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Daily Benefits & Uses of doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women (Review)

Natural fragrances make truly unique perfumes. They mature and react with your body’s chemistry and create a scent that nobody else will have. Natural perfumes like Whisper also have therapeutic benefits. Check out the doTERRA Whisper uses and benefits, to enjoy its effects daily.

In this article, you’ll find out lots of things about the doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women. To be exact:

  • The 12 essential oils and absolutes that can be found in the doTERRA Whisper blend perfume. I will tell you more about each essence’s aroma and health effects. This will open the path toward a series of benefits and uses of the perfume blend.
  • How to use the Whisper oil blend, reviews and where to buy it from.
  • Side effects and safety tips for the blend. Even though it’s natural, the blend must still be used carefully.
  • The notes of the perfume and what else it blends well with. Plus a few inspirational recipes with the doTERRA Whisper perfume.


What is doTERRA Whisper Oil Blend Good For? Uses, Reviews and Where to Buy


doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women is a natural perfume made from 12 ingredients. It is meant to be worn as a unique perfume. But it’s also meant to be used for its therapeutic benefits.


It is a well-known fact that essential oils have therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Thus, Whisper is not an essential oil, but a mixture of essential oils, absolutes and a carrier oil.


Our sense of smell has about 300 active smell receptors. That allows us to detect thousands of different aromatic molecules. Our sense of smell (olfactory system) can affect brain activities and cognitive functions.


Studies show that the stimulation of smell receptors affects our mood and working capacity. They also affect our ability to focus better and to cope with stress. Everything contributes to our overall well-being and health.


A natural perfume such as doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women can stimulate our sense of smell. This produces immediate changes in our bodies. Meaning, the essential oils in its composition can:


  • Lower/raise blood pressure,
  • Ease muscle tension,
  • Dilate pupils,
  • Regulate skin temperature,
  • Lower or increase heart rate,
  • Calm down/stimulate brain activity.


Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, distilled with the help of steam. Absolutes are also aromatic, thick oils extracted from resins and very sensitive flowers.


Absolutes are not the same as essential oils. They don’t evaporate as fast as essential oils, are thick and make great base notes for perfumes. Being a base note means it lasts a very long time on its own and lengthens the lasting time of the other notes too.


Let’s see what essential oils are in the doTERRA Whisper blend and what their health benefits are. Without further intro, here are the ingredients of doTERRA Whisper:


doTERRA Whisper Uses (Benefits of Natural Oils)


Bergamot essential oil – is a top note. This is among the first scents you’ll smell and also the first to fade. It has a citrusy scent, very pleasant and fresh. The oil is very calming, can ease tension and uplift the mood.


Ylang Ylang essential oil – is a middle to base note, which lasts a longer time. Its scent is floral and jasmine-like, but with some almond-like hints. The doTERRA Ylang Ylang in Whisper calms the nervous system. It also eases tension and stimulates the senses. The oil has also been found effective at decreasing the blood pressure.


Patchouli essential oil – this oil is a base note, with a strong woody scent. It is aromatic and spicy, and a bit herbaceous. It’s a scent most really like, and it adds personality to a perfume such as the doTERRA Whisper blend. Patchouli can stimulate digestion and soothe inflammation. It can also stimulate the senses and the whole body and circulatory system.


Cinnamon essential oil – another strong scent, Cinnamon is also a base note. It smells warm and sweet, a bit spicy and characteristic. Cinnamon is a great stimulant oil that can also kill bacteria and purify the air. It is also a powerful antioxidant.


Vetiver essential oil – this essence is also powerful. It smells earthy, woody and smoky. Vetiver is known for its calming effects, but it is also antioxidant. The oil can strengthen the immune system and soothe inflammation in the body.


Sandalwood essential oil – It’s another base note. Sandalwood smells woody, spicy, sweet and oriental. The oil can improve circulation, calm down spasms and relax the nervous system. At the same time, it can increase the energy levels and act as sexual stimulant.


