Hemp Oil for Pain Management

Hemp Oil for Pain Management (Pros and Cons of CBD, plus Recipes)

Pain and inflammation are your body’s natural response to harmful stimuli. Since nobody lives in a bubble, pain is part of our daily lives. Today, there are many natural alternatives to painkillers. One of them is the oil of Hemp. Interested in the how and why of using Hemp oil for pain management?


Here’s what you’ll learn from this article:

  • Every important aspect of Hemp oil. Things like composition, benefits and pros and cons will help you understand the oil’s benefits better.
  • Knowing how to use the oil of Hemp can guide you towards enjoying its benefits safely.
  • The oil is also known as CBD oil. You will learn how to use it in some of the most common painful conditions. I will also write a Hemp oil recipe for each condition to give you the inspiration you need.
  • The difference between Hemp oil and other hemp extracts. None of the plant’s parts are wasted, and because of that, there are many hemp oils and extracts on the market. Luckily, depending on the situation, if you want you can use them all.
  • Finally, I will end the article with a few words about the side effects of Hemp oil. Luckily, it’s nothing serious, but some things need to be said and acknowledged.


Hemp Oil for Pain Management


Benefits, Pros and Cons, Dosage and How to Use Hemp Oil for Pain


The human body can be very tough and resistant. It has many aces up its sleeve, so to speak. It can survive and function in the most unbelievable situations (e.g.: minus a few limbs or organs).


Nonetheless, when certain pathogens attack, the response of the body is always inflammation.


Inflammation provides protection from infections and further complications. Inflammation leads to pain. But this pain is also the first signal after which we can tell that something’s wrong.


Of course, if one sustains physical injuries or trauma, he will know something’s wrong. But when viruses attack, inflammation is the only way of knowing about it.


The inflammation process is quite complex. It involves many interactions between cells and mediators. The role of an inflammation is to kill the pathogens and repair the damaged tissue. Unfortunately, this can be done only with some damage to the affected tissue. Some cells will be casualties in this battle.


The best example I can give you is an acne cyst. It gets infected and painful, but after it passes, the area remains red and traumatized. Inflammation causes hyperpigmentation. That’s the best your body can do without help. That’s what we call scars.


With help, however, the tissue gets the nutrients and fatty acids it needs to regenerate completely. This help comes from certain types of natural oils like Hemp.


The symptoms of an inflammation are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Heat
  • Loss of function
  • Itchiness


Pain can be acute or chronic. The first usually passes within a few hours, while the latter may need a long time treatment and care. In most cases, that usually comes from medical care.


Luckily, there are many types of chronic pain that can be soothed with Hemp. Using Hemp oil for pain is simple and you can get creative too.


But first, let’s see what makes this oil so special, and why it is so popular in pain management.



Hemp Oil Specifications


Botanical name: Cannabis sativa

Color: dark green

Viscosity: medium thickness, fluid and very penetrating.

Scent: mildly spicy and herbaceous, like freshly-cut grass.

Comedogenic rating: 0

Hemp oil is non-comedogenic, which makes it great for oily and combination skin types.


To clarify some terms, I will start by saying that cannabis is the botanical name of the plant. Hemp is one variety of cannabis that is very low in THC – TetraHydroCannabinol. This is the substance that gives the plant its psychotropic effects.


THC works in a perfect synergy with CBD – cannabidiol. THC is not legal, while CBD is. There are many studies on the effects of these two major constituents.


Those findings led to making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. There are over 60 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, THC and CBD are just two of them. They are also among the most studied cannabinoids.


Nothing goes to waste! Every single part of the plant is used one way or another. That’s why today, there are many hemp oils and extracts, most of them legal. What makes them legal and very beneficial to our health is the CBD they contain. CBD alone does not have any psychotropic effects.


In other words, you’ll never get high while using Hemp oil. But CBD does have a lot of beneficial effects on the human body. It is especially good for inflammation and pain. That makes the choice of using Hemp oil for pain relief a very good one.


Hemp Oil for Pain Management
Hemp rope


There are fiber plants and there are drug plants. The fiber plants are used for the production of fibers such as ropes and fabrics. They are also used for fuel, car parts, and so on. During that process, people can also obtain a type of Hemp oil.


