Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair

Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair plus Tips and Recipes to Tame It

Having frizzy hair means avoiding humidity like the devil! Since that’s not exactly possible, you’re left with a lot of frustration and bad hair days. It may be difficult to find a good hair routine for frizzy hair, but it is not impossible. Learn how to pamper your wild, dry hair with a few good practices and essential oils for frizzy hair.


In this article, you’ll read about:

  • The way essential oils and vegetable (carrier) oils can help your frizzy hair.
  • The pros and cons of some of the best essential oils for dry and frizzy hair. That’ll help you understand what they can do for it. These pros and cons can also help you decide which oil to buy or use.
  • A few natural blend recipes with natural therapeutic ingredients to tame that wild, dry hair.
  • A good idea of hair care regimen for frizzy hair. You’ll learn about the importance of the tools you use and how to style frizzy hair among others.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair plus Recipes (Natural Remedies)


Frizzy hair is more like a very common syndrome. It is often curly or wavy and naturally prone to dryness. By nature, this type of hair is the most pretentious to take care of.


Frizzy hair is:

  • Thin,
  • Brittle,
  • Dry,
  • Fragile,
  • Tight,
  • Prone to breakage,
  • Damaged.


It also has tight curls and needs special treatment, maintenance and care. From this point of view, dry, frizzy hair is quite demanding.


Frizziness happens when the scalp is very dry because it doesn’t produce enough sebum. It happens! There are types of skin that are very dry, thereby prone to eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and frizzy hair.


But the frizziness is often made worse by grooming products, chemical treatments and styling. Medically speaking, “frizzy hair is due to sideways growth and tight coiling of the hair fiber.”


Unsuitable grooming may cause ingrown hair. It may also cause infections and damage to the whole hair fiber.


That’s why it’s important to find the balance between the products and tools you use, and the way your hair responds to them. The key to a tamed and good-looking hair is nourishment, hydration and moisturizing.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair


What Can Essential Oils Do for Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair needs a lot of moisture. If it doesn’t get it from you, it’ll take it from the atmosphere. Air humidity is a known enemy of frizzy hair. It makes the hair look really wild and full, which is not something anyone likes.


Using essential oils for frizzy hair (and carrier oils) can prevent all that. They will seal in the existent moisture and prevent humidity from being absorbed into the hair.


Essential oils and carrier oils are very different one from the other. The first are made of tens of different volatile chemical constituents (they evaporate). Thereby, they have specific fragrances and perfumes. Because they’re very concentrated extracts, essential oils need to be diluted before use.


Carrier oils are vegetable oils extracted mechanically from the fatty portions of the fruits. They use kernels, nuts and seeds. Carrier oils are the perfect means for the dilution of essential oils. They don’t usually have a fragrance and they don’t evaporate. But they do have many benefits of their own.


Carriers form a protective fatty layer around the hair fibers. It is this protective layer that seals in moisture and prevents humidity from ruining the hair.


Used together, carriers and essential oils for frizzy hair can:

  • Nourish.
  • Maintain the hair hydrated and elastic/flexible.
  • Soothe the dry scalp and hair.
  • Give luster and sheen to dry, dull hairs.
  • Tame the frizziness.
  • Protect against dandruff.
  • Protect from UV damage.
  • Strengthen the hair fibers and make them more resistant.
  • Boost hair growth.
  • Limit hair loss.

That being said, let’s see which essential oils can be used for dry, frizzy hair and why.


1) Rosemary (ct. cineole) Essential Oil

Botanical (Latin) name: Rosmarinus officinalis (cineoliferum).


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair, Rosemary



  • Rosemary is one of the most popular essential oils for hair care. It is so because it can stimulate hair growth.
  • It also protects from dandruff because Rosemary has high antibacterial and antifungal effects.
  • Rosemary has tonic and stimulant effects and can repair the damaged hair fibers. This makes Rosemary ideal for damaged, dry and frizzy hair.
  • The oil has astringent properties. this helps give the frizzy hair back its elasticity and make your curls more supple.



  • stands for chemotype. There are many other chemotypes available for rosemary (ct. verbenone, camphor, etc.). These Latin names are the only ones that tell the difference between species. Make sure you buy the right type of oil, as each has its own set of benefits.
  • The oil of Rosemary should not be used by people with high blood cholesterol.
  • People with asthma should also stay away from this oil or seek medical guidance first.
  • Do not use the oil internally, as it may burn the sensitive mucus membranes or cause liver toxicity.


Why I like it:

If you’ve never used Rosemary essential oil on your hair before, you should remedy it. It gives the hair great luster and cleans it deeply (up to the proverbial “squeaky clean”). The hair untangles easily and doesn’t frizz anymore. Plus, it can also lift up the mood and memory, among others.

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2) Sandalwood Essential Oil

Botanical name: Santalum album.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair, Sandalwood



  • Sandalwood essential oil can help with the taming of frizzy hair. It is nourishing and smells really well.
  • The oil also has very good antibacterial and anti-infection properties. That could help in preventing dandruff and infections of damaged hair.
  • It can stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp. Sandalwood oil is great for hair growth because of this property.
  • The oil is also soothing and calming. No more itchiness, scalp tightness or irritation.
  • It can also promote relaxation too.