Rose absolute – is a strong base note, with a characteristic aroma. It’s sweet, rich and heavy, a bit fruity and acidic. Rose is a known aphrodisiac and anti-aging ingredient. It stimulates the senses and physiologic activities and eases tension too. Rose is great against anxiety and stress.


Vanilla extract – is a concentrated base note that lasts a long time. Its scent is well-known and beloved all over the world. Sweet, warm, rich and oriental, Vanilla gives perfumes feminine notes. Vanilla is great at relieving stress and anxiety, and improving the libido. It calms the nerves and improves the quality of sleep.


Jasmine absolute – another concentrated base note. Jasmine absolute is rich, floral, oriental, warm and sweet. Its perfume is also considered aphrodisiac and can relieve tension and stress symptoms.


Labdanum absolute – Is the most common source used for creating the fragrance of Amber. Labdanum smells very close to Ambergris. It’s warm, sweet, exotic and very strong, almost intoxicating. It’s a sticky and thick extract that fixates all the other essences and lengthens the lasting time of the perfume.


Cocoa seed absolute – The beans of the Theobroma cacao gives a rich earthy scent, with smoky notes that remind us of dark chocolate. It’s great at inducing a calm state of mind and easing up muscle tension. The smell of Cocoa absolute is very pleasant and pleasurable.


Fractionated Coconut oil – This oil has a faint but pleasant coconut smell. Fractionated means it doesn’t have the fatty acids that keep it solid at room temperature. The Whisper blend won’t become solid this way. Thus, the use of fractionated Coconut oil will keep all the ingredients together. It will also nourish the skin when applied. Coconut is antibacterial.


Now you know what the ingredients in the doTERRA Whisper do. To be able to figure out the uses of the Whisper blend, we must know its effects, benefits, and side-effects. I’ll be talking about the latter, in the second part of the article.


doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women Uses


Now, it’s pretty easy to see the benefits of the Whisper Blend for Women:


  • It is stimulating for the senses, mind, and body.
  • It’s relaxing and grounding.
  • The perfume blend can relieve stress and anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Improve libido.
  • Ease tension in the muscles.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Can boost digestion.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Protect from viral infections.
  • Protect from free radicals (antioxidant).
  • Improve the aspect and feel of the skin.


So, a natural perfume fragrance like doTERRA Whisper essential oil blend could improve your health. It can create some emotional balance and it smells beautiful too.


But please don’t think that all these effects are as powerful as prescribed medicines.


Essential oils, as medicine, are somewhere between herbal teas and pills. Sometimes though, they can succeed where pills fail. A good example would be antibiotics. Certain aromatic oils can destroy viruses better than they can, without causing resistance.


That being said, here are some of the doTERRA Whisper Uses:


  • Daily personal perfume.
  • Relieve anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, etc.
  • Great to scent your clothing or favorite blankets, especially in the cold season.
  • Skin care, mixed with body lotions or carrier oils.
  • Wear your favorite Aromatherapy jewelry and scent it with doTERRA Whisper blend.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere by soaking paper or cotton pads in some Whisper oil.


The doTERRA Whisper oil blend is good for many things. But it is especially good for stress, anxiety and mental balance. However, its main use will remain that of scenting your skin and clothes.


doTERRA Whisper Uses - Aromatherapy


How to Use the Whisper Essential Oil Blend

This perfume blend can be applied directly on pulse points. It can be done only after you’ve performed an allergy test first. If the scent is too strong, you can dilute it with some more carrier oil.


The Whisper oil blend can be used in:


  • Body lotions.
  • Massage lotions.
  • Skin care and anti-aging serums.
  • Roll-ons for a quick freshening up (perfume or therapeutic effects).


Simply mix some drops of the perfume with a carrier of choice and apply on the desired region. If you want to find out more about making blends for various purposes or body regions, you can find all the info you need here:


You can use this perfume blend to scent your home or create a romantic atmosphere. Inhalation is the best way of benefiting from a strong concentration of an oil mixture.


