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Best Natural Shampoo Products and Why They Are the Best Choice

Today, we’re more considerate towards the environment and our own health than ever. That goes all the way up to the personal care products we use. Lately, natural hair care has gained a lot of popularity, and not without a solid reason. You can now learn more about the best natural shampoo that can help you maintain beautiful hair.


There are many products from which you can choose, but here’s all you can read about in this post:

  • The benefits of an all-natural shampoo. Plus details about the most common ingredients used in one. Their special properties make them good natural shampoo ingredients.
  • Pros and cons for 5 of the best natural shampoos you can buy, depending on your hair type and needs.
  • Some details you ought to know about commercial shampoos. What they use to make them and why.


Characteristics and Benefits of the Best Natural Shampoo Products (Reviews)


How does one find the best shampoo when there are so many to choose from? The answer is simple. You need to know your hair’s type and its needs. You also need to consider the environment and the season.


Whether you use lots of styling products or you dye it often, should also be considered.


For all of these and more, you will find a commercial shampoo to tick all your preferences. But commercial shampoos, though complex and well formulated, they’re not natural. Their beneficial effects are also temporary. On a long term, the use of synthetic shampoos may weaken the hair deeply.


Most of the ingredients they use are synthetic. You’ll usually find between 10 and 30 ingredients in such a shampoo. Read more on this matter in the last part of the article.


All-natural shampoos are made of naturally or organically derived cleansing products. The role of a shampoo is to clean the scalp and hair from sebum, dead skin cells and styling products.


The sebum is a natural oil the body produces to maintain the skin and hair elastic. AT the same time it also nourishes and protects.


Without it, the hair will look dry, frizzy and overall dull. Most commercial shampoos and frequent washing lead to this result very often. They strip the sebum off your scalp and hair and they weaken the hair up to the point of breaking.


Best Natural Shampoo; Hair Care


The best natural/organic shampoo needs to:


  • Contain only naturally derived ingredients. They don’t attack the hair follicles or the scalp. They also have antibacterial and antifungal properties that protect against dandruff.
  • Not lather up as commercial shampoos do. This is a good indicator of the quality of ingredients used.
  • Be safe and non-toxic and not put your health at risk. Natural ingredients don’t usually stack up in your body as synthetic molecules do. By that, they don’t affect various organs and cause problems either.
  • Provide nourishment and luster to the hair.
  • Be able to seal in the moisture and maintain it elastic and supple. This feature can prevent breakage.
  • Not have a powerful fragrance. Best natural shampoo products have a pleasant smell that comes from essential oils. Depending on the oil used and its notes (top, middle, and base), the shampoo may smell more or less powerful.
  • Protect against dandruff and soothe all itching sensations.
  • Stimulate hair growth and/or decrease the chances of hair fall.
  • Balance the sebum production that’ll keep the scalp and hair moist.


As you can see, there’s a lot a natural shampoo must target. The good news is that the ingredients alone, if natural and/or organic, will do all this anyway.


There’s no need to create complex formulas. The most common, naturally derived ingredients you will see in natural shampoos and conditioners are:


  • Vegetable oils – They are indispensable. They provide luster and nourishment to the scalp and hair fibers. Vegetable oils can protect the hair and also condition it. Examples: Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Sunflower seed, etc.


  • Butters – These are thick, oily substances that become liquid when melted. They will do pretty much the same thing as vegetable oils. Plant-derived butters are mostly useful as conditioners. But they are used in shampoos for dry and damaged hair too. Examples: Mango, Shea, Cocoa, etc.


  • Plant-derived preservatives – They are meant to protect the product from bacteria or mold growth. That’ll ensure a longer shelf life for your shampoo. Examples: vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, caprylol glycin, etc.


  • Water – it is necessary for natural emulsions. Even though oils don’t mix with water, when vigorously shaken, they can break down in tiny droplets ready to be used. However, there are substances that bind the oils with the water. They create emulsions and gel-like shampoos.


