Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth

Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth! A Step-by-Step Guide plus FAQ

There are no perfect natural eyebrows, but there are those brows that will always be trendy. They’re your own natural brows! To maintain harmonious traits, you need your brows full and thick and well visible. If you’ve had problems in this regard, I suggest using Castor oil for eyebrow growth!


In this article, you’ll get many answers to a lot of frequently asked questions about eyebrow care and growth. It’s not an easy task, but most women who’ve tried Castor oil have had encouraging results.


Find out the answers to:

  • Why are eyebrows so important, plus more about trendy brows.
  • What is Castor oil and what exactly does it do for the brows?
  • How to use Castor oil for eyebrows, in a step-by-step guide.
  • More info about the Black or Jamaican Castor oil. Its benefits and its connection to the normal Castor oil.
  • Correcting eyebrow mistakes and errors.
  • Plus a few Castor oil recipes for eyebrow growth and maintenance.


FAQ about the Use of Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth


You may not be aware, but when you look at someone you meet for the first time, you will notice a certain symmetry on their face. That symmetry makes a person look attractive.


Eyebrows play the most important role in creating it. All it takes is a small mistake to give your face a different look, one that may not suit you very well.


Small details and a thorough brow care will make all the difference in the way you look. The answers to the following questions will hopefully help you clear out some important matters for you. Plus, you can now decide whether to use Castor oil for eyebrow growth or not.



1) Why do eyebrows need maintenance?

Eyebrows need maintenance and care to stay thick and dark colored for as long as possible. It is true that with age, the hair follicles will slow down their action and many will disappear. But the aging process, as unavoidable as it is, can still be slowed down with many years.


Constant hydration with quality ingredients can prevent premature aging. Castor oil is one such quality beauty ingredient.


One of the main functions of the eyebrows is to shape the face and add more appeal. A symmetrical face will always look more attractive, regardless of its shape.


They also help in communicating with other people. Biologically, the eyebrows are meant to protect the eyes from sweat and debris.


Eyebrows have the same structure as all the hair on the body. There is one difference though. Eyebrows have a shorter growing (anagen) phase. This phase can be stimulated with Castor oil.


The growing of eyebrows may be influenced by the age and health of each person. That is why one needs a lot of patience when growing back their brows.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth


2) What is the best approach for having trendy eyebrows?

Eyebrow trends have been and still are changing for quite some time now. One thing is certain though; natural and full eyebrows with a normal shape will never go out of style.


There are a few basic operations that need to be performed to get the natural shape of your eyebrows. Once you do get it however, it’ll be really easy to maintain.


So, the best approach for trendy brows is to go natural and use Castor oil on your eyebrows. The oil will maintain your brows full, thick, glossy and dark colored for a very long time.



3) What causes eyebrow loss or thinning?

Age is the only damaging factor that can’t be stopped. Other causes may be:


  • Regular plucking
  • Dyes
  • Harsh makeup
  • The lack of proper nourishment
  • A poor brow hygiene and skin care routine


They can all affect the health of your eyebrows. Alopecia and other skin conditions can also cause the eyebrows to thin, fall and stop growing.


Hair growth can be stimulated from the inside too. It matters greatly whether you have a vitamin deficiency or not. That will show on the condition and aspect of your hair (brows and lashes).


Plucking your hair regularly can weaken the hair shafts. Thus the brow hair will grow slower and thinner, giving the impression of less volume and density. Regular use of Castor oil for eyebrow growth can remedy this issue.


4) What is Castor oil?

Castor oil is a thick vegetable oil also known as carrier oil in Aromatherapy. It is cold pressed (extracted) from the raw castor beans.


These beans can be lethal if chewed and swallowed. But, after a more complex process of extraction, the poison or toxin called ricin is removed.


Thus, the oil of Castor is non-toxic. It also has many health benefits, being used primarily for its laxative effects. Many other industries use this oil. Modern medicine and the industry of paints and dyes, as well as shoe making, are all using Castor oil.


This oil is rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals and fatty acids like omega 9 or ricinoleic acid. It is these nutrients that give the oil its benefits and properties.


For a more fluid consistency, Castor can be mixed with Olive or Argan oils. They can also help the brows grow and become thicker.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth, Castor beans
Castor beans


5) What can Castor oil do for eyebrows and why use it?

There is not much medical data about the growth stimulation of Castor oil. But there is one that suggests that the ricinoleic acid the oil contains can inhibit the PGD2. This is an enzyme called prostaglandin D2 that causes the hair to stop from growing.


When the ricinoleic acid is applied to the skin, it can inhibit this enzyme and let the hair grow back. The PGD2 is responsible for male pattern baldness (alopecia) that can affect the eyebrows as well.


