Essential Oils for Bruises

The Best Essential Oils for Bruises and Swelling (Hematoma)

Bruises and hematomas are, unfortunately, quite inevitable and they tend to be very visible and unaesthetic. The good news is that aromatic oils are great for skin care! Now, being patient is not the only thing you can do to get rid of bruises. Learn how to do that with some of the best essential oils for bruises and swelling.


In this article, you’ll find:


  • Details about the way the oils work and how to use them.
  • Want to know what essential oil is good for bruises? Read all you need to know about 3 of the most important oils that can help your skin heal, and prevent scarring.
  • Simple blends to DIY whenever you get a bruise.
  • A few things about the healing stages of a bruise, so you know exactly how long till it heals.
  • Finally, some questions and answers about the bruising skin and how to improve the aspect of older bruises.



How to Heal Your Skin with Essential Oils for Bruises (Hematoma)


I normally let a bruise heal on its own, after I apply a bit of lotion in the first hours. But when summer comes, I tend to give my bruises more attention. I am the clumsy type so I have new and old hematomas on my legs almost all the time. It’s not exactly nice to wear a skirt and show off those legs…


Anyway, I’ve used quite a few essential oils for bruises and swelling, and I’ve had encouraging results.


What is a bruise or a hematoma? They’re the same thing, the latter referring to the medical term. A hematoma is described as an accumulation of blood under the skin.


When the skin above a bone suffers a traumatism, the capillaries break. They leak blood under the skin (dermis). That blood will clot inside the tissue, and you’ll get a big, red, swollen bruise. Like that’s not enough already, that area becomes very painful and sensitive to touch.


Essential Oils for Bruises


What Can Essential Oils Do for a Hematoma?


They can improve the circulation in the affected area and disperse the blood in the tissue. At the same time, these aromatic oils can also help the tissue and capillaries heal and interconnect again. They can also stop the pain and strengthen the skin.


As a bonus benefit, while inhaling their fragrance, essential oils can also help you relax and feel better again.



How to Apply Essential oils for Bruises?


Skin care responds well to topical applications. It absorbs everything it needs to heal and stay moisturized. That is why, unless you have a very dry skin, you should rub in only a moderate amount of lotion.


Bruise blends are the easiest to make and use. You can add up to 15 drops of essential oil/Oz carrier. Carrier oils can be any vegetable oil you prefer. You can choose anything from Olive and Sunflower to Argan, Jojoba, and Macadamia, etc.


Oil diffusions and inhalations are less effective when it comes to skin care. You could however, use a cold compress if you like.



Best Essential Oils for Bruises and Swelling (Hematoma)


In all my research so far, I’ve found three very good aromatic essences to use for bruises. The following oils are among the best, if not the best to use in skin care. They are so especially in the healing of hematomas.



1) Lavender essential oil for bruises


This essence is widely used for all sorts of skin conditions. From burn levels 1 and 2 to acne and scars, eczema and fungal infections, Lavender is gentle and effective.


One study measured the level of pain and inflammation of skin ulcers in their patients. They concluded that the oil of Lavender has helped heal the skin tissue within 2 to 4 days. The pain was reduced even from the first application.


Essential Oils for Bruises



  • Lavender essential oil for bruises is very well tolerated by all skin types. It is safe to use undiluted directly on the affected area. However, I don’t recommend doing that often as the skin can become sensitive to the substance.
  • Lavender may constrict the blood vessels and stop the blood flow. That will improve the aspect of a fresh bruise considerably.
  • The oil can also soothe the pain and inflammation very fast.



  • A good quality, pure Lavender essential oil can be quite expensive.
  • Unfortunately, some producers may adulterate the oil with other types of Lavender oils. That is still a happy case, as some may synthesize the oil entirely. Buy only from trusted brands that give you all the info you need about their product.


Why I like it:

It smells nice, even though it was an acquired taste for me. It is very calming and once on the skin, it takes only a few seconds until you can actually feel the relief.


Bumps and bruises are so much easier to fade when I use this oil. Lavender essential oil for bruises is indeed one of the best essential oils for hematomas and swelling.

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2) Cypress essential oil


This oil has been the subject of a few researches too. For scientists, its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects have been especially intriguing. They’ve concluded that the oil is a strong antimicrobial and it can also help the skin cells bind and regenerate.


Essential Oils for Bruises



  • Cypress is great for varicose veins in general. This makes it useful in the treatment of bruises. It constricts the capillaries and stops the bleeding.
  • This oil has significant antibacterial properties. They make it perfect to be used in a blend with Lavender essential oil for bruises. It can increase the protection of the skin against infections and inflammations.
  • Lavender can also help the cells bind together and the tissue regenerate this way.



  • Don’t confuse the oil of Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) with Blue Cypress essential oil.
  • Always go for the Cypress oil distilled from the twigs of the tree, not the bark. They have different properties and benefits.
  • This oil should never be used in case of mastocystosis, phlebitis and other more serious health conditions.


Why I like it:

Cypress is among the best essential oils for bruises because it’s a good tonic for the veins. It works well in blends meant to improve varicose veins. Plus I like its clean and fresh, forest-like fragrance.

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3) Helichrysum essential oil


Also known as Immortelle essential oil, this essence is one big star in Aromatherapy. It is so because the oil has significant anticoagulant properties. This means it can stop the blood from clotting. It can also disperse the blood quite fast. All these make the essence one great essential oil for bruises and swelling (hematoma).


