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Feel Good! Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet Diffuser (FAQ & Reviews)

It is believed that when they’re open, the 7 chakras of the body keep you healthy and happy. Lava beads complete a chakra bracelet with a unique trait. That trait makes chakra bracelets great Aromatherapy oil diffusers. Wearing one can fill you up with energy and good mood, on a daily basis.

Here’s what you’ll be reading about in this post:

  • Frequently asked questions about lava stone chakra bracelets. Learn what they are and what their meaning is. See why lava stones are the best for a portable diffuser such as a bracelet. How they work, how can they stay open, and so on and so forth.
  • How to use a new lava bracelet for the best therapeutic effects.
  • A few chosen 7 chakra stone bracelet reviews. With pros and cons to help you decide which one is best for you.
  • Essential oil recipes for lava stone bracelets.


Chakra Bracelet Diffusers (FAQ and How to Use)


In a few Eastern beliefs, chakra bracelets have an important meaning. The main idea is that they can keep a person healthy and balanced. They’re also easy to wear and pretty enough to match with most outfits.


But where does Aromatherapy come in all this? Well, the use of lava stones makes it possible to wear a scented chakra bracelet. Plus, the essences used for fragrance are also known to have therapeutic effects.


Thus, the two combine great together in a bracelet, for the wellbeing of its wearer. Let’s see exactly what these bracelets are and how they work.


1) What is a diffuser bracelet?

A diffuser bracelet is a wrist jewelry that diffuses volatile essences. It doesn’t need batteries or to be plugged. There are beads or lockets that can disperse the scented molecules in the air around you.


A diffuser bracelet must contain an absorbent material, like lava rock beads or cotton pads. Depending on the essence used, the bracelet can have mood-enhancing benefits.


Chakra Bracelet and Lava rock beads strings


2) What are lava rocks and why are they used to make bracelets?

Lava rocks represent a type of volcanic rock, also known as an igneous rock. This rock is in fact molten rock that comes from the core of the earth.


It gets on the surface of the earth through volcano eruptions. The lava (or magma) of a volcano is the molten rock that cools off and solidifies.


Lava rocks are:

  • Irregular in shape.
  • Gray or black in color.
  • Porous (sponge-like texture).
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to shape into beads.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Inexpensive.


All these characteristics make lava rock a great material from which to shape out beads. These beads are then used in jewelry designs, especially in handmade jewelry.


With that sponge-like texture, lava beads can absorb aromatic substances like essential oils. This is why lava rocks are used in diffuser chakra bracelets.


3) How do diffuser bracelets work?

Without Aromatherapy, a lava rock diffuser bracelet would be just a simple bracelet. Pour some essential oils on it and it becomes the bearer of good mood. Make it yourself or buy it with the 7 chakra colors and it becomes a truly therapeutic bracelet.


Diffuser bracelets work at body temperature. Because of it, the oils absorbed into the beads evaporate. They will then emit beautiful scents that may last for hours. Every time you move your hand, you’ll be enveloped in the scent you chose that day.


Chakra Bracelet - 7 Chakra Body Energy Points


4) What is chakra and what is the meaning of the 7 chakra colors in a bracelet?

Chakra is the traditional Sanskrit name given to round, disk-like objects like the sun. Sanskrit is an Indian ancient and sacred language. Today, this word is a term that refers to spiritual centers in the body.


These centers are thought to be connection points of energy channels found in our bodies. Thus, there are 7 main chakras (points of energy channels) and a lot more other secondary chakras. These chakras regulate the flow of energy between different body parts.


They also regulate the energy exchange between the body and the earth, and the universe. Thus, the role of a 7 stone Chakra bracelet is to increase vitality and balance the flow of energies around a person. Its role is to also keep the 7 chakras open. This way, they can communicate and keep the body balanced and healthy.


It’s the colors that matter most in a Chakra bracelet, not the stones. Each color represents a different part of the body.


Each color in the bracelet regulates and manages the behavior of its wearer. Feelings and emotions are also regulated by chakras.


Here’s the “anatomy” of a chakra bracelet:

  1. The RED color – Earth Chakra (perineum area) a.k.a. Muladhara.
  2. The ORANGE color – Water Chakra (sacrum area) a.k.a. Svadhisthana.
  3. The YELLOW color – Fire Chakra (navel or belly button area) a.k.a. Manipura.
  4. The GREEN color – Air Chakra (heart area) a.k.a. Anahata.
  5. The BLUE color – Third Eye or Throat Chakra, a.k.a. Vishuddha.
  6. The VIOLET color – Spirit Chakra (eye area) a.k.a. Ajna.
  7. The PINK color – Vibration Chakra (brain area) a.k.a. Sahaswara.


