Essential Oils for Gum Health

13 Aromatic Essential Oils for Gum Health and Naturally Whiter Teeth

Oral hygiene is extremely important. We know that from when we were kids. But are we aware of the real reasons why we have to brush our teeth twice a day? Dentists cost a lot these days and an aching tooth could mean a big financial effort. Talking to you about essential oils for gum health and whiter teeth hopefully will save you a great deal of money.


Taking care of your teeth and gums in a natural way is not expensive. Plus, it is also easier and non-invasive. Bad breath, aching teeth, inflamed gums… They all happen to each of us, at some point. It’s only natural since the mouth is an open portal for all sorts of bacteria.


Read on to learn a few tricks on how to prevent or improve certain dental problems. Learn about 13 of the best essential oils for gum health that can help you have your teeth clean and free of dental plaque.


I’m sure you’re interested in seeing how well the essential oils work for your gums and teeth. And you can see for yourself after making your own mouth wash! Or you can make your own toothpaste with just a few natural ingredients.


Did You Know?

  • George Washington wore dentures. The teeth of animals like hippos, walruses or cows helped make his dentures.



Essential Oils for Gum Health

The Importance of Oral Hygiene and Gum Diseases to Be Aware Of


Unfortunately, the mouth is full of bacteria and if you don’t clean it regularly, you risk serious health issues. Some studies show that periodontal diseases (PD) seem to be connected with cardiovascular diseases. Especially after the age of 50.


Infections in the mouth can reach your blood. The blood is just a taxi for the bacteria that travels through the body. Bacteria can locate on any organs and cause inflammations.


It is important to see a dentist at least once a year and wash your teeth twice a day. But disaster can strike through a sore tooth, a gum pocket or an infection. And that’s just the beginning of endless procedures and money spent at the dentist’s.


Dental procedures can cost thousands of dollars. Dollars you could save up when using essential oils for your teeth and gums.


Essential oils are a natural remedy against inflamed gums. But they can also prevent or improve tooth aches and stained or yellow teeth. It is no longer a secret that essential oils can do a few impressive things in our benefit.


For the more skeptical, there are many recent studies that show exactly how certain essential oils can influence the mood of a person. And how they can also treat various skin and health conditions.


Most oral diseases and conditions can be reversed through natural remedies. The only one that can’t be reversed is the chronic periodontitis.


A gum disease is usually recognized after:

  • Swollen, irritated or inflamed gums.
  • Bleeding gums from the contact with the toothbrush.
  • Retracted gums.
  • Losing teeth.
  • Gum pockets.
  • Persistent bad breath.


If left untreated, the bacterial infection of the gums and mouth can destroy the gums and attack the teeth. Further on, it can damage other organs and interrupt normal body activities.


Bacteria thrive on the dental plaque (tartar). Tartar is represented by hardened dental plaque. To be more exact, it’s those black spots on the inside of your teeth. They can be removed by a dentist or with a thorough cleaning.


Gum diseases can be caused by many factors:

  • Oral hygiene negligence,
  • Stress,
  • Smoking,
  • Coffee, wine,
  • And diets are the major factors that damage the teeth and weaken the gums.


Have you ever experienced some of the symptoms above? If so, then you must first try to improve the condition of your mouth before rushing into a dentist’s practice. You can do so with a few of the best essential oils for teeth and gums.


Next, we’ll see what those essential oils for gum health are, and how you can use them anytime to prevent further gum diseases or other problems.


Did You Know?

  • There are more than 600 bacteria strains that live on our dental plaques.



Essential Oils for Gum Health


13 Essential Oils for Gum Health and Whiter Teeth


All these 13 essential oils for healthy gums have in common the ability of killing germs and bacteria. Most of them can also whiten your teeth in a natural, non-invasive way.


Of course, we can’t talk about instant teeth whitening. Only chemicals can do that. But give the oils a few days or a week and you’ll start seeing some improvement.


     1) Peppermint essential oil – you can smell and taste the peppermint in many commercial types of toothpaste. But just a whiff of it will not do much for your gums and teeth. Pure Peppermint oil kills anaerobic bacteria that live on the teeth (tartar). Refreshes the breath and protects against gum diseases.