  • Sandalwood oil for hair growth should not be used in large quantities. It takes about 100 kilos of bark to get only 500 grams of essential oil! That has led to serious deforestation and the tree becoming a protected species.
  • The oil of Sandalwood should not be used by epileptic or asthmatic people. Those with kidney insufficiency or hemophilia should also stay away. Also, people on anticoagulant medication would do well to avoid Sandalwood oil.
  • Use this oil for a very short period of time and in low dosages.


Why I like it:

Sandalwood smells very pleasant and is very soothing to the nervous system and skin. It can easily become one of your favorite essential oils for frizzy hair. It also helps with high blood pressure, infections of all sorts and varicose veins.

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3) Peppermint Essential Oil

Botanical name: Mentha piperita.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair, Peppermint



  • Peppermint is one good oil for frizzy hair because it’s nourishing and protecting.
  • The oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. They can protect the scalp from infections, dandruff and dryness, etc. This helps the new hair to grow healthier.
  • Peppermint’s effects on hair growth have been proven. Thus, dry, frizzy hair can slowly be replaced with a newer, stronger one.
  • This oil can help taming a wild, frizzy hair on a humid day and not only.



  • Asthmatic and epileptic people should not use Peppermint essential oil for frizzy hair.
  • The oil has estrogen-like effects. It can be harmful to those on hormonal medication.
  • Peppermint should not be used on a long term. It can cause toxicity to the liver and kidneys.
  • If you suffer from other illnesses, consult your doctor before using this oil for frizzy hair.


Why I like it:

Peppermint is very refreshing and uplifting. It is also a great digestive essential oil that can deal with nausea and motion sickness. Because it can boost new hair growth, I would say Peppermint can be classified as one of the best essential oils for dry, frizzy hair.

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Other good essential oils for frizzy hair:
  • Cypress
  • Cedarwood
  • Patchouli
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
  • Geranium
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger


All essential oils must be tested for skin allergies before any widespread use! Each new bottle of the same oil you’ve been using needs to be tested as well. Their chemical composition varies (more or less) from batch to batch. The climate, soil and even processing method can change it.


Simply dilute a drop and mix it into the inside of the forearm. Leave it there for the night and watch it for any redness, irritation, itchiness, etc.


Pregnant and nursing women must not use essential oils in the first trimester. After that, they should do it with a doctor’s approval. Children and elderly should do the same.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair


How to Use Essential Oils for Dry, Frizzy Hair

Carriers are the perfect means for the dilution of essential oils. Together, they complete each other perfectly. When you use essential oils for frizzy hair, mix them with the appropriate carriers for the best results.


6 – 12 drops of essential oil per Oz carrier oil should be enough for a warm oil mask. You can add more, depending on your preferences, skin tolerance and needs.


The best carrier oils for frizzy hair are:


  • Avocado
  • Wheat Germ
  • Coconut
  • Castor
  • Olive
  • Thick Butters (Shea, Mango, etc.)



Frizzy Hair Natural Remedies (Essential Oil Blend Recipes)

After theory comes practice. It’s time to make some blends and take care of that frizzy hair. I made a list with some simple blends and serums for you to choose from.


Feel free to replace the ingredients with something else you have at hand. Just make sure they’re similar enough to maintain the blend’s effectiveness.


Frizzy Hair Natural Serum

You’ll need:

  • Rosemary (ct. cineole) essential oil:30 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil: 30 drops
  • Avocado oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut oil: 3 tablespoons
  • Wheat Germ oil: 3 tablespoons


Mix all these oils together, in a spray bottle if you have one. A regular glass jar should also work fine. Give the serum a good shake before each use. Apply a moderate amount on your scalp and hair and massage it in gently.


Leave it on for 30 minutes and use a shower cap/plastic wrap to keep the heat inside. Rinse with a neutral shampoo or homemade soap until the excess oils are removed.


As for the frequency, an oil mask for dry, frizzy hair should be used weekly. Depending on your particular needs, you might want to adjust the frequency with which you apply the oils to your hair.


Natural Styling Mousse for Frizzy Hair

You’ll need:

  • Shea butter: half a cup
  • Coconut oil: a quarter of a cup
  • Olive oil: a quarter of a cup
  • Sandalwood essential oil: 30 drops
  • Rosemary essential oil: 10 drops


Whip the butter with the oils together with a hand mixer until it looks like a mousse. Add the essential oil drops and continue mixing for a few more minutes. It’s important for all ingredients to be mixed well.


Apply on the hair to style it properly and nourish it deeply. These ingredients can prevent frizziness and dandruff. It can be used daily but it works better on a freshly washed hair. Kept in the fridge, this styling mousse may last 2 – 3 months.


