficial properties. The oily scalp especially, can benefit from all its qualities. It contains chemical compounds like:


  • (15 – 45%) Geraniol and Nerol. They have antimicrobial and tonic qualities. At the same time, these compounds cam also relieve local pain (antiseptic quality).


  • (25 – 27%) Citral. Gives the oil its strong citrusy scent and antibacterial qualities. It can also act as a mild sedative agent.


  • (5 -15%) Limonene. This compound is stimulant to all the vital processes and acts as an anti-tumor agent.


  • (3 – 10%) 1, 8 cineol (Eucalyptol). It is a strong antioxidant with antimicrobial qualities. It also has the ability to improve the oxygen supply to the blood (and brain).


All these chemical compounds work in a very complex synergy. This synergy delivers all their benefits in a simple application. As you can see, the qualities of Lemon Verbena essential oil are not only physical. Besides being able to protect the skin against bacteria and infections, it can also benefit your mood.


How? It can do it simply by inhaling the aromatic molecules. That’s when the tiny receptors in your nose will transmit signals to the brain. This one will then release neurotransmitters such as endorphin or serotonin. These substances and others are responsible for making you feel good.


Lemon Verbena is the perfect ingredient to use in hair care because it has a double use. While caring for your hair, you will also get to relax and unwind. It seems to me that a hair mask with our essence here can make a wonderful excuse for a few pleasant hours by yourself!


Oily hair is caused by an excess of sebum (natural oil) produced by the sebaceous glands. Usually, a moderate amount of sebum is a great sign. It means that your body is doing everything it can to keep your hair protected. The purpose of the sebum is to protect against bacteria, UV rays and other damaging external factors.


An excess of sebum however, indicates some sort of an imbalance. If left unattended to, your oily scalp will be the perfect environment for the Malassezia fungus. It causes a lot of dandruff. Men especially suffer from this condition, because their glands produce more sebum than women’s.


This fungus lives on the scalp but it can only thrive in an oily environment. Another bad aspect of oily scalp is the greasy hair that becomes so in a short while after washing it. That can be very frustrating for most people, no matter the age.


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil
Verbena officinalis (different plant, same family)


Before moving on to practical uses, you should know that using essential oils on your hair will not make it greasier! Essential oils get absorbed into the scalp, skin and hair roots very fast because they’re volatile. This means they evaporate fast; that’s how they can travel to the brain too.


If you’re not sure about this, try applying a drop or two of undiluted essential oil on your hand. You’ll see it will rapidly seep into the skin leaving it smooth but not oily. Only vegetable oils leave that oily, greasy film on the skin, because they contain fatty acids.


Now, let’s see how you can improve the aspect of your oily scalp and hair with Lemon Verbena essential oil.



  1. Balance the sebum production of your scalp.


Essential oils are also nourishing to the skin, not only vegetable oils. While using Lemon Verbena on your scalp, it will nourish your hair roots and scalp. That can balance the sebum production. The sebaceous glands produce a larger quantity of oil when they feel like the skin/scalp is too dry.


Commercial shampoos can strip your scalp of all its natural sebum. If you use natural ingredients on a regular basis, your skin won’t feel so dry anymore. Thus, it will produce only a moderate amount of sebum.


  • To balance the sebum production, I suggest adding 25 – 35 drops of Lemon Verbena oil into a gentle 3 Oz. shampoo. It can be homemade, or it can be bought. Just make sure it’s natural and plant-based to avoid drying out your scalp.


  • You can also add the same amount of EO drops in a conditioner and use normally.


  • For more volume, protection and less sebum you could apply a few drops of undiluted Lemon Verbena directly on the scalp. I suggest spreading your hair in more sections and applying one drop in each section. Then massage your whole scalp for a few seconds and leave it on for the night. In the morning, style your hair as you wish.



  1. Get rid of the dandruff and prevent it from re-appearing.


Treating the oiliness of your scalp will also prevent getting any more dandruff. But, to get rid of the existent one, you can do as I suggested in the previous point. Or you can also apply a weekly mask on your scalp and hair for a faster result.


The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the oil will destroy the fungus and maintain your scalp clean.



  • Lemon Verbena essential oil: 15 drops
  • Carrier oil: 2 tablespoons


The carrier oil you choose depends on the type of hair you have. Fine, silky and easy-to-break hair types do well with light textured oils. They can be Coconut, Macadamia, Hazelnut, or Hemp, etc. Thick, coarse hair does well with thicker oils like Castor, Olive or Jojoba.


Also, the quantity of oils you use depends on the length of your hair. Add 15 drops of EO per Oz. carrier (30 ml/2 tablespoons). Spread this mixture evenly on the scalp and the whole length of the hair. Leave it one at least an hour before washing it.



The vegetable oil may leave the hair greasy if you don’t wash it really well. It might be necessary to wash your hair 2 – 4 times until it squeaks. But trust me when I tell you that this small effort is well worth the result!


Your hair will feel light and untangled, and it will be very easy to style. It will also have a bit of volume and it will be extremely clean and dandruff-free. Not to mention how it will shine!


