Coconut Oil for Beard! Step-by-Step Routine with Tips and Recipes

Growing beard is easy, maintaining it is a bit more complicated. Facial hair needs to be moisturized and well-groomed to look its best. A good beard routine can make it soft, dense and even boost its growth. One of the best natural products that can help with all aspects is Coconut oil for beard.


In this article, you will find all the necessary information to tame your beard and make it look great. Keep reading to find out about:


  • Helpful frequently asked questions about beard growth and maintenance with Coconut oil. Find out about the benefits of the oil and why use an oil at all, among others.
  • How and how often to use the oil of Coconut on beard.
  • A step-by-step beard routine. It includes washing, hydrating, softening and trimming, plus boosting beard growth.
  • Blend recipes with authentic and manly scents to use for your beard.
  • What Coconut oil type to use and other tips for beard hair growth and luster.


The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beard and Other FAQ


The face is the most exposed and sensitive body part. Since the beard occupies the whole chin and jaws, it is very important to maintain it in good health. This means the products you use should be the best for hair and skin care.


There are many such beard products out there. But even so, one of the most essential products in your beard maintenance kit should be Coconut oil. It is a great beard oil! Its hydrating and nourishing properties can make your skin and beard look and feel great.


Why use a beard oil in the first place?

The beard grows coarser than the rest of the hair. It also doesn’t have an even growth. If it starts growing long, then other problems may appear.


They can be a wild and rebel shape that gives its wearer a neglected look. There can also be the problem of dandruff or eczema in the beard. They can happen especially if the skin underneath is neglected and becomes dry.


To avoid all these problems and give the beard a well-groomed and neat aspect, you need a good oil. Coconut oil is good for your beard and skin, at all times and places.



What are the benefits of using a beard oil?

A  beard oil such as Coconut can make wonders. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll notice a dramatic difference even after the first use.


The role of a good beard oil is to:

  • Hydrate the beard hair. Coconut oil for beard can improve its texture making the hair softer to touch, shiny and neat. Plus, the skin will benefit from hydration as well. The oil can also make it easier to cut and shave the beard when needed.


  • Condition the beard hair. A beard oil such as Coconut can nourish the hair and strengthen it. Make it more elastic and prevent the dandruff that usually appears when the skin becomes dry. Some fungi can thrive there, which is the case with dandruff.


  • Avoid and prevent itching sensations. Small, growing beard itches. Beard dandruff can also cause itchiness. The use of Coconut oil on beard in this case can soothe all this itching.


  • Make the beard smell great. Coconut oil is among the best smelling beard oils. Its mild yet exotic fragrance makes it really pleasant to use.


Coconut Oil for Beard


What can Coconut oil do for beard?

Coconut is a carrier or vegetable oil, cold pressed from the fleshy part of the coconut. It is full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants that protect the hair and skin. They nourish deeply and prevent the protein loss from the hair strands.


Regardless if you use Coconut oil for beard growth or maintenance, here are all its benefits:


  • The oil can protect against infections and inflammations due to bacteria or fungi.
  • It can also cleanse the hair and skin.
  • Improves the microcirculation underneath the hair follicles.
  • This leads to a boost in beard growth.
  • Using Coconut oil in beard can nourish the hair and prevent it from losing its proteins.
  • Thus, the oil improves the aspect and texture of the hair and skin at the same time.
  • Coconut also gives brilliance to the hair and makes it easier to style or comb.
  • Used regularly, Coconut oil for beard can fill in the gaps and strengthen the hairs.
  • It can also repair the damaged hairs before helping them grow.



Can I use Coconut oil for shaving?

Coconut oil is great for shaving and it should be part of any man’s beard care kit. It can be used to prevent and reduce any kind of irritation while shaving.


Luckily, Coconut oil can be used afterwards as well. If you cut yourself, the oil can also speed up skin regeneration. In other words, Coconut is great for a comfortable shaving.



How to Use Coconut Oil for Beard

The beauty of this oil, aside from its many benefits and uses for skin and hair, is that it can be used as it is. Applied pure and undiluted can make your beard look great at all times.


It’s important to remember that Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. It starts melting above 25C (77F) or in contact with the skin.


You can also mix the oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. A carrier oil is the perfect environment for the dilution of essential oils. Most of them are too concentrated and powerful to be applied directly on the skin. They can increase the antibacterial protection and boost hair growth as well.


There are a few simple steps to follow to ensure an even spread of Coconut oil on your beard and skin:


  1. Take one or two drops of oil (or the equivalent if you have to scrape the solid oil).
  2. Rub them between your palms to warm the oil first. Warmth helps the oil penetrate deeper into the hair and skin.
  3. Apply on a clean and very well dried beard. Start with the ends and work your way through to the roots. Massage some oil into the skin as well. That’ll stimulate the circulation and boost the growth of beard.


If you don’t have an oily or combination skin, you can apply the oil all over the face not just the chin and jaws. Coconut oil is comedogenic and can block the pores, causing acne. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 on the comedogenicity scale.


Coconut Oil for Beard


How Often Should You Use Coconut Oil on Beard


You can apply Coconut oil before bed or in the morning, but once a day is usually enough. The best moment to apply it is right after a shower, providing the beard is well-dried in advance. After a shower, the pores and cuticles are still open and they will absorb more oil.


Also, each day the beard must be washed and dried before the application of any beard oil. It is also not recommended to apply one on a damp or wet beard.


The hair absorbs and swells with water and other ingredients from the shampoo. It cannot absorb too much oil when saturated with water.


Coconut oil can be used for short and long beards alike. The important thing is to apply it correctly to get rid of any itching, dandruff and irritation. It will also help the hair become easier to style or trim.