The ricinoleic acid and the other nutrients in Castor oil stimulate eyebrow growth by nourishing the hair follicles. Despite its thick nature, it absorbs into the skin quite fast.


When used for growing eyebrows, Castor oil can also protect from infections and itching. With one mention though, it must not enter the eyes or it will cause serious irritation.


Castor oil can also stimulate and improve the blood flow in the area where it’s applied.  Blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots that the hair needs to grow.


The benefits of Castor oil for eyebrows:
  • Gives the brows glossiness and shine.
  • Helps the eyebrows grow almost two times faster.
  • It strengthens the brow hairs.
  • Castor oil can also fill in most empty spaces.
  • It can also give the eyebrows a softer texture.
  • The oil ensures the hair and roots don’t lack the nutrients they need.
  • It can also repair damages brows.



6) How much time does it take to grow longer, thicker lashes with Castor oil?

In theory, eyebrow hair takes a lot less to grow than the head hair. It is so because its growing (anagen) phase is shorter. But, the growth process may vary between 2 or 3 months to 6 months.


For instance, one experiment discovered that shaved eyebrows can have a full regrowth in no more than 6 months.  After that time, there was no difference between the shaved and unshaved eyebrows.


Like I said, one’s lifestyle and diet may influence the brow growth process on a deep level. The same goes for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and even dandruff.


When using Castor oil for eyebrow growth, you’ll need to persevere and not give up in the first month. If your eyebrows were really damaged, the oil will first repair the damage. Eyebrow growth will start after the repairing has been done.



7) How can I use Castor oil on my eyebrows?

Aside from its many benefits, Castor oil is very simple to use too. Depending on personal preferences, you can either use it as it is or mix it with another carrier oil. It is a very thick oil with a characteristic scent.


Personally, I had no problem with it, but that’s the thing with preferences. Other great carrier oils to use for eyebrow growth and nourishment are: Olive, Coconut, Argan and Jojoba. You can mix Castor oil with any of them.


I don’t usually recommend the use of essential oils on eyebrows. It’s because they’d be applied so close to the eyes! Some can irritate and cause watery eyes and vision impediment for a short while.


However, if a large enough recipient is filled with castor oil, you could add no more than a drop of Peppermint, Rosemary or Hinoki essential oil. They’re known for their hair growth stimulation.


As for the tools to use when applying Castor oil on eyebrows, you can use your fingers, a Q tip, cotton pad or a brow brush. Mascara brushes are also great to use for eyebrows. When you use Castor oil on eyelashes, you can use the same brush on the brows as well.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth, Fuller, Natural Brows


A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Fuller and Thicker Eyebrows


A proper eyebrow care routine will ensure your brows looking as thick and natural as possible. It will also allow you to get the best out of Castor oil too. Like I said, it’s very simple to apply the oil, but there are still a few good practices to take into account.


Step 1Cleansing
  • The first thing to do is to remove any trace of makeup from your brows and complexion. Makeup residue can block the pores and prevent the oil to absorb.


  • Wipe the makeup off very gently. Don’t rub or pull to avoid losing those sensitive hairs.


  • This cleansing should be done twice a day, morning and night.


Step 2Scrubbing
  • Optimize your results with an eyebrow scrub, twice a week. The scrub will remove dead skin tissue, oil leftovers and other debris that seeped deep into the skin.


  • A clear skin will absorb the oil better and strengthen the roots and hair follicle. That way it’s easier to boost up hair growth.


Step 3 Application
  • Choose an empty recipient of mascara or eyeliner, clean it well and then fill it with Castor oil.


  • Take out a moderate amount of oil and apply all over the eyebrows.


  • Brush the eyebrows along their natural direction once. Then brush them back, this time towards the nose line.


  • Use your fingers to gently massage the eyebrow line to make sure the oil reaches the skin underneath. That will also stimulate the blood flow in that area.


  • Apply Castor oil for eyebrow growth at night, before going to bed. I recommend doing it 3 hours before actually going to bed, and then wiping the oil off. While sleeping, there are high chances that it will end up on the pillow anyway. And this oil can stain!


  • It will still be enough left to continue the growth and regeneration process. Sleep time is the best time for tissue and hair regeneration.


Step 4 – Cleansing
  • End up the cycle in the morning by cleansing the skin and brows really well.


  • Use a cotton pad soaked in Aloe Vera to wipe off the remaining oil. The gel will continue nourishing the eyebrow hair.


Even after getting the results you wanted, you should continue using Castor oil for eyebrow maintenance.  Without the protection of an oil like Castor, the hair can become weak and malnourished very fast.



8) Can I use Black Castor oil for eyebrows?