  • Essential oils – Their purpose is therapeutic. Not only are they highly antibacterial, but they can also affect the limbic system. In other words, if you inhale pure essential oils from your shampoo, you can change your mood for the better.


  • Vegetable glycerin – it is highly nutritive and emollient, which makes it a good hair ingredient.


There is always the option of making your own natural, organic shampoo. But maybe you’re not yet too experienced in this task. If that’s the case, you can choose your next best natural shampoo from the following list.


Make sure you go through all their pros and cons before making a decision.


My choices are based on:

  • The product’s ingredients and,
  • How accurate their reviews are. For the latter, I used



1) Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo

A very lovely looking natural shampoo for dry, damaged hair.

Best Natural Shampoo - Shea Moisture Shampoo


  • Shea Moisture Retention shampoo contains sea kelp and Argan oil. Of course, it also contains Shea butter. The other ingredients are ethically traded and sustainably produced. You will also see Aloe Vera gel, Panthenol and sugar beet. The preservative used is Rosemary extract. Water, vitamin E, Avocado oil and honeysuckle extracts are also present in this product.
  • The scent of the shampoo is given by the honeysuckle.
  • The shampoo can be used as natural shampoo for colored hair. The manufacturer states that it’s color safe.
  • The product is sulfate-free and cruelty-free.
  • It helps to cleanse, hydrate and repair the dry hair. Damaged and over-processed hair can benefit from this shampoo’s properties as well. The seller promises the shampoo can heal, boost hair growth and strengthen the hair.
  • The bottle is 13 Oz (385 ml).
  • The shipping weight of the product is 15.2 ounces (450 ml).
  • The Shea Moisture Company and shampoo are rated with 80% high-quality reviews. This fact makes the product trustworthy.



  • Many users say the scent is too powerful.
  • The Shea Moisture shampoo may be too heavy for thin or oily hair types. Stick to using it if you’ve got dry, damaged and/or dyed hair.
  • Many users complain about hair feeling waxy/oily after using it. Remember it’s a natural product that doesn’t lather as your usual shampoo. If you’ve never used natural or organic shampoos before, the effect might be shocking at first. It easily goes away after a few more washes though.


Why I like it:

An all-natural shampoo that can be used for colored hair too, not only for dry hair. The Shea Moisture Retention shampoo is among the best natural shampoos. It’s made of natural ingredients that help the hair and scalp.

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2) Andalou Naturals Argan Oil & Shea Moisture Rich Shampoo

A simple looking, yet effective natural/organic shampoo for curly, dry hair.


Best Natural Shampoo - Andalou Naturals Shampoo


  • The product uses their own fruit stem cell science. It relies on capturing the benefits of all the natural ingredients used. Your hair and scalp will be protected by replacing old and dead stem cells with new, fresh ones from fruits.
  • Andalou shampoo is Non-GMO, gluten-free and sustainably sourced. It is also cruelty-free and it uses nature-derived ingredients.
  • The product contains Argan oil and Shea butter, Aloe Vera and water. It also contains vegetable glycerin, soy milk, Argan and Avocado oils. There is also Manuka honey and amino acids in its composition. You’ll also find milk thistle and Vanilla extracts and Orange essential oil. Lastly, there are also panthenol, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in its composition. The foaming agents used are derived from Coconut fatty acids.
  • The product’s weight is 13.8 ounces (485 ml).
  • This shampoo is recommended for dry, wavy and curly hair types.
  • It is also color safe.
  • The scent of the shampoo is given by the Vanilla extract and Orange essential oil.
  • The product enjoys 90% high-quality reviews. This is more than acceptable as far as honesty goes in reviews.



  • The fragrance of the shampoo might be too strong or sweet for some.
  • The ingredients it contains may also weigh down on certain hair types. It’s better to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • It may cause allergic reactions because of the essential oil, so test it first.