I do not, however, advise anyone to use Whisper in their diffusers. The blend contains carrier oil plus many other thick ingredients. This makes it dangerous for the diffuser because it can get clogged and stop working.


Absolutes usually work when diluted really well with more watery essential oils. But the presence of Coconut makes Whisper unsuited for diffusion.


If you want to inhale the fragrance and feel it all over the house, add a few drops on cotton pads or even paper towels. Place them wherever you want to feel the scent.



doTERRA Whisper Reviews


doTERRA Whisper Uses and Benefits


It’s easy to judge a perfume: you either like it or you don’t. But it is only a matter of personal preference. Many users that complained did so in regards to the smell. They either knew a different scent, or they were new and the scent was not what they expected.


I have not found the recipe to be updated or changed, not officially anyway. On their website, doTERRA states the existence of fractionated Coconut oil as a base for all the ingredients.


You must know that each new batch of essential oils may have a different smell. The smell and chemistry of an essential oil, including doTERRA essential oils, depending on many things. The geographical area is a big deciding factor.


The soil, altitude, and weather shape the oil’s chemistry which changes its aroma too.  The harvest time, method and distillation also matter.


And so, the Whisper essential oil blend may smell differently from batch to batch. Of course, measures can be taken to ensure the perfume blend smells exactly the same each time. But that’s a different story.


Another point to be made here is that the scent will also vary on each skin type. I’ll tell you more about this aspect, in the “perfume notes” section. While you may like the initial fragrance of the oil blend, once you wear it for a few hours, it may change dramatically.


I’m hoping that, by explaining these things, you’ll know exactly what to expect.


Otherwise, about 75% of the doTERRA Whisper reviews are positive. People are very excited about the fragrance of the blend and its calming effects. They get a lot of compliments when wearing Whisper and manage to remain less stressed along the day.


Most users describe the scent as being soft and discreet, yet they can feel it’s still there for hours. Luckily, you can also freshen up the scent, if you like it very much.



Where to Buy the doTERRA Whisper Essential Oil Blend

In case you don’t have a doTERRA advocate nearby, or you don’t know one, it’s no biggie. Also, if you live too far away, you can find the product online. You can find the Whisper blend on Amazon, which makes owning one easy and comfortable.

Check Price 


doTERRA Whisper Uses (Bouquet of Fragrances)


doTERRA Whisper Side Effects and Safety Tips


Whisper essential oil blend is a natural perfume with therapeutic effects. However, as natural as it is, it can still be dangerous for some people. Essential oils are powerful substances.


They can react with certain medicines, or they can worsen some symptoms. It is very important to read all the pros and cons of a blend or oil you might be interested in.


People with asthma or those prone to seizures should be especially careful. Some essential oils in the Whisper blend can trigger attacks. Juniper berry is one of them.


Patchouli, for example, should not be used by those with cancerous tumors or lesions. Because Ylang Ylang lowers the blood pressure, people with an already low BP should not use the blend.


Sandalwood should not be used in case of kidney failure or with anticoagulant pills. Bergamot can also interfere with certain drugs and should not be used if there are any kidney stones.


These things can happen only if the blend is used in high doses and on a long term. A doctor should be able to also tell you if your condition can tolerate its use.


Finally, don’t ever try to take Whisper internally without medical approval. doTERRA Whisper should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You need to talk to your doctor before considering it.


The blend may also pose some risks for children and babies. Using the oil perfume for a very long time and in a high dose may also have an effect on a woman’s monthly period.