Step-by-Step Beard Hygiene and Recipes


Whether you’ve grown and maintained a beard before or you’re a novice, this section should be fun to read. It’ll teach you a few things on how to perform a complete beard routine.


It would take a little time to get used to it but once you do, this routine will become part of your healthy habits.


Simple Beard Care Ritual (Step-by-Step)


1) Cleansing the beard.

Sporting a beard means you have to take care of it. It all starts with a thorough cleansing on a daily basis, which needs to be done in the morning and evening. You don’t want to develop an ecosystem there once it grows bushier.


  • Use a very gentle cleansing product, ideally natural or at least homemade.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Dry it well with a soft towel (paper or fabric).



2) Hydrating the beard and the skin underneath.

This step is important and must be followed after cleansing the beard. It is not enough to hydrate only the beard. The skin also needs attention. Otherwise, it cannot boost hair growth and protect from irritation and dryness.


  • Depending on the length of your beard, you can apply a few drops of Coconut oil for beard. Rub it in your palms and apply all over the hair and skin.
  • Repeat this step every day for the best beard maintenance.



3) Boosting beard growth.

Growing a beard is not complicated. Using Coconut oil for beard growth can speed up the process though. All you need to do is apply the proper natural ingredients and massage the hair roots.


A good blood circulation can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and boost their growth.


  • Mix 12 – 15 drops of essential oil into a fl. Oz (30ml) of Coconut carrier.
  • Apply the Coconut oil blend on your beard and massage it into the skin gently.
  • Don’t shave for at least a month to get the hair growing enough to give it a shape.
  • Take lots of supplements to help the growth from the inside. The best beard vitamins are A, E, C and Beta carotene. The B complex and Omega 3s are also beneficial.



4) Improving the texture of your beard.

To avoid growing a sharp, bushy beard, it’s necessary to use Coconut oil for your beard daily. It can give it a silky, soft texture and make it shine.


Such a beard oil can also lengthen the life of your beard hair and maintain it clean and nourished. It will also give your beard a manly and pleasant scent.


  • Apply a few drops of beard oil, preferably at night, on a clean beard.
  • Brush your beard gently.



5) Trimming the beard.

The style of your beard should be chosen depending on the shape of your face. It should be done in a way to highlight and enhance all your best features. To maintain a proper beard shape you have to trim and sculpt it regularly.


  • Wet your skin.
  • Apply a good amount of Coconut oil on the areas that need to be shaved or trimmed. That’ll make the process faster and smoother.
  • Once you’re done, remove the excess oil with a gentle cleanser.


With this beard routine in mind, we will now move on to some practical recipes. You can draw your inspiration from them and start taking care of your beard the proper way.


Coconut Oil for Beard


Coconut Oil Blend Recipes for Beard Care


A beard oil can be a pure vegetable oil like Coconut, or it can be a serum/blend mix with essential oils. Take your pick from the following recipes:


Nourishing Recipe for a Well-Groomed Beard

You’ll need:

  • Coconut oil: ½ Oz (15ml)
  • Olive oil: ½ Oz (15ml)
  • Vetiver essential oil: 8 drops


Mix these oils together and keep the blend stored in a dark glass container. Shake it well before each use. You can replace the Olive oil with Castor oil, which is also great for beard growth and maintenance.


Benefits of this recipe with Coconut oil for beard:

  • Soft and nourished hair.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Shiny beard hair.
  • Pleasant fragrance for your beard.


Shaving Cream Recipe with Coconut Oil

You’ll need:

  • Coconut oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Castor oil: 1 tbsp. (15ml)
  • Coffee or Cocoa butter: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Cedar essential oil: 12 – 20 drops
  • Aloe Vera powder: 3 tsp.


Melt the solids (Coconut and Coffee butter) on a double boiler. When they’re melted, take them off the heat source and add in the Castor oil. Add the essential oil when the temperature feels warm to touch.


It can be any scent you like. Stir all these ingredients really well and then let the mixture cool down and harden. Store it in the fridge to speed up the process.


Take it out and let the temperature drop to the room’s temperature. Beat this recipe with a mixer until it becomes like whipped cream, which is fluffy and easy to spread.


This is a creamy and nourishing shaving cream recipe. Your skin will be hydrated and will feel comfortable. No more irritation or dryness!


Coconut Oil for Beard
Cocos Nucifera tree


What Kind of Coconut Oil is Best for Beard Maintenance?

The best quality oils are those that come from a trusted source. The oil should have all the necessary details on the label and/or under its product specifications.


The best Coconut oil for beard needs to be raw, virgin, cold pressed and unrefined. The fractionated types are missing some important fatty acids that contribute to its many benefits.


That’s why the white and solid Coconut oil is the purest form and most recommended.


Make sure that on the label, it has the following information:

  • Its Latin name – Cocos Nucifera
  • The country of origin.
  • The extraction method.
  • And the certification (ECO, BIO, Wild, etc.)


Coconut oil vs. Coconut milk

Do not confuse Coconut milk with Coconut oil or water! Each is a separate product with unique benefits and properties. The coconut milk could be used very simply to condition and boost the hair growth of your beard.



There is nothing more pleasant than the thought of not having to buy tens of products for your beard maintenance. A single oil, all natural and safe to use, is all you need to have in your beard care kit.


Coconut oil for beard can get you rid of itchiness, dandruff, dry skin, irritation, etc. It can also boost hair growth, make it softer and shinier and easier to comb and trim. The oil is also easy to mix with a few drops of essential oils that you like and enhance its powers.


Is Coconut oil a beard oil you would use now that you know all of these things? What do you most need it for?


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