Hemp oil is the simple and common term for Hemp seed oil! It is extracted by cold press from the seeds of the cannabis plant. The hemp seeds don’t produce cannabinoids on their own.


Nonetheless, while being processed, contamination with the resin and the leaves of the cannabis sativa plant can and usually does occur.


The CBD in the seeds is always higher than THC. The latter actually is found in such a trace amount, it can barely be said it exists. The CBD is legal, while THC is not!


An analysis was performed on Hemp seed oils bought from health food stores.  They analyzed the oils pure (un-spiked) and spiked with THC and CBD. The un-spiked oils showed low levels of CBD in their composition. You can check the link yourself to see the graphics and results.


Therefore, unless otherwise specified, all Hemp seed oils should contain small amounts of CBD. This compound, plus the balance between Omegas 3:6 make the oil very good for pain and inflammation.


  • Besides its ability to lower the inflammation, CBD can also reduce nausea, seizures, and anxiety.
  • CBD can also act as anti-tumor agent.
  • It also has strong antioxidant effects. This is an important quality that could help improve or prevent neurodegenerative disorders.



Did You Know?

  • The human body produces CBD naturally. Our endocannabinoid system creates this chemical substance. To help our bodies fight diseases and inflammation, we can supplement the CBD from plants. The best source is of course, hemp.


There is also an essential oil extracted by steam distillation. They steam-distill the flowers and the leaves of the plant. This oil is volatile and contains only traces of cannabinoids.


The essential oil of Hemp has many impressive health and beauty benefits. Its pungent scent makes the oil good for perfume blends as well. Cannabinoids are a specific class of constituents that make cannabis sativa what it is.


Hemp oil or Hempseed oil is one of the richest oils in existence. It is among the very few that contain an ideal ratio of Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid). It also contains Omega 9 (oleic acid).


These are all polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body needs to function.


Omegas 3 and 6 have an opposing effect. The first is anti-inflammatory, while the latter is pro- inflammatory. Our diets give us a lot more Omega 6 (linoleic acid), and that leads to many modern diseases.


Scientists discovered that an Omega 6:Omega 3 ratio of 3:1 can prevent inflammations like rheumatoid polyarthritis.


Hemp oil or CBD hemp oil for pain is thus a just choice for pain management. The essential fatty acids it contains:


  • Help the body create some molecules called eicosanoids.
  • Eicosanoids help the body control and balance the level of pain and the body temperature.


The oil also contains powerful antioxidants like vitamins A, E and F. The latter is also an essential fatty acid that derives from both Omega 3 and 6. This process is a lot more complicated than this, and you could learn more about it here.


Nonetheless, the main idea is that Hemp oil is great for inflammation and pain management in general.  


Hemp Oil for Pain Management


How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Pain Relief


Hemp seed is a vegetable oil that’s highly nutritious and emollient. It absorbs fast, which means it can get to the aching area and start lowering the inflammation. Thus, it can speed up the healing process.


Vegetable oils are also called carrier oils. They’re very good dispersers for essential oils. There are many essential oils out there that can soothe pain-related conditions.


If you mix Hemp seed oil with any of the anti-inflammatory essential oils, you’ll get very potent blends. Those blends can help with a better management of pain.


  • There is no established dosage for Hemp oil, especially for internal use. That should be given by a doctor or pharmacologist.


A correct dosage depends on the age, the sex and the overall condition of the patient.


You can apply a moderate amount of CBD Hemp oil topically, on the affected area and massage it in. You’ll have to keep the area warm so the oil can penetrate deeper and faster. Pain responds well to heat.


  • Depending on the final goal, Hemp oil can be mixed with other carriers too.


You can also apply band aids soaked in Hemp oil. They should be changed every 2 – 4 hours. But by far, the most efficient way of Using Hemp seed oil for pain relief is in a blend. Choose your favorite essential oils for pain and mix them together.


In 1 Oz (30 ml) carrier oil, you can add up to 30 drops of essential oil. These are the most concentrated serums, which I only recommend for chronic pain. Moreover, this type of pain should make you visit your doctor right away.


  • You should never attempt to diffuse Hemp oil for pain! It does not contain volatile molecules, and it will end up clogging the diffuser.


CBD Hemp oil can also be added to salads or taken internally. However, for the right dosage here you must talk to a doctor first.



