About Us


Hello and Welcome to Essential Bazaar!


I’m Laura and I’m very happy to see you taking the time to read more about me 🙂


How I ended up having a blog you ask?


Well, I guess it’s just the usual story.


I was looking for some natural skin products, masks, and treatments. I stumbled upon Coconut oil and Rose, and Lavender floral waters.


Using them hooked me instantly! So much so that I wanted to know what exactly the oils do to the skin and how they work.


At first, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the information I would get from so many sources! Not knowing which one to trust, I continued reading and researching on my own.


The adventure begins…


By the time I was able to tell an essential oil from a carrier oil, I knew I was in for an adventure.


Nowadays, I’m a huge fan and a DIY essential oils products junkie. I love having total control over what I’m putting on my skin and in my hair.


As for the blog itself, well… I always wanted one, and since I found myself researching all kinds of stuff about essential oils, I figured it was the perfect time.


I suppose it doesn’t sound as noble as wanting to better the world or channeling inner hardships through writing but what can I say, it is what it is 🙂


I once saw an about page with a simple comfy list and I liked it so I’m going to steal it pay homage to it 🙂


Here it goes: 


  • I’m a late morning sleeper
  • I suspect my love for cappuccinos is starting to border addiction
  • I’m always super excited whenever someone shares their personal experience on the blog
  • I am not really a patient person, and I’m constantly fighting off the urge to immediately share with you everything I learn
  • I am being told that I have a weird sense of humor
  • I like to read a lot! I mean a LOT! Blogs, books, labels, and yes, even subtitled movies 🙂
  • I trip over all manner of things and I always find them guilty
  • My allegedly better half likes to watch me struggle with all kinds of silly dilemmas and chuckle
  • I love to travel
  • I wish I had green eyes
  • I still find myself getting excited every time I publish a new article