Essential Oils for Cellulite, Skin Care

Cellulite Removal with Essential Oils (Facts and Practical Recipes)

Cellulite affects mostly women. Its unaesthetic appearance is most of the times very bothersome. It is more so when summer comes. As normal as it may be, the skin always looks better off. Luckily, natural remedies like essential oils for cellulite offer a good improvement option.


Here are the main topics I’ll be detailing in this post:

  • Why use essential oils to remove cellulite (details about their benefits and uses).
  • How to use these aromatic oils for a slimmer silhouette.
  • Anti-cellulite blend recipes for teens, adults and pregnant women.
  • More about the different types of cellulite that need different oils.
  • Tips and vitamins that help improve the aspect of cellulite. Plus a few safety words for the use of aromatherapy oils for cellulite.


Best Essential Oils for Cellulite, with Pros and Cons


When it comes to cellulite, almost 9 in 10 women have to deal with it. Men are luckier, only 1 in 50 men usually being affected.


This difference is given mostly by the estrogen levels of each sex. But it could also be that women store two times more fat than men. Nonetheless, there are other causes too that contribute to cellulite.


Generally speaking, cellulite is triggered by major hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can be anything, from puberty to pregnancy and menopause. But the appearance of cellulite is worsened by other factors. They may be venous or lymphatic insufficiency, diet, medication, stress, etc.


Mainly, there are 4 types of cellulite:


  • Aqueous cellulite – due to water retention. Easy to remove and improve.
  • Adipose cellulite – due to fat deposits in the tissue. Also easy to remove and improve.
  • Fibrous cellulite – due to the hardening of the fat deposits. Trickier to remove or improve.
  • Mixed cellulite – this type can be any two or all of the above mentioned cellulite types.


I will give you more details about each of these types of cellulite in the last part of the article. I will also give you some tips and safety measures, so stay with me.


The natural removal of cellulite can be done with essential oils. They are strong, concentrated plant essences with very active molecules in their composition. Just to make an idea, a drop of Peppermint essential oil can be equal to as much as 20 cups of peppermint tea!


These aromatic essences have various properties and effects on the skin. Some of them can do a lot of good to the emotional state of mind. Others are better suited to treat digestive or respiratory problems. The ones I’m about to write in more detail can deal with cellulite because they:


  • Detoxify.
  • Fight water retention.
  • Balance hormones.
  • Diminish and/or remove the aspect of cellulite.
  • Improve the overall aspect of the skin.
  • Hydrate and strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.
  • Stimulate metabolism by improving the activity of the liver.
  • Boost the immune system to fight inflammations that are also a cause of cellulite.
  • Stimulate the blood circulation to the affected areas.
  • Improve the production of collagen and elastin.


There’s no one single oil to do all that, but they work great together. Creating a synergy between essential oils can have all the effects and benefits I just mentioned. Next, read about the pros and cons of some of the best essential oils for cellulite removal and improvement.


1) Juniper Essential Oil

The best quality and most efficient type of Juniper is the one extracted from berries. Twigs are the immediate best for quality oil. Juniperus communis gives us one of the best Aromatherapy oils for cellulite removal.


Essential Oils for Cellulite, Juniper Berry



  • Juniper contains terpinene, which gives the oil diuretic effects. This means that you will feel like urinating more frequently. This happens because the oil can stimulate the kidneys function. Through urine, the body eliminates all the toxins, certain fats and uric acid. Toxins deposit in the skin cells as well. Used externally, the oil can drain out the toxins from the skin faster.
  • Using Juniper oil for cellulite can give your immune system a boost.
  • The oil also increases the production of sweat. By sweating, your skin can get rid of excess salt, water and toxins (again!).
  • Removing cellulite with Juniper essential oil is very effective. Besides all the other benefits, it can also improve the microcirculation underneath the skin. This makes it very useful in treating all types of cellulite.



  • Because of its diuretic effects, the oil should not be used by people with kidney problems.
  • Used in high amounts, Juniper oil can raise the blood pressure. Or, if you’re predisposed, it can also cause seizures.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, ask your doctor before using Juniper oil for cellulite.
  • Only the Juniperus communis has these effects on cellulite. There are other types of Juniper oils too, and some are toxic.


Why I like it:

Juniper is among the best oils you could use to remove cellulite. Besides everything else, it also has a pleasant and fresh fragrance. Once inhaled, you can feel more relaxed and start breathing deeper and better. It’s great for stress, headaches and even digestive problems.

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2) Grapefruit Essential Oil

This aromatic oil is among the most popular natural remedies for removing cellulite. It is also appreciated for its uplifting and invigorating effects. This ability is especially appreciated during slow mornings. In my opinion, Citrus paradisi should always be part of a cellulite essential oils kit.


Essential Oils for Cellulite, Grapefruit



  • Grapefruit essential oil is astringent. This means it can constrict the blood vessels underneath the skin and give it a toned aspect. At the same time, the oil stimulates the microcirculation and helps burn some fat.
  • Grapefruit oil can also break down fats (lipolytic effect).
  • One Japanese study found the scent of grapefruit and lemon useful in suppressing weight gain.
  • It also improves the activity of the lymphatic system, thus the blood circulation. This leads to less inflammation in the adipose tissue.
  • The oil can help controlling the water retention and drain out toxins.



