Black Seed Oil Weight Loss

How Can Black Seed Oil Help with Weight Loss? Studies, Tips & Recipes

Overweight and obesity are a worldwide problem. The heart and its circulatory system are the most affected by excess pounds. Fortunately, all these and other problems can be reversed. Healthier diets and exercise can be used for this purpose. But Black seed oil for weight loss can also help.


And you’re about to find out how it can do that! Further on, you’ll be reading about:

  • Details about what makes Black seed oil a great natural remedy. I will talk about its chemical constituents and their effects on weight loss.
  • The health effects of the oil of Black seed on losing weight. Most of its general benefits have been proven already.
  • How to use the oil for your well-being and health.
  • A couple of recipes to help you fight cellulite and lose some additional inches/cm.
  • Details about the plant and its seeds, plus where to buy good quality oil.
  • Safety tips for storage and use of Black seed oil for weight loss.


Does Black Seed Oil Help with Weight Loss? Health Effects and Recipes


Black seed oil is also known as Nigella sativa. This name is, in fact, the plant’s botanical/Latin name. In Aromatherapy, all plants have a botanical name that sets them apart from all the others. This name is the only one that helps you know exactly what a plant does.


The fruits of the plant are small pods filled with black seeds. Because they have many health benefits, these seeds are used in many different ways.


They can give flavor to dishes and relieve digestive problems. Black seed oil can also help heal the skin and improve the aspect of the hair.


The black seeds have a very long history and tradition in ancient medicine. Because of that, today, the plant and its seeds are intensely studied. The good news is that most of its traditional uses have been proven by science too.


Among its many uses and benefits, there is also the ability to control body weight. Nigella sativa has a wide range of biological activities. That shows its great therapeutic potential.


There are several mechanisms through which it can help with the process. Human studies reveal mostly encouraging results.


It has been used as a unique ingredient, in combination with a normal, healthy diet or with aerobic exercise. I will tell you more about the discoveries made in both situations.


But first, let’s see what makes the oil of Black Seed useful in weight loss. The chemical profile of Black Seed (Nigella sativa) oil:


Black Seed Oil Weight Loss - Nigella Sativa


  • Linoleic acid (28 – 60%) – This is one of the two essential fatty acids for the body. It can prevent or treat heart and circulatory problems.
  • Oleic acid (17.7 – 28%) – This is the second essential fatty acid for the body. In this study, oleic acid was found effective in inducing weight loss.  It helps to reduce blood pressure and stimulate the body to use fat as fuel. It is also a great antioxidant.
  • Palmitic acid (10 – 12.5%) – Although saturated, the palmitic acid contributes to the better functioning of the metabolism. In high amounts and singled out, it can be harmful to the body. That is not the case, however. In small amounts, like in Black Seed oil, and with other acids and minerals, it is beneficial.
  • Stearic acid (2.6 – 3%) – Another saturated acid, it is emollient in nature. Stearic acid helps with the production of other fatty acids.
  • Tocopherols (9.15mg/100g – 24.65mg/100g) – These are a group of antioxidants. Tocopherols can slow down the aging process and prevent many degenerative conditions. They reduce oxidative stress, which is strongly connected to obesity. Tocopherols can lower BMI and waist circumference.
  • Sterols (1.99g/kg – 2.18g/kg) – are great at lowering the level of cholesterol found in the gut. Too much of this cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis.
  • Thymoquinone (TQ) (30 – 50%) – this substance is, in fact, a volatile oil. It is responsible for the pungent fragrance of the Black seed oil. Among its many benefits, we have liver protection and anti-inflammatory effects. TQ is also antioxidant and showed some anti-cancer effects too. It has beneficial effects on the immune system and cardiovascular and digestive systems.
  • Carvacrol (6 – 12%) and Thymol – Highly anti-inflammatory molecules. Carvacrol can also induce a slight decrease in body weight. It can also decrease the serum glucose levels in the blood. It is especially good for the liver of diabetics.
  • Vitamin E – is a strong antioxidant.
  • Nigelline and nigellone – these molecules help strengthen the immune system. Nigellone has anti-histamine effects, which make it useful for people with asthma and allergies. Nigellone can also block calcium channels. This means it can help relieve not only asthma, but it can regulate blood pressure too. It is also useful for soothing diarrhea.


There are also trace amounts of many more acids, cholesterol, volatile oils, minerals and antioxidants. All the above-mentioned amounts may vary.