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil


  1. Strengthen your hair roots and give it back its shininess.


Using Lemon Verbena essential oil on your scalp will deliver many important nutrients to your hair follicles. Using natural hair care treatments with our oil or any other essential oil will help your hair become stronger.


It won’t break as easily and it will face the external damaging factors a lot easier too. If you must apply commercial styling products, they will not affect it as before. However, I suggest you keep using natural active ingredients for your hair.


You could make a simple conditioning spritz serum for hair from:

  • Peppermint hydrosol: 3 Oz (90 ml)
  • Peppermint Essential oil: 10 drops
  • Lemon verbena EO: 15 drops


The hydrosol is also known as floral water. It’s a byproduct of the steam distillation of the essential oil. Keep it in a spray recipient and shake well before use. Apply on the ends of your hair or its length for a shininess boost and protection, especially out in the sun.



  1. Help your hair grow faster and healthier.


Being astringent, the oil of Lemon Verbena can also stimulate the blood circulation underneath the scalp. That will result in a better oxygenated blood that can reach the hair roots and help it grow easier and faster.


Dandruff usually eats away the nutrients that the hair needs to grow. By taking care of it and the sebum production of your scalp, you can give your hair free pass to grow faster.



Apply regular masks on your hair and scalp twice a month or weekly. Warm the mixture of oils before applying them. Keep the blend on, under a shower cap to preserve that heat.


If you want, you can also wrap your head in a warm towel for more warmth. Heat opens up the pores and hair follicles, and facilitates the absorption of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil


  1. Get rid of scalp irritation and itching sensations.


Commercial styling products and dandruff can usually cause itchiness and irritation. The oil of Lemon Verbena has mild sedative and good anti-inflammatory properties. They can help with this specific problem.


You can apply a warm oil mask and calm down your scalp. Or, if you’re looking for a faster soothing effect, you can apply the spray recipe given above. You can also add some Frankincense EO drops or use it as hydrosol.


Don’t forget to use hair masks and active ingredients on a regular basis. Adding them in your usual shampoo can help you manage the condition of your oily hair a lot easier! On a long-term use, these hair care solutions will lead to the desired result. You will finally be able to enjoy a clean scalp and hair for a longer time than before!


Let’s not forget about the mood-enhancing effects of Lemon Verbena essential oil.  Using it in your hair care treatments is the best way to inhale its beneficial molecules. That will help you relax or calm down emotional spasms.



Did You Know?

  • In the 18th century, in England, lemon verbena was grown in all the greenhouses. It was also used in fragrant bouquets all around the country. The plant gained a merit award given by England’s Royal Horticultural Society.



What Sets Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Apart from Its Relatives, plus a Few Safety Words


The smell of Lemon Verbena is a refined and light, citrusy one. It makes this essence very sought after in the perfume industry. However, the oil is quite expensive to be used in cosmetics. That is because there are many other not so expensive options to use in cosmetics.


The reason why the aromatic essence of Lemon Verbena is so expensive is its low yield. For only 10 ml of essential oil there’s a need of 4 or 5 kilos of Lemon Verbena leaves and twigs! The essential oil is obtained through the steam distillation process.


This is a small shrub with long leaves that smell like lemon when they’re crushed. It likes high altitudes (2000 – 3000 meters) and it thrives in countries like Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.  But it has been grown in places like North Africa and France (Midi) too.


In the EU, all Verbena essential oils and most of their derivatives (oils, concretes, extracts, etc.) are prohibited as fragrance agents. Verbena absolutes are the only exception. Here’s the commission directive for this statement.


As an absolute, it can only be used in a 0, 2% concentration. That would be almost 2 drops in an ounce (30 ml) of carrier oil! They thought it was safer this way because of the oil’s potential to sensitize the skin. But that can happen only when used in large amounts.


That’s why it is always recommended to test the oil before the first use. Apply it diluted on the soft inside of your forearm and wait for at least 30 minutes or until the next day. That will give the skin plenty of time to react, and you will know whether it’s safe to use on the skin or not.


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil
Lemon Verbena tea leaves


Lemon Verbena is not to be confused with Verbena oil or Litsea Cubeba oil! They are all related plants, part of the Verbenaceae family, but they’re all different. Their essential oils have their own chemical profile with different benefits and properties.



Safe Use of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil


  • Always dilute the oil before applying it on the skin.
  • Test it for allergic reactions.
  • It is phototoxic, which means it can cause serious skin reactions when the skin is exposed to the sun. Avoid using this oil before sun bathing or traveling a long time in the sun.
  • Don’t apply Lemon Verbena essential oil around the nose, eyes, mouth and ears.
  • Avoid taking it internally without medical consent or if you suffer from kidney disease.


Even though this oil is more expensive than other common essences, it is so for a reason. You should try it at least once to see how it works for you. But generally speaking, being so high in citral and other chemical compounds makes it very useful for oily scalp and hair.


Plus, it’s so very easy to incorporate in your shampoos or hair care masks. As you can see, its benefits are so many that it can’t be overlooked.


Lemon Verbena essential oil is one of the best active ingredients that can clear your scalp and hair. It can also help it grow and relax you at the same time. What do you think of it so far? Would you use it if you get a chance?



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