CBD Hemp Oil for Pain Relief. Blends and Recipes for Pain Management


After learning about the properties and benefits of CBD Hemp seed oil, I’ll continue with some guidelines. Hopefully, they’ll help you put everything you learned into practice.


You’ll be reading about the most common pain-related diseases and conditions. For each, I’ll be giving you a simple Hemp oil recipe to help you manage your pain in a natural way.



Hemp oil for Neuropathy/Nerve Pain


Neuropathy and nerve pain are both nerve damage conditions. At some point in life, every person will suffer some kind of nerve damage. It has multiple causes. Some of them can be too much sugar in the blood, alcohol, obesity, a vitamin deficiency, diseases, etc.


Nerves can be found all over our bodies and brains. This is a type of pain that starts fast and becomes more violent by the hour. It can also come back, and each time in a different area.


Using Hemp oil for this kind of chronic pain can help soothe it and even prevent it. Here’s a useful, practical blend recipe:


Hemp Oil Pain Killer Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Hemp oil: 2 Oz (60ml)
  • Wintergreen essential oil: 30 drops


Shake the bottle well before each use. Apply a moderate amount on the painful area with mild massage movements. Keep the area warm for at least half an hour. Repeat as necessary. The treatment should not last more than a week.



CBD Hemp Oil for Inflammation


I’ve explained to you how inflammation is your body’s defense mechanism. Regardless of its cause, this process is a very complex one. Naturally, you want to make sure the body has all the support it needs to fight all sorts of inflammations.


That includes the most severe ones too. For that you’ll have to use essential fatty acids and antioxidants. They can all come from the use of Hemp or CBD Hemp seed oil.


You can use it for anything, from minor bruises and cuts, to surgery and various diseases.


Anti-Inflammatory CBD Hemp Oil Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Hemp oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Helichrysum (Immortelle) essential oil: 15 drops
  • Cistus essential oil: 15 drops


Shake the blend well each time before use. That is to activate the essential oil molecules faster. Apply on the inflammation several times a day until it passes. Keep applying a few more days afterwards to ensure a complete healing.


Hemp Oil for Pain Management


Hemp Seed Oil for Back Pain


There are lots of muscles and nerves on the back. A lifetime of bad habits can lead to back pain.


Some of them are a wrong posture while sitting, and/or lifting weights and straining your back muscles instead of using the legs. There are also sports injuries or other strains and accidents that can cause this type of pain.


They’re all caused by inflammation, either in the joints, muscles, discs or nerves. You should go to the doctor first to see what the exact cause is. As an alternative pain relief, with or without medication, you can use a Hemp oil blend.


Hemp Oil Back Pain Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Hemp seed oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Birch essential oil: 15 drops
  • Frankincense essential oil: 10 drops


Apply a moderate amount all over the aching area several times a day or every time you feel the need. Using Hemp oil for back pain relief topically, may prove to be what you were looking for.


Especially if you mix it with all those potent anti-inflammatories. It can be a natural and pleasant method of relieving back pain. It is the inhalation that makes this remedy pleasant.



Hemp Oil for Migraines and Headaches


Whether they’re localized in a certain part of the brain, or they affect the whole brain, migraines or headaches are never fun. The pain they cause can last for days. They can also be very severe and disable a person.


If these headaches or migraines come back on a regular basis, you should go to the doctor immediately. Pain is a warning that something’s not right. Otherwise, the usual causes may be a low blood pressure, not eating, not hydrating enough, a lack of sleep, etc.


When this happens, keep a small roll-on bottle with a Hemp oil blend readily prepared.


Headache or Migraine Relief with Hemp Oil for Pain

You’ll need:

  • Hemp seed oil: 10 ml
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 7 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil: 3 drops


Shake the blend really well before use. Apply a very small amount on the temples and back of the neck. Massage the lotion well into the skin and then cup your hands and inhale deeply. These oils will all act on the inflammation, improve the circulation and oxygen and uplift your mood.



CBD Hemp Seed Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Joint Pain


Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. It can affect just the joints, or it can also affect the skin, the eyes and even the blood vessels and heart.


On a long term, if left untreated, this disease may cause the joints to become deformed by eroding the bones. The inflammation that comes with it may affect other areas of the body too. Especially if they’re already weakened.