Essential Oils for Bruises



  • Helichrysum can help you control your hematoma very fast. That is before letting it take shape under your skin.
  • Once you apply this oil, the veins won’t have enough time to release the blood in the skin tissue. This is how you prevent a bruise from becoming big, swollen and overall unaesthetic.
  • Immortelle is also good at fading old hematomas (bruises). That’s why it makes a great active ingredient in anti-scar blends.



  • It has a low yield and there’s need for a huge amount of plant material for just a few liters of essential oil. That’s why the oil of Helichrysum is very expensive.
  • Its scent is herbaceous with floral undertones. This may or may not be pleasant for some of you.


Why I like it:

Despite the fact that I’m not a very big fan of its scent, Helichrysum oil deserves to be in an anti-bruise blend. It has way too many benefits to be left outside. It’s a great remedy for deep, throbbing cuts and for acne inflammation as well.

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According to my research, these are the main three best essential oils for bruises and swelling. Nonetheless, for those of you who’d like another great suggestion, here’s another oil:


Laurel bay leaf essential oil – It is a very good anticoagulant and it can also act as a blood thinner. These two qualities help prevent a hematoma from forming. You’d have to apply it on the traumatized area immediately, so it can start working.


I personally don’t have any experience with it. But, if you have it around or are just curious, you can definitely add it to your blends. Mix it up with Arnica oil for better results.


In fact, all essential oils for bruises should be mixed with a carrier like Arnica oil. This one is known to be a good cicatrisant. This means it can help wounds, bruises and other skin traumatisms close properly.



Blends with Essential Oils for Bruises and Swelling


Now you know what essential oils are good for bruises. You can simply mix them all in a blend or choose one that you like more. You can also add a few other oils in your blends if you want. But usually, the simpler you keep your blends the better for the bruised skin.


#1 Anti-Hematoma Essential Oils Blend

You’ll need:

  • Immortelle essential oil: 6 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 6 drops
  • Arnica oil: 1 Oz (30ml)


Apply this blend 4 times a day with gentle massage movements. They will help stimulate the blood circulation and allow the oils to absorb into the skin faster. Keep applying this blend the next 3 – 4 days, twice a day to ensure a good healing.


Essential Oils for Bruises


#2 Old Bruises (Hematomas) Essential Oil Blend

You’ll need:

  • Laurel Bay essential oil: 6 drops
  • Cypress essential oil: 6 drops
  • Helichrysum essential oil: 8 drops
  • Tamanu oil: 1 Oz (30ml)


Apply two or three times a day on the old hematoma with massage movements. This blend contains the best essential oils for bruises that are capable of fading even old scars and bruises. The older the hematoma, the longer this treatment may end up to be.



The Healing Stages of a Bruise (Hematoma)


There aren’t many skin lesions that can let you know in what healing stage they are. But hematomas are different, and this thing may help us find or make the proper treatment blend.


If a hematoma (bruise) is left alone to heal on its own, this process may take 2 weeks or even longer. Right after the skin suffers a strong blow/hit, it takes about 5 minutes for the blood to clot.


These 5 minutes are crucial for a beautiful healing. If you apply a potent blend right away, you can avoid almost all the red and purple area of a new hematoma.


1. A new bruise will be red at first and in a few hours will change into a bluish shade. This phase may last a few days.


2. Somewhere around day 6, the bruise becomes blue or purple. That happens because the tissue starts to break down the blood.


3. Once the blood has been dispersed, the hematoma becomes green.


4. Its final healing stage will reflect in a yellow or brownish color. From this point on, the color of the bruise will slowly start to fade and make way for your normal skin appearance.


I used to notice my hematomas when they were already brown-yellow. But that was long before I discovered essential oils for bruises (hematoma) and make my own blends.


Essential Oils for Bruises


Q and A about Skin and Bruises


If you want to know more about your skin and why it bruises or whether it’s possible to strengthen your skin to endure traumatisms better, then read on.

What causes the skin to bruise easily?
  • Certain medications may influence the sensitivity of your skin.
  • While your body grows older, the skin becomes thinner so it’s easier to bruise at even the tiniest bang.



Why do some skin types bruise easier than others?
  • Some people may not have enough vitamin C or may have inherited a sensitive and thin skin.
  • Sun damage can also affect the quality of your skin.



How can I prevent getting new bruises?
  • If you have an inherited thin skin, protect yourself whenever exercising or doing hard chores.
  • Take vitamins and supplements and drink plenty of water.
  • Eat a more balanced diet.
  • Moisturize your skin with homemade blends. Add essential oils for bruises and swelling to aid the healing process.



How can I soothe new bruises instantly?
  • Use ice cubes directly on the bruise for 2 – 3 minutes. Continue with a potent blend to minimize the damage to the tissue.
  • Strengthen your veins with regular exercising and eating a balanced diet.
  • Switch from warm water to cold water while taking a shower. That will improve the blood circulation.




Bruising is inevitable, no matter how thin or thick your skin is. And now you don’t have to ask yourself what essential oil is good for bruises anymore.


Now you have details on three (actually four!) essential oils for bruises and swelling. You can make really great anti-hematoma (bruise) blends and use within the first 5 minutes for very good results.


Which oil have you used and what do you think about this type of approach when it comes to healing and preventing bruises?



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