The geographical area the plant comes from may change chemical compositions. The processing and extraction methods can also influence the oil’s chemical profile.


As you can see, it’s no wonder that Nigella oil is so intensely studied! We’ve seen what the oil contains and what the effects of those constituents are. But how exactly can Black Seed oil help with weight loss?


If you want to use Black seed oil for weight loss, you have to know what happens with the body before taking it.


  • Overweight and obesity causes inflammation inside the body.
  • It raises the blood pressure because of a wide area that needs oxygenation. This puts a strain on the heart, which must pump more blood. That is how the heart and circulatory problems appear.
  • Extra weight can also cause type 2 diabetes. Resistance to insulin prevents a healthy blood sugar regulation. Elevated sugar levels lead to weight gain. Luckily, Black Seed oil is great at regulating blood sugar.
  • Overweight and obesity can also cause joint problems, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Other health complications are sleep apnea and respiratory problems. Cancer and metabolic syndrome are also caused by excess fat. They are mostly due to inflammation and high cholesterol. But raised blood pressure, insulin resistance, etc. matter too.
  • Excess fat stretches the skin, making it look flabby.
  • Finally, there are also the psychological and social effects. They weigh a lot on the overweight or obese person.


Black Seed Oil Weight Loss - Nigella Oil


After you use Black seed oil for weight loss, you can experience:


  • A detoxifying effect.

Nigella oil stimulates the evacuation of toxins from the body. This effect allows the body to work more efficiently. Thus all the vital activities get a boost, which translates into more energy. More energy means more fat used as a fuel.


  • A better digestion.

Black seed oil can stimulate the production of bile. This leads to a better digestion and the absorption of more useful nutrients. It also leads to the evacuation of toxins out of the body. The oil can also increase the secretion of cholesterol in the bile. That increased secretion leads to its evacuation.


  • Metabolic boost.

Nigella oil can also stimulate the activity of the pancreas and the digestive system. A healthy digestion speeds up the metabolism. A good metabolism helps the body function at full capacity. The latter activity leads to the burning of more fat for energy. The oil can also help with bloating.


  • Lipid-lowering effects.

If you want to avoid weight gain, Black seed oil has what you need. The oil speeds up cholesterol metabolism. It can do that because of all the polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols it contains.


Black seed oil can also help with weight loss by reducing the insulin resistance. The thymoquinone (TQ) and its antioxidative effects can do that.


TQ can also reduce the absorption of glucose found in the intestine, which leads to extra pounds. Nigella oil is one of the best among a few other medicinal plants with anti-obesity effects.


  • Low blood pressure effects.

The TQ and other antioxidants in Black seed oil cause the blood vessels to dilate and deliver more blood. Blood vessel dilation leads to a lower blood pressure.


The high content of linoleic acid strengthens the blood vessels. The oleic acid can regulate the lipid (fat) structure found in membranes. The oil can lower BP by blocking the calcium channels.


  • Antibacterial and antifungal effects.

The thymoquinone again is responsible for most of its antibacterial effects. Thymol and carvacrol are also helpful as antibacterial agents. Nigella oil is especially effective against gram-negative organisms and antibiotics.


Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida albicans can be inhibited by Black seed oil. The oil can also protect the liver and intestines from worms.


All these beneficial effects make Black seed oil useful in weight loss. It can help decrease the waist circumference, body weight and bad cholesterol.  It is also said to reduce the appetite for people with DM (diabetes mellitus).


Using Black seed oil for weight loss seems like a good alternative to many pharmaceuticals. Because of that, it seems that Nigella sativa and its seeds have earned a top place. It is very high ranked among the few proven herbal medicines available.


Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss


Research-Based Results on Using Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss

One randomized study was performed on 20 sedentary overweight women. This trial took place in the city of Kerman, Iran. It lasted 8 weeks and it was combined with an aerobic training program.


As usual, the women were divided into 2 groups. One was placebo and the other used capsules of Nigella sativa seed powder. There was roughly 500 mg of powder used in one capsule. The women had to ingest 2 grams (4 capsules)/day for 8 weeks. They also did aerobic exercises 3 times a week.


The training plus the supplementation with Black seeds showed a synergistic effect. Thus, after 8 weeks, the women had a lower cholesterol and BMI (body mass index).


A similar trial was performed on white rabbits. They were given Black seed powder and Black seed oil for 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.


At the end of the trial, the oil and seeds showed a clear decrease in fat levels. They also decreased the cholesterol level and protected the cardiovascular system.