Black Castor or Jamaican Black Castor oil for eyebrows can be as good as the normal Castor oil. The black Castor oil is obtained a bit differently though.


The beans are first roasted, and then pressed to squeeze out the oil. The ash that forms on the beans while being roasted, gives the oil its black color. The Black Castor is a very common form of Castor oil.


The black variety can be used just like normal Castor oil can. Eyebrows, hair, nails, skin, etc. can benefit from the properties of Black Castor oil. It is just as thick but with a more pleasant scent than the normal oil. You can therefore, use Jamaican Black Castor oil for eyebrows any time.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth, Tools, Brushes
Tools for eyebrow grooming


9) What should I do before using Castor oil on eyebrows?

It’s always good to know all the pros and cons of a carrier oil before using it on large skin areas. In the case of Castor oil, it should not be taken internally without medical guidance.


It should not be used especially if one suffers from hemorrhoids, ulcers or IBS. Castor oil has strong laxative effects.


When it comes to topical applications, Castor oil is regarded as safe and effective. As for the eye area, just make sure you use small amounts to avoid irritating the eyes.


The oil can also irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. That’s why a patch test is advised before widespread use.


In case the oil does get into the eye, wipe the excess off with a dry cotton or a different, milder oil. Since oils don’t mix with water, using it would only make the matter worse and take the oil deeper into the eye.


Once you’ve removed the oil well, keep the eyes open and let them take in as much air as possible. If the irritation or watery eyes is really bad and can’t stop it, go to the doctor.


10) How can I correct brow line errors?

Eyebrow errors are very common and so, many women may deal with them at least once in a lifetime. A too thin a line is usually the most common error when it comes to eyebrows.


Using Castor oil for eyebrow growth can help the hair grow back and repair the fine and damaged brow hairs. With enough patience and continuous applications, these problems can be remedied.


Having a thin eyebrow line is not as big a tragedy as you’d think it is. Give it a few weeks – a month and it will start looking better. Until then though, you have the option of discreet makeup to correct any eyebrow errors.


You’ll need:

  • Some wax
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Eyebrow brushes (small, medium and big)
  • A color palette that contains a beige nuance.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth, Brow Makeup


a) Use the small brush to take a bit of wax on it. Start applying it on each strand of brow hair, filling in the empty spaces as well.


b) Take into account the line and width of your eyebrows.


c) Continue by applying the eye shadow color over the waxed hair. That will secure the powder and color.


d) With the medium brush, remove all the excess maintaining a proper line under and above the eyebrows.


e) Apply a small amount of beige colored eye shadow under the eyebrows to give your face an illuminated aspect.


Don’t use Castor oil on your eyebrows before applying makeup because it may not hold.



Eyebrow Growth Recipes with Castor Oil

One of the best things about Castor oil is that, being so thick, it sometimes needs dilution. That allows you to make some really great eyebrow growth blends!


A recommended practice with blends is to change them every few weeks. That will not allow the skin to get used to the ingredients. I will give you two different blend recipes for eyebrows growth. Each will of course contain Castor oil.


Castor Oil Eyebrow Growth Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Olive oil: half a teaspoon
  • Glycerin: half a teaspoon


Mix all these ingredients together and apply on the eyebrows each night, 3 hours before going to bed. You can leave it on for the night or wipe the oil off, leaving only enough to saturate the hair and roots (skin).


Eyebrow Growth and Maintenance Recipe with Castor and Coconut Oil

You’ll need:

  • Coconut oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Castor oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E: 3 drops


Apply each night for 4 – 6 weeks for the first visible results. Continue with it for the maintenance of the eyebrows.



Where to Buy Castor Oil for Eyebrows

Castor oil is quite easy to find, and in good quality too. You can find Castor oil at natural food markets or natural cosmetics. The simplest way is to order it online though.


It doesn’t really matter where you buy your Castor oil as long as the product meets a few standards.


It needs to have its Latin name on the label (Ricinus communis). The label must also contain the extraction method (cold pressed) and the country of origin. Other important mentioned details should be its certification and type (Wild, BIO, Organic, etc.)


For example, this Castor oil would be very good for eyebrow growth and maintenance.



There’s something appealing in a face with natural eyebrows. No matter the times we live in, they will never go out of style. That is great news for every woman, as she can choose whichever eyebrow style she likes.


Luckily, under normal conditions, even completely shaved eyebrows can grow back within 6 months.


That gives us all the hope that we can do something to boost the hair growth of our brows. I’ve told you all about the use of Castor oil for eyebrow growth. There are hundreds of women out there who’ve tested it and liked the results.


Will you be one of them? I would very much like it if you’d keep me posted with the progress 🙂


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