Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth! Guide to Longer, Fuller Lashes, plus Tips and Recipes

Eyelashes can be stimulated to grow fuller and stronger! There are natural products like Castor oil that can do that. Without having to worry about the costs and side effects! If you’re thinking to use Castor oil for eyelash growth, this article will show you how to do it properly.


In this article, you can read everything about:


  • The way Castor oil can help with growing eyelashes. There are a few facts that support its growth potential that you should know about.
  • All the benefits of the oil for eyelashes.
  • How and when to apply this oil on your lashes to get the best results. You’ll get this information in simple steps to follow daily, as part of your hair and skin care routine.
  • Castor oil recipes for eyelash growth! So you can get right to the practical part when you’re finished reading.
  • Best practices and tips for using the oil safely. Plus, how to stimulate eyelash growth from the inside, and how to choose the best quality Castor oil.


Does Castor Oil Help Eyelashes Grow? Benefits and Facts


For a woman, hair care has been and will always be one of her main concerns. But the head hair is not the only hair that needs your attention and devoted care. Eyelashes are just as important too! They can offer depth to your eyes and look, just as the eyebrows can underline your best features.


Eyelashes are made from the same enzymes as the normal hair and brows. Keratin is the main component of the hair (and skin). Ceramides are waxy and fatty molecules that bind the hair cuticles.


The eyelashes need hydration and nourishment to maintain healthy. They need these nutrients to face all the treatments they’re often submitted to. Fake eyelashes, extensions and the use of mascara are only temporary cosmetic solutions.


They often lead to the weakening of your natural lashes and cause eyelash loss. Beautiful and strong lashes begin with a healthy set of habits and a good care regimen.


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth, Mascara (Makeup)


Other factors that can damage the integrity of your eyelashes are:


  • Makeup products.
  • Weather conditions (sun, wind, freeze, etc.)
  • A poor hygiene.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Infections.
  • The passing of time.


Eyelashes are usually resistant, but they can’t be so forever. They need some extra love and care and every now and then, a break from makeup. The pores need to breathe and have time to regenerate.


Using Castor oil on your eyelashes can give them what they need to regenerate and even grow.


But how good is Castor oil for eyelashes? Is there any proof that it can stimulate eyelash growth? That’s the first thing I wondered when I started doing research for this article.


Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that supports this effect. Although it is a very popular carrier oil used for hair growth, it is surprising how little evidence there is so far.


Nonetheless, its traditional use is not wrongfully founded. One of the most important facts that point toward the effect of Castor oil on hair growth is its ability to inhibit the PGD2 hormone.


This hormone is also called prostaglandin D2 and it’s involved in causing alopecia. Studies show that when inhibited, PGD2 can allow the hair to grow back.


Castor oil contains almost 90% Ricinoleic fatty acid. This acid was found to be a good PGD2 inhibitor, with very few skin reactions. It was therefore concluded that Ricinoleic acid has a high potential to be an efficient hair loss treatment.


This is great news for eyelash growth as well! Women who’ve used Castor oil for eyelashes for at least a month, found it helpful.


They reported fuller and a bit longer lashes that curbed nicely while coated with mascara. That’s basically everything a woman needs to know!


What else can Castor oil do for eyelashes?
  • Curve the lashes.
  • Fill them in and give a fuller and thicker impression.
  • Hydrate and coat the lashes, giving the impression of more volume.
  • Prevent eyelash loss due to makeup and weather.
  • Strengthen the lashes.
  • Castor can make the eyelashes less brittle.
  • It can encourage the regrowth of fallen or thin hairs.
  • Castor oil can increase the density of the eyelashes too.



How does Castor oil help eyelashes grow? What is its working mechanism?

The oil contains many nutritive vitamins, minerals and fats. Vitamin E for instance is a powerful antioxidant and emollient.


Its entire chemical composition makes Castor oil a good anti-inflammatory. This property helps protecting from infections and other damage to the roots of the eyelashes.


Castor oil is used for eyelashes to prevent and sometimes treat problems caused by an imbalanced diet. The oil also hydrates and re-hydrates the lash baseline. This helps the hair grow a bit faster.


The oil can penetrate deep into the skin and hair (roots and shafts) and nourish them from the inside. Ultimately, Castor oil on eyelashes can add glossiness too.