  • Use only steam-distilled Grapefruit essential oil for cellulite treatment. Use this type of oil especially when exposing yourself to sun. The cold-pressed oil is phototoxic and the sun can damage the skin faster.
  • The oil should be used within 3 years from opening, otherwise it oxidizes fast.


Why I like it:

Grapefruit essential oil is good at everything. With its uplifting fragrance, the oil can greatly improve your mood. It can also energize your mind and body. It is also great in skin care, especially for oily skin types. But above all, it’s always a pleasure to massage the cellulite-affected areas with this oil.

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3) Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedrus Atlantica essential oil makes a good remedy against cellulite. There are lots to be said about the properties and benefits of this aromatic essence. But generally speaking, Cedarwood oil is very appreciated among Aromatherapy users.


Essential Oils for Cellulite, Atlas Cedarwood



  • Cedarwood is among the best essential oils for cellulite. It is so because it can greatly improve the aspect of the cellulite by dissolving tissue fat.
  • It also has astringent effects, which help tone the skin and improve the circulation.
  • Cedarwood can also drain toxins out of the skin. Thus, with repeated applications, this essential oil can remove the cellulite. It also helps the skin regenerate and look more firm.



  • Cedarwood oil should be handled with a bit of care. Try not to use it in high concentration, but if necessary, don’t exceed 5 continuous days. Always ask for a doctor’s approval before using any essential oils, especially for oral use.
  • Avoid using it if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy.
  • It’s also important to avoid eating or drinking in the same room where you’re diffusing the oil of Cedarwood.


Why I like it:

I like the fresh smell of a coniferous essential oil like Cedarwood. If you like to use essential oils to reduce cellulite, you can do so in an efficient and non-invasive way.


Blend it with other oils that have the same or more beneficial properties. That’s how you create powerful anti-cellulite oil recipes. The oil of Cedarwood can also boost the immune system among so many others.

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Here are some other great essential oils to use to remove cellulite:
  • Lemongrass
  • Cypress
  • Geranium
  • Sage
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wintergreen
  • Thuja
  • Rosemary
  • Carrot seed
  • Fennel
  • Patchouli


Besides aromatic oils, you can also use vegetable actives. They can be very efficient in dealing with cellulite:
  • Natural caffeine.
  • Matcha tea.
  • Ivy extract.
  • Kigelia Africana fruit extract.


Depending on the type of cellulite, these vegetable extracts can either diminish or remove it. They have tightening and stimulating properties. Plus, they can also detoxify the tissue and blood among others.


How to Use Essential Oils for Cellulite


Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. That is why they need to be mixed with a carrier oil for any kind of topical application.


Anti-cellulite massages are the best way to reduce it and improve the aspect of the skin. Topical applications are also the best ways to use aromatic oils. This way, the oils can penetrate deep into the tissue and dissolve fat.


Or they can cause the elimination of toxins, water, salt and some other types of fats. Once inhaled, the aromatic molecules can change your mood and help you relax. They can do that by stimulating the nervous system and the brain.


For an anti-cellulite oil blend you can mix up to 30 drops of essential oil per Oz carrier oil.


Essential Oils for Cellulite, Beautiful Skin


Another good way of using essential oils for cellulite is in a bath. Simply mix your anti-cellulite essential oils with some pink or Epsom salt (or milk) and add it to the bath water. The salt is a neutral environment in which the oil can mix. Thus, they will be evenly dispersed through the water.


Massage your cellulite areas with the oils from the water and relax. The active molecules will clear your skin, tone it and improve your mood.


The role of a massage is to break up fat deposits in the tissue and to stimulate the microcirculation.


With repeated applications of good quality essential oils for cellulite, the aspect of the skin will start improving. It will look more toned, firm and with less dents and ripples. The orange-peel skin will slowly but surely start to diminish.


Research shows that waistline inches can be lost without losing weight. The only condition is to undergo at least 10 lymphatic stimulation massage sessions. The fastest results can be seen in people with very bad looking cellulite.


There are limits to how many inches of fat tissue you can lose this way, however. The rest of the cellulite should be lost through diet and some exercising.


An effective anti-cellulite massage should last at least 10 minutes.


Since aromatherapy oils need dilution, the best carrier oils for cellulite are:
  • Argan
  • Avocado
  • Grapeseed
  • Hazelnut
  • Macadamia
  • Sweet almond
  • Tamanu


Anti-Cellulite Essential Oil Recipes


In my opinion, the most interesting part of a cellulite program is the making of some good blends. Feel free to get your inspiration from my recipes. Or use them as they are to start removing the cellulite as soon as possible. I have also prepared a recipe for pregnant women, who need to be quite careful while using essential oils.


Intense Anti-Cellulite Serum Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Tamanu oil: ½ fl. Oz (15 ml)
  • Avocado oil: 1 Oz (30 ml)
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 15 drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil: 20 drops
  • Juniper essential oil: 20 drops


Mix all the oils together and shake the blend well before each use.