Why I like it:

I simply love the combination of vanilla with orange. They’re very uplifting. This is among the best natural shampoo products as it lathers and rinses very well.

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3) EO Pure Performance Botanical Shampoo (Rose & Chamomile)

One of the best organic shampoo products destined for color treated hair.

Best Natural Shampoo - EO Pure Performance Botanicals Shampoo


  • One bottle is 8.4 ounces (250 ml). It sells in a pack of 3 products.
  • As for its scent, the fragrances are natural. You can choose between Rose and Chamomile and Coconut and Hibiscus. Or you can also choose French Lavender or Sweet Orange.
  • The color protection is given by a complex of ingredients like green tea and sunflower extracts. The Rose & Chamomile shampoo contains vitamins E and B, vegetable glycerin and water. Other ingredients are Chamomile and Gotu Kola extracts Hibiscus and Quinoa Protein. There are also Aloe Vera and essential oils. The latter are Bergamot, Geranium, Grapefruit, Ho Leaf, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Rose and Rosewood. This blend is for the Rose and Chamomile version of the shampoo.
  • The product is gluten and cruelty-free.
  • The EO Pure Performance Botanical shampoo is completely trustworthy. It has 90% high-quality reviews.
  • This shampoo is a gentle product that nourishes and repairs dry, color treated hair. If color is your main concern, then this all-natural shampoo for color treated hair should be tested.
  • The cleansing agents are Coconut-derived.



  • It contains Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine. However, this substance has not been found to accumulate in the body or irritate the skin. EWG’s rating for the substance is 1 (the lowest).
  • Unfortunately, it also contains phenoxyethanol, which is a known irritant. In small quantities, plus the fact that the shampoo is rinsed off fast, doesn’t give it time to seep and cause reactions.
  • Since it contains Coconut-derived substances, beware if you have nut allergies.
  • The essential oil blend might seem too herbal or odd for some.


Why I like it:

The EO Botanical shampoo is one of the best natural shampoo products. It has many organically derived ingredients that are non-toxic. This is especially good for color treated hair.

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4) Christina Moss Naturals Shampoo – Organic and 100% Natural

A very classy looking organic shampoo that cleanses gently, all hair types.

Best Natural Shampoo - Christina Moss Organic Shampoo


  • Christina Moss Naturals Shampoo is for women and men alike.
  • The shampoo is sulfate free, with no harmful chemicals in it. It is also cruelty-free and vegan. The product doesn’t contain any parabens, dyes or synthetic perfumes. No SLES, SLS or anesthetizing ingredients either.
  • It contains Coconut and Olive oils, Sunflower oil and Aloe Vera gel. It also contains Shea butter, water, and Rosemary extract. Naturally derived potassium hydroxide and decyl glucoside are also present.
  • It is meant to be used on dry, oily, curly or fine hair types. Great for sensitive skin or scalp too.
  • As one of the best organic shampoo products, it produces a very nice and full lather.
  • The company guarantees freshness for 6 months after the purchase date. They will also replace it or give you a full refund.
  • The bottle is 8 ounces (230 ml); it is a BPA free plastic bottle.
  • There is no soy or gluten in the shampoo. This organic shampoo is not scented.
  • There are 90% high-quality reviews for this product, making it trustworthy.



  • Some users complained about feeling their hair either dry or oily. The ingredients of this shampoo are meant to keep all hair types balanced. Because it’s a non-toxic natural shampoo, you should give it some time until the hair gets used to it. Going from commercial shampoos to natural, organic shampoos takes some getting used to.
  • If it dries out the hair, try using a lesser amount.
  • If you’re allergic to nuts, better test this product first.


Why I like it:

First of all, this shampoo bottle doesn’t look like all the other natural, organic shampoos. I like its design and this way, it’s easier to use too. Very easy and safe to carry in a luggage while traveling too. I’d definitely include it on the list of the best organic shampoo products.