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth


How and When to Apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes? Easy Steps, Encouraging Results


Castor oil is a carrier oil/vegetable oil. It is extracted by cold, mechanical pressure from the castor beans. The castor plant – Ricinus communis – is one of the most toxic plants on the planet.


Six castor beans can kill a horse, six to eight a man and eleven a dog. Ducks need to ingest about 80 castor beans for their effect to be lethal. These beans can release their toxin (ricin) only if they’re chewed.


The extraction process of the Castor oil is a complex one. It manages to remove the entire ricin toxin from the oil, so it’s not dangerous anymore. Nonetheless, the internal consumption of the oil is not recommended without a doctor’s advice. It has laxative effects!


Since it’s a vegetable oil, Castor can be applied pure on the eyelashes. If you find it too thick, you can mix it with a bit of Olive or Coconut oil. They will make the oil more easily manageable.


The best time to apply the oil for lash growth is at night. That’s when the pores can breathe and the tissue regenerate. At night, the hair and skin don’t have to protect themselves from pollution, sun, weather, etc.


Daytime can also be a good time to apply Castor oil on eyelashes, but only if you’re not wearing any makeup. Otherwise, it will not hold.


Never add essential oils in your eyelash growth treatment! They can irritate the eyes and impede the vision. Too much Castor oil can also enter the eyes and cause extreme irritation, so be careful with the amount used!


The best way to ensure a good dosage is to use special tools like a clean eyeliner brush and a clean mascara brush.


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth, Ricinus communis
The castor plant


The Best Application of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth (Easy Steps)


There are a few things that need to be done properly in order to get the results you need. Even though it is a rather slow process, eyelash growth is possible. It is especially so when the oil is applied on a clean skin.


Follow these next steps to ensure that your eyelashes get the best natural treatment and they grow, day after day after day…


Step 1

  • The most important part of any beauty routine is makeup removal. It needs to be done every night, even if sometimes it’s quite tiresome. Not removing the makeup off your lashes, you risk allergies, infections, speedy aging and the loss of the eyelashes.


  • Wipe off the makeup from your face, insisting on the eyes and eyelashes. The use of Castor oil for eyelash growth will thus absorb a lot better on a clear skin. The oil can also be used as makeup remover.


Step 2

  • Clean some used recipients (an eyeliner and mascara) and fill them with Castor oil. Apply the oil on the baseline of your lashes and on the lashes. Use an eyeliner brush for the first one and a mascara brush for the second. They will need to be very clean. You could also use a cotton pad or clean fingers.


  • You can leave the oil on your eyelashes for a few hours before bedtime, and then wipe it off gently. Or you can leave it on the whole night, as long as you don’t rub your eyes while sleeping. Keep in mind that the oil can stain the sheets.


  • Apply Castor oil on eyelashes just like you would mascara or eyeliner. Just make sure you don’t apply too much, or Castor can irritate and cause pain to the eyes.


Step 3

  • In the morning, rinse the eyes with warm water and a gentle soap/cleansing lotion. Make sure you don’t rub or pull the eyelashes to avoid their loss.


  • You can then go on and apply a moisturizing lotion and then makeup.


Encouraging results will start showing and your efforts repaid within approximately a month.


Now that you have all the information and aspects explained, it’s time we moved on to more practical matters. You will discover some inspiring blend recipes with Castor oil to apply on your eyelashes.


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth


Blend Recipes with Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth


I’ve said it before, eyelash growth is a slow process and it needs your attention for a long time. Usually, the first encouraging results start showing after 3 – 4 weeks.


For those new eyelashes to continue looking as impressive and become stronger, you’d have to keep using the oil for at least 3- 4 weeks longer.


The following recipes will help you diversify your treatment routine. It’s always best to change it a bit to avoid the skin getting used to the ingredients.


Castor Oil for Long and Thick Eyelashes (Growth Serum)

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E: 2 drops
  • Olive oil: ½ teaspoon
  • Empty mascara recipient


Mix all these ingredients together and pour the blend into your recipient. Depending on the mascara, the recipient can be a bit smaller or bigger than the amount you have.


You could first measure its volume with some water and then dry it out really well. If there is still water when you pour the oils in, the blend could spoil faster. Water encourages mold growth.