Daily Oil Blend for Dry, Frizzy Hair

You’ll need:

  • Castor oil: 1 Oz (30 ml)
  • Sandalwood essential oil: 4 drops
  • Lemon essential oil: 8 drops


Give this blend a good shake before each use. Apply a small amount on the ends first, then go up the length of the hair and finally, apply a few drops on the scalp and roots too. If the hair however, starts to seem clogged and heavy, you should rinse the oil out of it. Using this blend for a few days – a week, you’ll figure out exactly how often to apply it.


The important thing to remember when using essential oils for frizzy hair is to keep trying. Try various ways of application until you find the right one that works for your hair.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair, Afro Hair


Hair Care Regimen for Frizzy Hair (Tips, Tools and Styling)


When you’ve been living with frizzy hair for your whole life or a big part of it, you’ve tried them all. Or at least you thought so, until you found out about essential oils. Well, if you’re looking for a bit of help in the right direction, this section should be it.


I’ll talk about a hair care regimen idea that could benefit many women with frizzy hair. If it doesn’t work for everyone, I trust that you could get inspiration in making your own hair care regimen.



Hair Care Regimen for Frizzy Hair (Tips)

Dry hair may be hard to disentangle. At times, its volume may seem impossible to tame and curls can also pose a lot of trouble in styling. Frizzy hair is dull, thin, sensitive and brittle.


Add to all that curling irons and/or straighteners and your hair is doomed, right? Not so fast! With a good hair care routine and a few basic rules and tools, it may become quite easy to care of frizzy hair.


Let’s start with the most basic of them all: the cleansing.



Washing Frizzy Hair

Generally speaking, washing too often may strip the hair of its natural protective oils. These oils are produced by the scalp and travel along the hair fibers to coat them. That will later play the protection role. At the same time, the oils maintain the hair hydrated, elastic and shiny.


Frizzy hair is dry because the scalp is dry. Because of that, washing dry hair should not be done too often. Some people have discovered their hair behaves much better if washed every 2 weeks or so. The idea is not to strip the hair and scalp of those few oils that it produces.


Before washing your hair with commercial shampoo, apply for half an hour an oil mask. That’ll at least nourish the hair deeply so that the shampoo doesn’t cleanse everything.


It is recommended though, that you start using a more natural shampoo. A good idea is to make it yourself or use a handmade soap.


You can brush your dry, frizzy hair only when it’s wet or covered with an oil mask. Otherwise, you risk breaking it or create static energy that’ll make the hair look even wilder.


Being so dry, you can use an oil serum on your scalp and the length of the hairs after washing it. Apply only a tiny bit and add more if necessary. If you add more from the start, you can’t take the excess back.


Best Essential Oils for Frizzy Hair, Hair Combs


Styling Frizzy Hair

Dry, frizzy hair doesn’t need many combs or brushes. You need just one good comb with large teeth to disentangle the hair without breaking it.


Wooden combs prevent static energy, but make sure it’s a high quality one. Small streaks of wood may break the hair. You can also invest in a boar bristle brush that tames frizz without being aggressive.


It is necessary to style the dry hair after washing it. Otherwise, it becomes even dryer and shrinks. Apply the oil serum with essential oils for frizzy hair on a wet hair. Leave it on for an hour before blow drying it.


Use the lowest, coldest power possible. When possible, let your hair dry naturally. Heat from the blow dryer may further damage the frizzy hair.


Try to limit the use of straighteners as much as possible.


The hairstyle you choose for frizzy hair is as important as the products. Dry, frizzy and curly hair needs room to breathe. Thus, you should avoid hairstyles that involve pressing the hairs for too long (ponytails, buns, etc.).


Instead, you can use accessories like the headband. It tames the hair without being aggressive.



Daily Care and Maintenance of Frizzy Hair

For dry or extra dry and frizzy hair, you can use small amounts of oil serums on a daily basis. However, you might find it necessary to wash your hair more often (at least once a week) if you use oils daily.


When the hair has enough, the excess will weigh down and clog the hair fibers. Otherwise, there isn’t much to worry about with this practice when you have dry hair. Essential oils for dry, frizzy hair are a blessing because they get absorbed fast.


Dry hair is just like dry skin; it needs moisture and nourishment daily.


A water based serum may include a hydrosol or purified water plus a few drops of essential oil. You can spray it on your hair daily, without worrying.


Here are a few things to consider for your hair care maintenance:


To Do: Daily
  • Use spray serums on your hair to hydrate and protect the hair.


To Do: Weekly
  • Wash the hair and massage the scalp with a vegetable (carrier) oil.
  • Apply a warm oil mask.


To Do: Bi-Monthly
  • Apply a warm oil mask.


To Do: Every 3 months
  • Cut the ends of your dry hair.


That being said, dry, frizzy hair can become shiny and easy to style. It just takes a bit of experimenting with some natural products. It also takes some experimenting until you find the right time to wash your hair and/or style it.



It’s not easy to live with frizzy hair. Luckily, dry, frizzy hair can be prevented and even treated with a few good practices and habits.


You’ll just need to use the best, natural and high quality carriers and essential oils for frizzy hair. They’re easy to find and use and they may well last you even half a year! Plus, most of them smell incredibly good too.


What do you currently use for frizzy hair? Now that you know what they do, which oil will you go for?


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