     2) Spearmint essential oil – is a good antiseptic. Efficient at killing the bacteria living inside the mouth. It can also help healing wounds faster than normal. It’s very gentle with the gum tissue.


     3) Tea Tree essential oil – this is one of the best essential oils for gum health. It’s highly antiseptic and antibacterial. It can kill bacteria and protect the gum tissue from further infections. It deeply cleans the teeth and restores their natural, white shade.


     4) Bay essential oil – it’s mostly used to treat neuralgia pain. Neuralgia can be caused by eating, laughing or chewing and it can cause a great deal of pain. Bay has antiseptic, analgesic and antibiotic properties.


It is also astringent – it contracts blood vessels. That means Bay oil can help in relieving the pressure caused by swollen veins on the cranial nerve, therefore, reducing pain.


     5) Clove essential oil – this is one of the best essential oils for gum health. It’s been used by dentists for a long time in their cabinets. It can relieve dental pain, clear infections and root canals. But it can also treat and prevent mouth ulcers and sore gums.


Clove oil eliminates bad odors too. Be careful though! It’s a very powerful substance and can be toxic if used in large doses.


     6) Ginger essential oil – is great at relieving pain caused by inflammations. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. On top of that it’s not only good at relaxing the aching area, but also the mind. Ginger oil can also whiten the teeth.


     7) Fennel essential oil – protects mouth ulcers and other wounds from becoming infected. It has antiseptic properties. Fennel oil stimulates all the activities that take place inside the mouth and helps speeding the recovery process.


     8) Myrrh essential oil – is another great essential oil for healthy gums. Why? Because it supports the blood flow in gums (astringent), strengthening them. It can also heal ulcers and wounds faster than normal. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It’s great as sedative and antidepressant too.


     9) Cinnamon essential oil – improves the blood circulation to the gums, making them stronger. It has very good antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cinnamon also helps with the healing process and acts as a mouth freshener. On top of that, it can also take away the pain caused by inflammations.


     10) Lavender essential oil – this essential oil is multi-versed. It has strong antimicrobial properties and it can also relax and relieve painful areas, like inflamed gums.


Lavender oil can improve the immune system. Lavender makes it more resistant to all sorts of bacteria, including the streptococcus mutans that causes tooth decay.


     11) Grapefruit essential oil – is a very good disinfectant. It protects the mouth from new infections and eliminates those that already exist. Grapefruit oil protects the wounds. It is refreshing and it eliminates bad breath. But it can also clean your teeth and whiten them at the same time.


     12) Chamomile essential oil – besides its calming, sedative properties, Chamomile has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It’s a very good disinfectant and antibiotic too.


Chamomile can reduce gum or tooth pain. Neuralgia can also be treated with a gentle massage of the gums and the aching area with diluted Chamomile.


     13) Eucalyptus essential oil – is very good at treating wounds and mouth ulcers. It’s soothing to the inflamed gums. It can effectively protect against cavities, dental plaque (tartar) and gingivitis. It can also refresh bad breath and clean your teeth on a deep level.


All these essential oils for gum health are very strong. Therefore, caution is advised when using them. Never use them in high dose or undiluted.


These essential oils can give better results if diluted in Neem, Olive or Coconut carrier oils. Improving or treating your gums and whitening your teeth can be that easy.


The essential and carrier oils are most efficient together, because they work in a good synergy to deliver a good treatment to your dental problems.


Did You Know?

  • Rabbits need to chew constantly because their teeth never stop growing. They need to eat hard foods to blunt down their teeth and keep them at a fair length.



Tips and Tricks that Can Help You Prevent and Improve Gum and Teeth Problems in a Natural Way


We’ll soon get to the recipes that use some of the essential oils for gum health I talked about above. But first, I will give you a few traditional remedies you can also add to your essential oils blends for healthy gums and whiter teeth.


  • For maximum of cleanliness and whiteness you can add 1 drop of Tea Tree and Lemon essential oil on your regular toothpaste to increase its power.