Eyelash Growth and Conditioning with Castor Oil Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 ml
  • Glycerin: 2 drops
  • Egg white: 3 drops


Mix all these ingredients together. Apply on your eyelashes and eyelids every night before bed. This mixture will thicken your eyelashes and help them grow longer and stronger. They will be less fragile and hair loss can be minimized this way.



Best Practices and Tips for Using Castor Oil on Eyelashes, plus Safety Words


When it comes to beauty, us ladies tend to want the best results immediately. We sometimes forget that the body has its own pace and rhythm and that we need to be patient. Depending on your patience level, the growth of your eyelashes may seem slow or quite fast.


  • It is most important that you give your lashes enough time to first improve the condition they’re in. That may take a few weeks, more than the actual growth boost.


  • It is also a good and healthy habit to keep using Castor oil for eyelash growth on a regular basis. That will maintain the aspect and health of your eyelashes.


  • Fats, including the essential fatty acids in Castor oil, favor the appearance of under eye bags. That is why it’s always good to remove any excess oil left under the eye area.


  • Because the under eye area is very sensitive and thin, you should never rub your eyes/eyelids like crazy. If they itch, remove the makeup and let the skin breathe. You can also apply some warm tea bags on them and leave them on for a few minutes. That’ll soothe the irritation.


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth, Eyelash Curler


Safety Words for the Use of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

Castor oil is relatively safe to use on skin and hair applications. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should consider before and while using it to avoid unnecessary complications.


  • It can cause allergic reactions to more sensitive skin types. It’s always best to test it on a small skin area and watch it for a day for any negative reactions.


  • The product should always be the best quality, pure and cold pressed Castor oil.


  • Avoid using too much on the lashes as it can enter the eyes and cause irritation and vision impediment.


  • Never put Castor oil in your eyes, no matter what you hear!


  • Avoid using Castor oil for eyelash growth when you have an eye condition. That will not speed up the recovery, but increase the risk of infecting the other eye too.


To complete the safety tips section, I will tell you how to spot a quality Castor oil. There are five criteria which you can use as buying guidelines.


  1. The first one is the purity of the oil. It must be 100% pure, without additives or solvents to maintain all its properties intact.


  1. The second criterion is its extraction method. To be great for eyelashes, Castor oil needs to be cold pressed. Heat can destroy the nutrients of the oil and take away many of its properties. I would not advise making your own Castor oil, unless you know how to extract and remove the ricin toxin.


  1. The third criterion that can tell you if the oil is good quality is its label. It should state whether the product is BIO, wild, organic, European, etc. You should also see its botanical name, extraction method and country of origin.


  1. The fourth important aspect is the recipient. A good quality oil should be stored in amber colored glass bottles. The oil should also be stored in a dark, dry and cool place. Heat, light and air may cause the oil to become rancid faster.


  1. The fifth and last aspect is the traceability of the oil. Its label should contain, like I said, the botanical name (Ricinus communis), country of origin and the “Best By” date.


Vitamins for Hair Growth

Besides using Castor oil for eyelash growth locally, you could also boost it from the inside. The food you eat plays an important role in the growing of eyelashes and hair in general. Here are some of the good nutrients that can help with hair growth:


  • Vitamin H. It is part of the B complex and can activate the hair growth. Vitamin H can also strengthen the hair and eyelashes. The vitamin can be found in sardines, bananas, almonds, beer yeast, cereals and egg yolks.


  • Antioxidants. Vitamins C and E can fight off free radicals (damaging factors that cause premature aging) and repair the hair. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants.


  • Certain foods can actually stimulate hair growth. They can be soy, fish, eggs, beans and yoghurt.


  • Olive oil. It is a great anti-inflammatory oil because of its content in omega 3s. It is also very nourishing for the hair and skin.



Even though the length of your eyelashes is more of a genetic matter, it can still be controlled. Your eyelashes can be stimulated to grow a bit longer (up to 2mm) and curbed with the use of Castor oil. The oil can also help strengthen your lashes and protect them from further damage.


Hopefully, you don’t forget to moisturize the under eye area every night. That prevents premature wrinkles and sagging. My point is that the application of Castor oil for eyelash growth should be done just the same.


On a long term, constant maintenance will lead to fuller and longer lashes, without side effects.


Have you tried using the oil of Castor for your eyelashes? Did it work, and if not, will you give it another try now?


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