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5) Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

A very nice set of an all-natural shampoo and conditioner. It is mostly recommended for dry, curly, or/and damaged hair.

Best Natural Shampoo - Dessert Essence Shampoo & Conditioner


  • The pack includes 1 nourishing shampoo and 1 nourishing conditioner. They’re both for dry, damaged hair.
  • Both recipients weigh 8 Oz (237 ml).
  • Both products are vegan, wheat and gluten free. It is also cruelty-free and biodegradable.
  • There are no parabens, SLS, phthalates, synthetic dyes, silicones. No petroleum derived ingredients, no glycol, phosphates or EDTA.
  • The shampoo contains Jojoba and Olive oils.
  • The conditioner contains Coconut and Sunflower oils, and Shea butter.
  • Other ingredients in both products are Nettle and Chamomile extracts, Sweet Almond and Hemp oils. There is also Wheat Germ oil and other fruit or plant-derived ingredients. They’re meant to cleanse and condition.
  • It has shown good results on fine hair types too.
  • The company and their products are rated A – over 90% high-quality reviews.



  • Among all the natural and organic ingredients, they also say it contains perfume. We can assume it’s also natural but that’s no guarantee. Better test it for allergic reactions first.
  • The oil contains lots of Coconut oil and coconut derived ingredients. You should test it for allergies before widespread use.


Why I like it:

This pack of two could be put on the list with the best natural shampoo and conditioner products. Especially if you love the smell of Coconut and Chamomile. The size of the bottles is very good compared to their price. If you use small, moderate amounts, they’ll last a long time.

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Conditioners are better used separately as they contain different ingredients. They’re meant to stay on the hair fiber. If they’re added into the shampoo (as a 2 in 1 for instance), they’ll be washed away with the cleansing agents. You won’t solve much this way.


These were the 5 best natural shampoo products I found to be trustworthy. I’ve seen many people complaining about the effects of a natural shampoo on their hair. At first, it’s normal to feel it waxy, oily, dull, heavy, etc.


You might be used to commercial shampoos that make a lot of foam. This only means they’ll strip your hair of natural oils and load it with silicones for luster. But this effect is temporary.


You and your hair will get used to using natural, organic shampoos that don’t strip away all the sebum.


Best Natural Shampoo; Hair Wash


Things to Know about Commercial Shampoos


Commercial shampoos are very complex blends of ingredients. Manufacturers have to take into consideration many consumer hair preferences and needs.


That’s why there are so many hair care products on the market. And I’m talking about shampoos and conditioners only. Hairstyling is already a different matter.


Commercial shampoos contain mostly synthetic ingredients that cleanse and condition the hair. Their effects are temporary though, making you feel like washing your hair more often. The hair needs its sebum, so a little sebum is nothing to be ashamed of.


We’ve used commercial shampoos for so long that we don’t even know how it is with natural hair care products. Many believe a bit of oil means a lacking hygiene, when in fact that’s healthy and beneficial.


A commercial shampoo contains foaming agents like SLS and SLES. They’re called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These substances have potential irritant effects.


Although there is a general consensus about how toxic SLS might be, studies tell a different tale. They say that if the SLS is used in proper dosages, it doesn’t pose any threat to human health or the environment.


In other words, science doesn’t support the claims of SLS being harmful to human safety and health.


Generally speaking, synthetic substances have the potential to cause irritation and/or sensitivity. In time, they can also damage the hair fiber and cause it to break or fall off.



Natural ingredients are simply better than synthetic ones. They are capable of working in synergy and affecting everything around them, in a good way of course.


You won’t see an essential oil being just antibacterial. It’ll also improve your mood, nourish the skin and stimulate its regeneration process, etc.


Any of the 5 best natural shampoo products in this reviewing article should help your hair. The only downside would be that it takes an adjustment period. But if you want to go natural, you’re on the right path.


Have you ever used natural or organic shampoos before? How do you find them so far? I should be very happy to read your comments and answer your questions, so don’t be shy!


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