There you have it. These colors need to be on a chakra bracelet to protect and restore the vitality, balance and health of a person. The meaning of a 7 chakra healing bracelet lays in its colors and the organs they represent.


5) Why use essential oils on your lava bead bracelet?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. They can be extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, resins, seeds, etc. Steam distillation collects the tiny molecules stored in special chambers in a plant.


By nature, these aromatic essences are volatile. This means they can evaporate (disperse) throughout the air. Heat speeds up this process, whether it’s from a diffuser or body temperature.


There are lots of studies that support the beneficial effects of essential oils. Aromatherapy acts on the nervous system and deals with stress, anxiety and depression. They can also lower the heart rate and decrease blood pressure.


But they can have the opposite effect too. It depends on the oil used and for how long it’s being diffused.


Essential oils can also purify the air and prevent viral infections. When applied topically, they can soothe pain and itching, swelling and redness, etc.


Inhalation is the best way of benefiting from as much oil molecules as possible. This way, you can get into your body between 50 – 70% of active essential oil molecules.


Wearing essential oils on a chakra bracelet is a good way of inhaling a lot of active molecules. These active molecules have the potential to help you through the day.


Chakra Bracelets and Aromatherapy oils


6) What are the best essential oils to wear on a lava rock bracelet?

There are over a hundred different essential oils out there. Many of them are extracted from aromatic herbs and spices. Some of them have very nice and interesting aromas (Cardamom, Ginger, etc.).


Others are more suited for medicinal use, rather than a perfume blend. Think of Oregano, Thyme, Eucalyptus, etc. Still, a drop or two in a blend can give it an interesting twist.


The most appropriate and common scents, however, are extracted from flowers. Some are harder to extract via steam vapors, so they use solvents. Solvent-extracted essences are called absolutes. Normally, absolutes can’t really be used in diffusers because they’re thick.


Absolutes can clog your diffusing device. But dropped on lava rock beads, they’re perfect. Absolutes have very intense fragrances also. Here are a few suggestions of absolutes and essential oils to wear on a lava rock diffuser bracelet:


  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Opopanax
  • Amber
  • Styrax
  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Copaiba
  • Bergamot
  • Sweet Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Cinnamon
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Etc.


You can find out more about various scents and combinations in this article here.


Chakra Bracelets and Essential Oils


7) How to use a diffuser bracelet?

It’s very easy to use a diffuser bracelet. All you need is a 7 chakra lava stone bracelet and a few favorite essential oils. Pour a drop or two of aromatic oil(s) on the lava beads.


The best lava beads to pour your oils on are those that touch the pulse. Leave the beads to dry on their own. Don’t speed up the drying process or you’ll speed up evaporation too. Wear the bracelet after it’s been well-dried. Be careful though, as some essential oils may stain.   


In touch with the skin (and pulse), the oils will emit a continuous scent, until there’s nothing left. Unfortunately, this kind of diffuser can’t be stopped. So, you have to use small amounts and refresh regularly.


Too much essential oil at once can numb your smell receptors really fast. They can also saturate the air, especially in an enclosed space, with no proper ventilation. This leads to nausea and headaches, among others.


To change the scent of your beads, clean your lava rock chakra bracelet. Use a simple mixture of vinegar and water.


Mix 50ml water with a teaspoon of vinegar. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe the beads clean. Avoid keeping them in water, or if you do, take them out fast. Water can deteriorate the porous lava rock.


Best Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet Aromatherapy Diffuser (Reviews)


Now it’s time to get to know your first or next chakra lava bead bracelet. I’ve found a few good looking ones that use the right colors of the chakras.


I’ll be talking about their pros and cons in the following paragraphs. So hopefully, you’ll find what you need to know about them in my reviews here. If you have questions, as always I’ll look forward to answering them.


1) Vitality Extracts – 7 Chakra Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet (Review)

Chakra Bracelet - Vitality Extracts


  • Made with real lava stones.
  • All chakras are represented in the bracelet.
  • It has approximately 19 cm (7.48 inches) in length.
  • The outer circumference is 7 – 7.5 inches (18 – 19 cm)
  • The beads are mounted on a durable stretch cord.
  • The metal rings are alloy.
  • Vitality Extracts guarantees satisfaction with every order.
  • The weight of the package is 1.12 ounces (32 grams).
  • The dimensions of the package are 3.3 x 2 x 0.4 inches (8 x 5 x 1 cm).
  • About 70% of the Vitality Extracts bracelet reviews are positive.



