15 Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin and How to Prevent Any Further Damage

Sometimes, developing a sensitive skin is just a matter of time. Our skin suffers greatly each day. It’s mostly because of a hectic work schedule and so many aggressive external factors. The good news is that you can take care of it without too much effort. Using specific essential oils for sensitive skin you can improve it. But you can also prevent further damage.


It’s great to know your sensitive skin has a lot of options among essential oils. I will help you figure out whether your skin is sensitive or not, and if the cause is something you can change. The causes of sensitive skin are usually easy to find and avoid.


There are a few skin irritants among essential oils. After reading this article you will be able to recognize and avoid them. That way you can maintain a healthy, balanced skin without having to worry anymore.


To make it even easier for you, you’ll find here a list of 15 essential oils for sensitive skin. They can be used in all sorts of blends. Blends meant to treat, prevent and improve all itchiness, redness and irritation.


Your skin is a visible sign of communication. When you blush or shiver your skin betrays your emotions. Also, when your skin is in bad shape it means something’s not exactly right with your body. All those are messages that urge you to take action.


Let’s begin by understanding each type of complexion, and what you can do to meet its needs.



Did You Know?



What type of complexion do you have? Diagnose your skin correctly



Each type of skin has its own series of problems and causes. A sensitive skin can react to too many factors. The causes of sensitive skin can be anything from food, weather and allergic reactions. But pets, skincare and household products can also trigger skin sensitivity.


The signs of sensitive skin may vary from:

  • Itchiness
  • Blotches
  • Redness
  • Stinginess
  • Rashes
  • Breakouts


Sensitive skin may easily get irritated and create a general discomfort.


You must first analyze your habits, diet and all the products you use to see which one triggers a reaction. Once you know the cause of your sensitivity, you can then start taking measures.


It’s important you do all this monitoring for a while, until you get a reaction so you know what triggers it and what to do in the future. All this will also help you prevent any further damage to you skin in the coming years.


How to prevent further damage to your sensitive skin:


  • Know that skin conditions like rosacea or eczema may also sensitize your skin.
  • Where possible, try to avoid using the irritant that causes your skin to react. Or simply eliminate it from your routine.
  • Avoid facial scrubbing while treating your skin.
  • Don’t use alcohol-based products.
  • And also, don’t use products with fragrances or perfume.
  • Hydrate, soothe and calm your skin with only the gentlest natural products. For ex: Aloe Vera gel, Rose essential oil, Neroli floral water etc.


The other skin types are:


Normal skin – is somewhat rare these days. It is perfectly balanced and has no imperfections. The range of skincare products is wide, and the options are almost endless.


Dry skin – often suffers from dehydration and a lack of elasticity. This type of skin reacts badly to temperature changes. It can even crack. Unfortunately, in time it tends to become worse.


Combination skin – is not easy to satisfy its needs. It’s dry on the exterior and oily/greasy on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).


Oily skin – it has dilated pores and it’s very shiny because the sebum production is quite high. It also has an irregular aspect with imperfections. The positive aspect of this skin type is that it faces aging a lot better. That happens because the skin is always protected by sebum.


Acne skin – because of the high sebum production the pores clog, and the skin gets inflamed. That’s how acne appears. All treatments for this type of skin must be applied locally, and pay extra care to its hygiene.


Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin

Funny Tip:

Some people consider that all essential oils for sensitive skin can double their efficiency. That happens during an ascending moon. The first half of the year, each month for 27 days; that’s how long the cycle of the moon lasts.


During this time you can use essential oils for a more powerful effect. You can use this period of time to deeply soothe your sensitive skin and restore its protective film. You would do it anyway, but it’s fun to know this extra bit on the moon’s cycle.



Did You Know?

  • The body’s temperature is regulated by skin. The skin reacts to extreme heat through perspiration to cool the body down. In case of extreme cold, all blood vessels found in the skin tighten. They tighten to limit the warm blood flowing only toward the vital organs and prevent heat loss.



What You Should Know About Skin Irritants



We’ll soon get to the part where I present you all essential oils for sensitive skin. But first, I must tell you about those that are called skin irritants. What are those? They are substances that cause the skin to react and become irritated.


Sensitive skin is more prone to skin irritations than other skin types. If we add to that a few potential allergies, you get many essential oils that can act as a threat to your sensitive skin.


People with sensitive skin, or other skin types must be aware of the following:


  • Always make sure you perform an allergy test before using any new oil or blend.
  • Make sure you know those essential oils that cause serious skin sensitization.
  • And try to use a very small quantity of essential oils that cause sun sensitivity. Or simply avoid them. I’m talking about citrus oils in general.
  • Stop the use of any blend or oil that you suspect is a skin irritant or sensitizer.


Some essential oils have very powerful constituents. Those constituents can damage the outer layer of the skin. Here is an alphabetized list of essential oils that shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin:



Basil, Bay, Benzoin



Cassia & Cinnamon, Clove, Citronella and Cumin



Fir and Fennel






Lemon, Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass



Oak Moss, Oregano and Orange



Peppermint and Pine



Thyme (red and white)





Citrus oils that cause sun sensitivity can only be used at night, before going to bed. Otherwise, you shouldn’t get out in the sun uncovered for at least 12 hours after applying them on your skin.


Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin

Did You Know?

  • Skin varies in thickness. The thinnest is on the eye lids (0.2 mm) and the thickest is on the feet (1.4 mm).



15 Recommended Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin


You’ve just diagnosed your skin and made sure it’s sensitive. And hopefully, you’ve found out the cause of that sensitivity too. Now it’s time you knew all the essential oils that are recommended in a sensitive skin treatment.


Let’s see which essential oils for sensitive skin you can use and why:


  1. Geranium essential oil – its main function is to tighten the skin. And to prevent it from sagging. It heals the cuts and scrapes, and also heals all types of scars.


  1. Sandalwood essential oil – it protects the skin from infections. It also has a cooling effect on the irritated skin. It can relieve almost all types of inflammation. It has mild anti-aging effects because it’s astringent (tightens the skin). It also soothes the damaged skin and helps it heal faster. Sandalwood is one of the best essential oils for sensitive skin.


  1. Lavender essential oil – it has high anti-inflammatory properties. It can treat or improve psoriasis, eczema, acne, wrinkles etc. It also speeds up the healing process of scars and wounds. Lavender works great in combination with Chamomile essential oils against eczema.


  1. Neroli essential oil – it’s great in treating acne scars and all other scars. It has strong germ-killing effects and protects the skin against bacteria. It’s relieving and helps creating new and healthy cells. It deeply soothes the skin and adds a nice glamor to it. It also balances the oil production and keeps the skin properly moisturized. Neroli is another great essential oil for sensitive skin.


  1. Tea Tree essential oil – has great antibacterial properties. It can protect from infections and keep away germs and bacteria. It is effective against dermatitis. It also helps producing new cells and speeds up the healing process.


Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin


  1. Roman and German Chamomile essential oils – these two essential oils for sensitive skin have similar properties. But they are different in composition. They can disinfect the skin, killing all bacteria. They can diminish or treat all scars, and relieve the pain and itchiness. They can also tone up the skin. The two varieties of Chamomile are anti-allergenic. That makes them really safe for sensitive skin.


  1. Rose essential oil – it’s great at sedating inflammation pain. It can also protect against all types of viruses. It can lift the skin and tighten it. Rose oil is a great anti-age product, very good for sensitive skin. It can also treat scars, and make the skin shine and look younger.


  1. Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil – is a great disinfectant and virus killer. It is gentle to the skin while deeply cleansing it.


  1. Black Pepper essential oil – made it to this list because it’s a safe essential oil. It can be taken internally, in small doses with no serious side effects. It has antibacterial properties and it is rich in nutrients that can do your sensitive skin a lot of good. Most importantly, it protects against premature aging effects. All that while helping to heal other skin damage too.


  1. Helichrysum essential oil – is one of the best essential oils for sensitive skin. It’s anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory. These properties make it safe for sensitive skin. It soothes the skin and the body, and relieves from pain caused by inflammation. It also helps healing wounds and scars. Ultimately, it helps the skin keep all the moisture inside and makes it soft.


  1. Mastic essential oil – the plant is related to pistachio. It’s great at maintaining the tissue’s integrity. And it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also cleanses the skin on a deep level.


  1. Rosewood essential oil – relieves mild pains caused by inflammations. It can rejuvenate and revive the skin, making it look fresh and young. Very effective against many skin diseases and wrinkles.


  1. Annual Tansy essential oil (Blue Tansy) – it has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s anti-allergenic too. It can improve or treat damaged, irritated or inflamed skin. Make sure you don’t use more than a 5% dilution because it can interact with drugs.


  1. Grapefruit essential oil – it has a high concentration of vitamin C. That makes it precious to any type of skin. It protects against premature aging signs and tissue degeneration. It’s a very good disinfectant and treats acne. It gives a very refreshing and cooling feeling. This oil can cause skin irritation. But only if you expose yourself to sunlight within 12 hours after using Grapefruit oil.


  1. Jasmine essential oil – it kills germs and bacteria. And it can treat or improve most scars and fat-cracks. It is very useful in treating dehydrated skin. It can help improve dermatitis and eczema, but use only in a very small, diluted dose. It can have potential allergenic effects and irritate the skin if the dose is not respected.


You can make your own aromatherapy blend and use some of the above mentioned essential oils for sensitive skin. It’s only a matter of time until you’ve found the right blend of essential and carrier oils.


But once you’ve found it you can rest easy knowing that from now on you will be able to keep your sensitive skin safe. At the same time you can also prevent further damage to your sensitive skin.


You now know the essential oils you must keep away from or avoid when you have sensitive skin. That will make it easier to narrow down what works for your skin and what doesn’t. The important thing is that you have many essential oils for sensitive skin to choose from.


Your skin will look and feel healthy and radiant. You might have had a really tough time dealing with your sensitive skin before. But that will go away, especially after using your favorite essential oils blends for sensitive skin for a longer period of time.


Do you have sensitive skin? What sort of essential oils or blend do you use for it?



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