  • Eat salads with garlic as often as you can. By chewing these ingredients you can eliminate mouth bacteria. Or you can put crushed garlic directly on the infected gum. Garlic has antibiotic properties.


  • Brush your teeth with baking soda. Then rinse with a cup of water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Make sure you always dilute the vinegar, or else it can destroy the tooth enamel.


  • To keep away dental problems take calcium ascorbate. It is a form of vitamin C that is gentler with the gums. Apply it on the gums and rinse afterwards.


  • For gingivitis you can make a mouthwash from Lavender hydrosol mixed with Tea Tree and Rosemary. Use it twice a day. You can then continue with a sanitizing blend of Tea Tree, Bay, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, diluted in Olive oil or Coconut oil. 6 drops of each EO in 1 Oz carrier oil. Massage the gums with 2 drops of the blend, then rinse and spit.


Did You Know?

  • Humans grow their teeth until maturity, when they reach a total of 32. But sharks for instance, replace their teeth every two weeks.



Essential Oils for Gum Health

3 Recipes with Essential Oils for Teeth and Gums


#1 – Homemade Whitening Toothpaste


You’ll need:

  • Sesame carrier oil (or coconut or neem oils): 3 tablespoons
  • Baking soda: 3 tablespoons
  • Ground egg shells (very thin): 4 tablespoons (for calcium)
  • Essential oils of your choice: 15 drops total (you can combine more EOs to enhance the toothpaste’s properties)
  • Bentonite clay: 4 tablespoons (protects the enamel)
  • Liquid stevia to sweeten the paste
  • Silicone tube or jam jar, if you’re concerned with the safety of silicone.


Mix all the ingredients (first melt the coconut oil if you’re using it) in a jar. Use a ceramic or wooden spoon (metal and plastic may interact with the clay). Stir well and let it cool off for a few minutes.


Continue stirring in every 5 minutes, for 15 minutes after you’ve put it in the fridge to harden. You can then pour it in your silicone tube, or leave it like it is in your jar.


Its color may vary from green to brown, and its taste may seem strange at first (salty, herbal etc.) It also doesn’t foam, so you’ll have to use more quantity. Don’t add any water (or dip your wet toothbrush in the paste) to avoid any mold forming.


This toothpaste’s purpose is to nourish your gums while whitening and strengthening your teeth. Keep it in a cool, dark place. The entire quantity should be enough for about a week or two.


#2 – Essential Oils Mouthwash for a Clean Breath


You’ll need:

  • Water: one and a half cups
  • Sea salt: 1 tsp.
  • Ground egg shells (thin): 1 tsp.
  • Essential Oils of your choice: 10 drops
  • Glass bottle


Mix all your ingredients in the glass bottle and shake well. This mouthwash will give you a refreshed feeling and make your breath smell great.


#3 – Essential Oils for Gum Health Blend


You’ll need:

  • Carrier oil or water: 8 Oz. ( 240 ml)
  • Peppermint essential oil: 6 ml (150 drops)
  • Cinnamon essential oil: 2 ml (50 drops)
  • Spearmint essential oil: 2 ml (50 drops)
  • Tea Tree essential oil: 2 ml (50 drops)
  • Clove essential oil: 1 ml (25 drops or less)
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 2 ml (50 drops)
  • Glass bottle


If you think the quantity is too much, you can always halve it. But you can also add more drops of essential oils if you want. Being a mouthwash or mouth blend (if you’re using carrier oils) you can put more essential oils, since you use it as a rinse and spit it afterwards.


You can add a few drops on your wet toothbrush and gently massage your teeth with it. Never swallow it as it will contain bacteria and toxins.


More and more people choose to use natural products and even make them themselves. I like to make my own products whenever possible. I think it’s mostly because it is fun and I get to also protect my body from chemicals.


Using essential oils for gum health and whiter teeth will help you have a clean, healthy and fresh smile. Not to mention the boost of confidence that comes with it.


Have you ever used homemade toothpaste? Was it as you expected it to be?



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