Another study focused on feeding Nigella and Sesame seeds to diabetic rats. Researchers measured their effects on:


  • Body weight,
  • Immune system response,
  • Blood glucose,
  • And a few other antioxidant benefits.


The rats were divided into 7 groups. One was kept for control and the others were fed experimental diets. These diets were supplemented with Nigella sativa seeds (NS) and Sesame seeds (SS) alone or combined.


Their results showed a better kidney function and antioxidant effects on the cells.  They also showed a decrease in the serum levels of total cholesterol. Compared to the control group, diabetic rats fed with Nigella sativa and sesame had gained more weight.


Diabetes produces many changes in the body and its metabolism. The disease itself may have influenced the result of gaining weight. Or it may have also been the combination of Nigella seeds with sesame seeds.


There are many factors that could influence the results of a randomized trial. That includes the number of seeds used and the period of time. On a short-term, it may appear like gaining weight. But on a longer term, that could stabilize.


There are inconclusive or significant study results too, which is normal. Nigella sativa oil hasn’t been tested only for weight loss, as you’ve seen.


Some studies did not have any significant results at all. Or if they were contradictory, their backgrounds and methods used haven’t been the same as the ones with positive results. It’s obvious there’s still need for more research in this direction.


Black Seed Oil and Healthy Diet for Weight Loss
A healthy diet, Nigella oil, and exercise all help with weight loss and management.


How to Use Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss

Generally speaking, Nigella sativa oil is a relatively safe oil to use. There were no significant side effects reported in most of the studies. However, too much of this oil can indeed cause some harm.


That is generally true with everything we eat or drink. I will tell you more about possible side effects before concluding the article.


All tests have used Black seed oil internally. It is a vegetable oil, extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. Vegetable oils, also known as carrier oils are usually safe for consumption.


They are safe in that they don’t irritate or burn the sensitive mucous membranes. Unlike essential oils for instance, which shouldn’t be used undiluted first.


However, since Black seed oil is such a potent oil, its internal consumption should be done carefully. Its therapeutic effects are strongly connected to the dosage and time of use. A correct dosage can be established by a doctor, after carefully reviewing a patient’s:


  • Medical history,
  • Family history,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Current health conditions,
  • Medicines taken,
  • Age,
  • Gender.


There are several ways in which you can take Black seed oil for weight loss internally:


  • In capsules.
  • Mixed with honey and warm water.
  • Mixed with fruit juice.



For its effects to be visible, you should use the oil for at least 2 months. I also recommend keeping a diary. Write down your measurements before and after using Black seed oil to lose weight.


Nigella Oil for Weight Loss - Exercise and Diet Make All the Difference

Physical exercise improves metabolism and encourages fat burning. Lower calorie intake is also needed when trying to lose weight. All those extra pounds are in fact deposits of food that wasn’t needed.


Another good way of using Black seed oil is by topical application. The oil’s anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects make it a good anti-cellulite ingredient.


Cellulite is also fat in the superficial skin layer (epidermis). Certain studies showed that stimulating massages can help you lose some of the waist circumferences. The right ingredients are needed of course.


This is where essential oil blends are the best. Next, I will give you a few anti-cellulite recipes with Black seed oil.


Remember that Nigella oil is meant as a complementary treatment for weight loss. It should not replace prescriptions or medical advice. On the contrary, its effects have been shown to work great in synergy with other practices.


Anti-Cellulite Black Seed Oil Recipes

Black seed oil has lipid-lowering effects. Together with its other anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, it can be used externally too.


It will be especially useful if you add good anti-cellulite essential oils. They will penetrate deep into the tissue, improve circulation and help dissolve fat.


Check out these next couple of anti-cellulite blend recipes and start your program right away.


Black Seed Oil Anti-Cellulite Serum

You’ll need:

  • Black seed oil: 2 Oz (60ml)
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 20 drops
  • Juniper essential oil: 30 drops


Give the blend a good shake before each use to activate the oil molecules. Apply mornings and nights, for at least a month, on a clean skin. Use energetic movements, in the direction of the heart.


2 in 1: Black Seed and Honey Anti-Cellulite and Weight Loss Scrub

You’ll need:

  • Black seed oil: 1 Oz (30ml)
  • Atlas Cedarwood essential oil: 25 drops
  • Lemon essential oil: 25 drops
  • Baking soda or ground coffee: 1 cup
  • Honey: 2 tsp.