Safety Tips for a Safe Use of doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women


  • Test the blend for allergies first on a small part of the skin. Otherwise, it may irritate or even sensitize the skin.
  • If you want to use Whisper in skin care, you must always dilute it first. It’s true that it already comes diluted with Coconut, but we don’t know the exact quantity used. For any topical application, mix up to 12 drops with 1 Oz carrier oil for face serums. For body lotions, you can increase the dose to 20 drops.
  • Don’t use the perfume too close to the eyes, nose, mouth or ears.
  • Avoid sun exposure while wearing doTERRA’s Whisper oil blend. Bergamot contains substances (furocoumarins) that react in UV light. It can cause deep skin burns. Normally, you should wait for 28 hours or longer, depending on how much you’ve used.


doTERRA Whisper Uses (Perfume Blend)


doTERRA Whisper Perfume Notes and Inspirational Recipes


In the beginning, I was telling you about the notes of the ingredients. Perfume makers have classified them as top, middle and base notes. Top notes are the ones that last the least and the first to smell. Base notes are the ones that last a long time and the last to smell.


The aromatic description of the doTERRA Whisper perfume blend is:


  • Musky
  • Warm
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Soft


You can imagine how, if too many musky scents (Labdanum, Patchouli, Vetiver) are used, can make or break this blend.


Sometimes, just a bit of musk can add a lot to the perfume. But too much of it can be overpowering to some. And there were voices that said they found the perfume too strong, heavy and overpowering.


When it comes to body chemistry, each of us eliminates a certain odor. That odor is given by volatile organic compounds, also known as VOC. Our skin secretes organic acidic compounds. However, only about 20 – 25% of the total secreted acids become volatile at body temperature.


Each individual’s odor changes with its mood, health condition, climate and bacterial microflora on the skin. When one applies a perfume, it reacts with all these factors and creates a unique aroma.


That is why the same essence will smell different on you than on your friend. That is also why the same essence may smell different in the winter or when you’re sick, happy, sad, etc. The differences, however, are not dramatic.


Studies show that fragrances don’t mask our odor, instead, they enhance it. This contributes to the liking or disliking of a specific fragrance.


It is why it’s important to inhale fragrances you like and wear perfumes that compliment you. The point is to feel good and confident while doing so.


doTERRA Whisper Uses in Perfumes and Skincare


doTERRA Whisper Recipes for Inspiration

Here we are, almost at the end of the review of the doTERRA Whisper uses and benefits. I thought I’d give you a few blend recipes to help you make the best of your new perfume blend. Feel free to change some of the ingredients, if you feel they work better that way.


Anti-Aging Whisper Oil Serum

You’ll need:

  • Whisper essential oil blend: 12 drops
  • Argan oil: 1 Oz (30ml)


Massage into clean, damp skin (complexion + neckline) every night, using circular motions. After a long-term use, you should take a break from this blend for a week or two, in which time you can use a different one.


Seducing Whisper Massage Oil

You’ll need:

  • Whisper oil blend: 10 drops
  • Black Pepper essential oil: 10 drops
  • Jojoba oil (liquid wax): 1 Oz (30 ml)


Shake the blend well before each use. Massage a moderate amount of it into the skin with soft, gentle motions. Black Pepper is great for stimulating the senses and improving the blood circulation, especially in men.


Upgraded doTERRA Whisper Perfume Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Whisper blend: 5 drops
  • Jojoba oil: 15 ml (½ Oz )
  • Opopanax: 4 drops
  • Frankincense essential oil: 6 drops


This perfume recipe should turn the doTERRA Whisper into a sweeter version. Feel free to play with the amounts of essences until you get the scent you like. Add little by little each time to avoid ruining the blend.


Also, always write down all your modifications. It’ll help you replicate or change the recipe. You can learn more about making homemade perfumes here.



The best thing about a natural perfume made only from plant and flower extracts is that they have health benefits. The bad thing is that they can smell different almost every time. In fact, it may not be such a bad thing after all. It depends on how you look at it.


The important thing is that the doTERRA Whisper uses are many and can be enjoyed daily. The essences in its composition are active for a very long time. This means they’ll be effective until their shelf life expires.


Keep your doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women in a dark and cool place. That’ll keep it fresh for a long time.

Have you ever tried this perfume blend? What do you think of it now that you know all these things?


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