Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

(Guide) Benefits & Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil, plus Recipes

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Peppermint is rather new in the mint family, but the latter’s been around for centuries. Its oil extract is full of health benefits, but it also makes a great beauty product. There are many uses for Peppermint essential oil. Some are more common and popular, while others aren’t. Check out this post for more details. […]

Essential Oils for Cats

(Safe Aromatherapy) Essential Oils for Cats, Precautions and Tips

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Aromatherapy is increasingly popular, not just for great fragrance. It is also accepted as a good complementary therapy. Cat owners, who are also Aromatherapy users, must consider some safety issues about the two. Using essential oils for cats can be dangerous or even lethal. But it can also be useful and beneficial. In this article, […]

Lavandin Essential Oil

Why Lavandin Essential Oil and Not Lavender? How to Tell Them Apart

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There are over 40 known species of lavender plants and lavandin is one of them. In Aromatherapy, each plant extract is unique in composition and therapeutic effects. Knowing what Lavandin essential oil is good for can help you find the right remedy. There are many situations in which Lavandin is better than Lavender oil. This […]