Mix the coffee or baking soda with the honey and oils and scrub the affected areas a few minutes. Rinse with hot and cold shower to stimulate drainage and circulation.


Add the same amount of essential oils into 2 Oz (60ml) Black seed oil for weight loss. Then apply with energetic movements on the affected areas, twice a day.


The massage is very important in reducing fat tissue. It needs to last as long as possible, usually between 5 – 15 minutes.


The nigella seed pod is where the black seeds are found.


Black Seed Plant Details, Where to Buy and Other Uses, plus Safety Tips


Black seed or Nigella oil is also known as black cumin oil. Sometimes, it is also called black caraway or onion seeds. They’re all wrong!


Black cumin and caraway seeds belong to the Apiaceae family. The botanical name of Black cumin is Bunium bulbocastanum.  Onion is part of the Allium genus of plant species. And black seed oil belongs to the Ranunculaceae plant family.  It is a family of flowering plants like anemone or buttercup.


In other words, when you hear about Black Cumin seed oil for weight loss, you’ll know it’s about Black seed oil.


Nigella is an aromatic plant that grows in many warm countries. It has delicate, beautiful flowers that are mostly blue in color. Depending on the geographical area, they can be pale purple, pink, yellow and white too.


The fruits of this flowering plant are large pods, filled with many black seeds. These seeds have a high oil yield. More than rosehips, for instance.


Nigella is grown in many countries around the world. It is native to Southwest Asia, Southern Europe and North Africa. Countries that grow it are Turkey, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.


All these countries provide slightly different Nigella sativa oils. The percentages of their main constituents differ because of the climate and soil quality. The oil doesn’t change its overall effects and benefits. But some varieties may be higher in thymoquinone, for instance.


Where to Buy Black Seed Oil


Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss - Nigella oil


Black Seed oil for weight loss needs to be 100% pure and unrefined. You can buy it online or from a health food store. The seller must be trustworthy and the product details thoroughly explained.


Your Nigella oil can come in dark plastic bottles, but glass bottles are preferred. The oil needs to have a label containing:


  • The botanical name,
  • Country of origin,
  • Extraction method
  • And shelf life.


If you have a trustworthy seller, don’t be afraid to ask for the GC/MS report of the oil. Each seller should provide this info to all its customers freely. The report contains data about the oil’s chemical profile.

Check Price 


Other Uses for Black Seed Oil (Non-Weight Loss Related)

It’s not hard to notice that Black seed oil can be used in more than weight loss. The oil is great for beauty purposes, in skin and hair care.


Applied topically, it can soothe eczema or psoriasis. Nigella oil can also help clear out acne and its scars. It can also help wounds close and heal faster.


In hair care, the use of Black seed oil can strengthen the hair strands and prevent dandruff. The latter is caused by a fungus called Malassezia. Its antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects can kill the Malassezia and relieve itchiness. The oil’s high content of fatty acids will nourish the hair and give it luster.


Being a good antifungal, Nigella oil can also be used for mycoses and other viral infections.


Safety Tips (Storage and Use of Nigella Oil)

While using Black seed oil for weight loss, there are a few important things to remember:


  • The oil should be kept in a dark and cool place. The fridge is the best place to maintain the oil fresh and free of bacteria growth. Just make sure you don’t add water, which increases the risk of mold growth.
  • It was noticed that in rats, Nigella oil prevented pregnancy. If you want a child in the future, talk to your doctor before using Black seed oil for weight loss. The oil showed anti-fertility effects in male rats too.
  • Black seeds oil can also prevent contractions induced by oxytocin. Thus, the oil can be used to delay childbirth, but only under medical supervision.
  • The use of Black seed oil may interact with a wide range of medicines. It can either affect or inhibit their effects.
  • Take breaks between treatments and consult your doctor if anything seems wrong. Weight loss needs to be done under close medical supervision, with all remedies approved.
  • Do not take more than the recommended dose.
  • Also, it should not be used for longer than the specified time either.



Does Black seed oil make you lose weight? It can help you stop gaining weight and it can also help you start losing weight. It just needs to be done carefully. The best combination is Black seed oil for weight loss plus physical exercise and a balanced diet.


It is indeed hard to lose weight, especially if one is overweight or obese. But the effort is well worth it! You’ll be in top shape and your health will be at its peak. You’ll feel better about yourself and start doing things you always wanted to do.


What do you think about Nigella oil so far? Will you give it a try? I’ll look forward to reading about your experiences.


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