  • The amber stone is synthetic, and so are the other colored beads.
  • The bracelet is not available in stores.
  • The chakra bracelet is not resizable. It may be too big for small sized wrists.
  • The stretch cord may stretch out on long-term use, especially if it’s fixed on the wrist.


Why I like it:

It’s lightweight and the colors are great. The Vitality Extracts Chakra bracelet makes a great gift idea for teenagers and adults alike.

Check Price 


2) Lava Rock Bead Essential Oil Diffuser – 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet (Review)

Chakra Bracelet - 2 in 1 Lava Rock Bead Essential Oil Diffuser


  • This chakra bracelet is handmade with genuine lava beads and chakra gemstones.
  • The gemstones used are semi-precious stones. They’re amethyst, blue agate, aquamarine, green agate, citrine, tiger eye, red onyx, sapphire, lapis lazuli, garnet, etc.
  • The size of this bracelet is 7.5 – 8.5 inches (19 – 22 cm) that fit most wrists.
  • There’s a promotion going on that offers you 2 bracelets for the price of 1.
  • The stretch band is comfort fit.
  • The product comes in a gift bag.
  • It’s unisex.
  • The seller offers a 60-day warranty. Contact them for any trouble and they will replace the bracelet within this timeframe.
  • The metal used is brass.
  • The height and weight of the stones are 8 millimeters.


  • The elastic band can stretch out and become loose on the wrist. Luckily, the company will replace it with a new one, should that happen.


Why I like it:

I like this chakra essential oil bracelet because it can be worn every day. The company makes sure their products can withstand everyday use. Handmade jewelry is usually very good quality and well-made. Luckily, that is the case with this Lava Rock Bead Essential Oil Diffuser too.

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3) Mystiqs Lava Rock Beaded Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser (Review)

Chakra Bracelet - Mystiqs Lava Rock Beaded Bracelet


  • This lava stone chakra bracelet is also unisex.
  • It measures 6 – 7 inches (15 – 18 cm) on a stretching elastic band.
  • There are more than 75% positive reviews for this lava bracelet.



  • Some customers complained the lava rocks were not absorbent enough. Be careful though, a small bead can’t absorb a lot of oil. That’s why it’s recommended to use a drop only on each bead.
  • The elastic band can, once again, stretch out and become loose.


Why I like it:

The seller recommends wearing it anywhere. It can be worn at work, at the gym, while shopping, and so on. The bracelet is a good way of managing your emotions and well-being.

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Essential Oil Recipes for Lava Stone Chakra Bracelets

Once you’ve decided which bracelet you’re going to wear, you can start experimenting with your scents. You can make a perfume blend, from which to pour a few drops on the beads.


Or you can use several essential oils, a drop from each, on more lava rocks. It’s totally up to you! Here are some essential oil recipes to try for inspiration:


Lava Bead Bracelet Perfume Blend

You’ll need:

  • Rose essential oil: 10 drops
  • Sweet Orange essential oil: 20 drops
  • Amber essential oil: 8 drops


Mix these oils together in an empty essential oil bottle. Pour 1 – 3 drops of this mixture onto the lava rocks of your bracelet. Take it with you to refresh the perfume throughout the day.


This blend is meant to relax your mind and ease the tension out of your muscles. It is great for a warm, romantic atmosphere.


Chakra Bracelet Semi-Precious Gemstones
Semi-precious gemstones for chakra bracelets.


Sweet Holidays Blend for Lava Bead Chakra Bracelets

You’ll need:

  • Sweet Orange essential oil: 15 drops
  • Balsam Fir essential oil: 6 drops
  • Cinnamon essential oil: 6 drops
  • Vanilla extract: 3 drops


Although they smell lovely, these essences can also purify the air. Thus, wearing this blend on your wrist will decrease the chances of viral respiratory infections. It’s a very uplifting blend to wear on your chakra bracelet.


Floral & Fresh Lava Rock Perfume Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Bergamot essential oil: 20 drops
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 10 drops
  • Jasmine absolute: 3 drops
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil: 3 drops


This blend here is great for summer days or when you miss summer too much. It’s light and fresh, and very uplifting. You’ll cheer up and feel more relaxed when you’ll inhale these oils together.



Jewelry is simply great to wear, no matter what it is. Luckily, most chakra bracelets are unisex and can be worn every day too. They can be worn with almost any type of casual clothing, even when going for a run.


The fact that they’re made with lava rock beads and allow the use of essential oils makes them even more efficient. Body temperature starts the slow and gentle diffusion of the oils when they touch your skin. Don’t use too much though! And make sure the oils can be used for your condition to reap only their benefits, without side effects.

Have you found your next new 7 chakra lava rocks bracelet yet? Have you ever used one, and if so, did you have a pleasant experience?


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