Scientists discovered that a 2:1 – 3:1 ratio of Omega 6:Omega 3 can actually suppress the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis.


In this case, you should make sure your diet is well-balanced with omega 3s and use Hemp oil for rheumatoid arthritis in all your blends.


Hemp Seed Oil Recipe for Joint Health and Arthritis

You’ll need:

  • Hemp oil: 2 Oz (60ml)
  • Birch essential oil: 20 drops
  • Frankincense essential oil: 30 drops


Apply a moderate amount of this blend on the aching area, but don’t press directly on the joints. Repeat at least 4 times a day for a week, followed by a 5-day break. You should also visit your doctor to clear out any further complications.


Hemp Oil for Pain Management


Hemp Oil for Varicose Veins


Varicose veins are basically enlarged veins. They can be seen mostly on the legs and sometimes they can be related to circulatory problems. While for some this is an aesthetic problem only, for others varicose veins can be very painful.


The use of Hemp seed oil for pain relief due to varicose veins can help with:

  • The heaviness in the legs.
  • The swelling.
  • The pain.
  • The visibility of the enlarged and/or small veins.


In other words, you can use the CBD oil to manage the pain and the looks caused by varicose veins.


Varicose Veins Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Hemp oil: 1 ½ Oz (45ml)
  • Immortelle essential oil: 20 drops
  • Cypress essential oil: 20 drops


Apply this blend daily. You can reapply it before bed or as many times as you feel necessary. The results will start showing, but you’ll have to give it some time. Though, some people say the pain decreased within a few days use.



Is There a Difference between CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Other Hemp Extracts?


Even though I’ve explained to you how all the parts of the Cannabis sativa plant are used, I feel like I should insist a bit longer on this matter.


CBD oil, Hemp oil and Hemp seed oil are all one product. They’re extracted from the seeds of the plant by mechanical pressure (cold pressed). That’s why topical Hemp oil is so beneficial for inflammation and pain.


It is also very good in skin care and hair care. Some studies showed impressive effects on acne for instance. But this will be the subject of another article.


There are many different varieties of Cannabis plants. Hemp is the only one that contains a very low amount of cannabinoids. Hemp is also the legal cousin of marijuana.


The usual cannabis strains have been specifically grown to produce very low levels of THC. This substance is what induces the high in marijuana. Industrial hemp is what gives us all the cannabis extracts that are so beneficial for the skin and health.


Of course, there can also be exceptions. Some Hemp oils are extracted from other cannabis varieties, which are high in THC.


Those are not legal and you should inform yourself very well before buying. The best proof of what it contains is the GC-MS report of that specific CBD Hemp oil. You should ask the seller for this report, as it;s your right to know this information. 


Powders, concentrated syrups, Hemp oils or even essential oils are all extracted from the industrial hemp. If they’re cold pressed from the seeds of the plant, they’ll be vegetable or carrier oils



Hemp Oil Side Effects


Generally speaking, using Hemp seed oil for pain relief has no side effects. Or at least there is none known so far. Nonetheless, the use of large quantities in general, will always affect the body somehow.


  • The oil should be tested for allergic reactions on a small skin area before widespread use.
  • Hemp oil can become toxic only if consumed in very large quantities (6 – 9 liters/202 – 304 fl. Oz).
  • If you intend to take Hemp seed oil orally, I recommend you talk to a doctor first. He should be able to give you the proper dosage and the duration of your treatment.
  • The oil of Hemp seeds is very sensitive to light and air. It can spoil and become rancid very fast. Because of that, after opening, it should be kept in the fridge. Otherwise, keep it in its original bottle, in a dry and dark place.


As you can see, there are not many side effects for Hemp oil. This makes it wonderful to use in any pain relief blends you might want to try.



The benefits of Hemp seed oil are way beyond most other vegetable oils. With its ideal Omega 6:3 ratio it can do so much good to your body. It is usually very safe to use, even though it may a bit a difficult to find a good quality oil.


Please make sure you read the labels and specifications of all the products you see before buying. There are always those who alter their products for more profit.


Don’t be afraid to ask the seller all the questions you need answers for. They have to give you access to any vital information about the product you’re interested in.


Have you ever used Hemp oil for pain so far? What did you think of it and what other oils did you mix it with? I’m looking forward to your comments, questions and experiences so don’t be shy!



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