Massage only the affected areas with this blend. Avoid the face and other body parts as it can irritate. You can use this blend within a year, if held in a dark and dry place. But no worries, the quantity is too small to ever hold for more than a few weeks.


Beware of the fact that the smell can be too powerful and maybe bothersome for you or the others. You could wear some leggings after the massage to diminish the scent, if needed.


This concentrated anti-cellulite oil recipe is not for pregnant or nursing women. If you’re using cold-pressed Grapefruit oil, avoid sun exposure for 24 hours.


Essential Oils for Cellulite


Remove and Improve the Aspect of Cellulite (for Teens and Adults)

You’ll need:

  • Hazelnut oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Lemon essential oil: 10 drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil: 10 drops
  • Lemongrass essential oil: 10 drops


Blend and shake well before each use. Apply a moderate amount on the affected areas only. Massage these areas for about 10 minutes, 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Take one week break and then continue for 3 more weeks. It’s important to take a break to avoid the skin getting used to all the ingredients.


Anti-Cellulite Oil Recipe for Pregnant Women

You’ll need:

  • Shea butter: 2 Oz (60ml)
  • Lemon essential oil: 40 drops
  • Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil: 20 drops


Melt the Shea butter on a double boiler. Add in the essential oils and stir well. Afterwards, put the mixture in the fridge to cool off.


Apply a moderate amount of this blend on the affected areas, avoiding the stomach area. Massage vigorously for 10 minutes, twice a day for 3 weeks. Take a week break then start again for another 3 weeks.


Types of Cellulite, Improvement Tips and Safety Measures


Why cellulite appears is not known for sure. There are however, several causes that may contribute or trigger it. By the way, cellulite is neither infectious, nor life-threating. It is simply unaesthetic.


Those causes can be:

  • A diet rich in saturated and hydrogenated fats, sugar and salt.
  • Too much stress.
  • Drugs.
  • Lack of exercising.
  • Venous and lymphatic problems.
  • Clothing that is too tight.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Hormonal imbalances.


All these can cause fat to deposit in excess in the adipocytes. Adipocytes are specialized cells that store fat in the connective tissue (skin).


Like I said a bit earlier, there are 4 main types of cellulite. They are aqueous, adipose and fibrous cellulite, plus the mixed one.


Some of the best essential oils for aqueous cellulite removal are:
  • Cedarwood
  • Juniper
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Wintergreen
  • Carrot seed
  • Rosemary


Some of the best essential oils for adipose cellulite removal are:
  • Cedarwood
  • Lemongrass
  • Juniper
  • Sage
  • Cypress
  • Lemon
  • Thuja
  • Rosemary


Some of the best essential oils for fibrous cellulite removal are all the above mentioned oils, plus Geranium.
It is important for each blend to be accompanied by a good, healthy diet and exercising. There are limits, as I said, to how much fat an essential oil or a massage can dissolve. You need to help your body get rid of the excess from the inside too.


Essential Oils for Cellulite, Natural Remedies


Tips to Improve and Prevent Cellulite

  • Try to maintain a good hormonal balance. You can do so by checking with your doctor first and then using essential oils like Sage, Clary sage, etc.
  • Improve your circulation and decongest your lymphatic system with daily massages.
  • Boost your metabolism and help it function properly by taking care of your liver’s health. The liver plays an important role in processing fats and food in general.
  • Also, it’s important to take care of the kidney’s proper functioning. They need to be able to eliminate toxins and excess water.
  • Take Omega 3 supplements. They maintain the integrity of the tissue and prevent inflammations.
  • Take vitamin C, magnesium and silicon. They are all important for the good functioning of the skin and the venous system. They are also good for the water retention.
  • Drink plenty of water to help the draining process and the toxin elimination.


Safety Words for a Proper Use of Essential Oils for Cellulite


I have told you about a few precautions along the article, but here’s a small recap and a few new observations:


  • Test your oils on a small sensitive area for allergic reactions.
  • Always use them diluted/mixed with a carrier oil for topical applications. Applied directly to the skin, essential oils can cause irritation or sensitization.
  • Avoid their use around the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.
  • Avoid using them in the first 3 months of pregnancy or nursing. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure about something related to the use of essential oils to reduce cellulite.



As annoying and seemingly hard to get rid of as cellulite may be, with a bit of patience and perseverance you can still get great results. There is no known definitive cure for cellulite, but its appearance can be improved.


Your skin can look like you never had an inch of cellulite there. Even though at a closer inspection you might still find some left. What’s important though is that for the naked eye, the cellulite can’t be seen anymore.


The best essential oils for cellulite are also the best natural remedies. They can help dissolve and eliminate fat and other toxins. They can also improve the blood circulation and tone the tissue. All these benefits and more, put together will result in the skin you’re looking for.


What is your opinion on using such natural remedies? Have you ever tried any of the oils I mentioned in this article? I’ll be looking forward to reading about your experiences and results.


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