Essential Oil Blends for Eczema

10 Essential Oil Blends for Eczema That Can Improve and Prevent This Condition

That god-awful flaky, itchy and swelled eczema on the skin! Not only does it look unaesthetic, but it can cause a great deal of discomfort also. Thousands of people from around the world suffer from various forms of this skin condition. Trying a few of the essential oil blends for eczema I’m suggesting may help you get rid of it.


They might offer you the relief and skin improvement you’re looking for.


Essential oils are a natural and inexpensive method of improving and even preventing eczema. There are several oils that have been used for this type of skin condition with success. They’ve shown big potential in disinfecting and helping the skin heal faster.


I will explain a few things about eczema, so you can better understand how it happens. A better understanding of this skin condition will also help you find an appropriate essential oil blend.


I’ve also prepared a list of 10 essential oil blends for eczema. They’re all meant to help you get started with your natural treatment. I will conclude the article with a few tips that could further aid your fight against eczema problems.



Did You Know?

  • Only 1 – 3% adults all over the world suffer from eczema, while children are more affected. The world percentage of eczema affected children is 20.


Understanding What Eczema Is So You Can Find the Proper Treatment



In medical terms, eczema is defined as a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder. It affects people of all ages, race and gender. Chronic means that the problem will continue appearing for a longer period of time.


Eczema is also called dermatitis and it can cause a series of outbursts on the skin. Such a condition needs a lot of special care and attention. It can take a lot to get rid of it, from diet and lifestyle changes to medication, and even surgery sometimes. Serious skin disorders such as eczema need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Essential Oil Blends for Eczema


Eczema may be recognized by the following symptoms:


  • Blisters – they can form crusts after oozing.
  • Deep painful cracking – a sign of severely damaged skin.
  • Itching – can be very intense. Scratching it may lead to skin cracking and bleeding.
  • Thickened skin – or scaling. Another sign of a seriously damaged skin. The skin may become rough and flake off.
  • Redness – especially around the crusts or new blisters.
  • Discoloration – the eczema might change the skin’s color.


The causes of eczema are still unknown. Doctors and researchers think there might be a combination of genes and the environment. If you suffer from allergies, you’re more prone to develop eczema. Allergies may trigger this skin condition or they may worsen it.


Eczema is often paired with dry skin. When you go to the doctor, make sure you know the exact type of eczema you suffer from. There are many types of eczema. Some of the more common types are atopic, seborrheic, stasis or discord eczema. Knowing the type of eczema you suffer from can help you find the right treatment.


For the following essential oil blends for eczema you should use one part essential oils with ten parts carrier oils. 10% of a 10 ml bottle equals 25 drops of essential oil.



Did You Know?

  • Stress is not the main cause of eczema but it can definitely worsen it. Stressful periods of time will make the eczema flare up.



10 Essential Oil Blends for Eczema



This is where you get to finally test and see how you can best deal with eczema in all its phases. The ultimate goal is to be able to help your damaged skin heal faster. Essential oil blends could also help reducing the symptoms and prevent any further flares or skin damage.


A few studies have shown that the affected superior layer of the skin could regenerate with the help of fatty acids. Oils and natural creams that contain high concentrations of omega fatty acids can change the duration and severity of eczema. For that to happen, they need to be used daily!


Carrier oils that are very rich in omega fatty acids are Olive oil, Hemp seed oil and Coconut oil.


You should:

  • Identify the triggering factors of eczema.
  • Avoid those triggers as much as possible.
  • Develop clear and thorough skin care routines.


These are the main important steps you should be taking towards an eczema-free skin. The following essential oil blends for eczema could help you with the third step.


Recipe #1

This recipe is recommended to anyone that suffers from stress triggered eczema.


  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 4 drops
  • Petitgrain essential oil: 4 drops
  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil: 2 drops
  • Lemon Verbena essential oil: 2 drops
  • Spearmint essential oil: 6 drops
  • Calendula carrier oil: 20 ml (4 teaspoons)


Leave this essential oil blend for eczema overnight. Always shake the blend before application and apply many times during the day.


Roman Chamomile essential oil – is a very good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It can also help the skin heal faster, while being gentle at the same time.


Petitgrain essential oil – has regenerating and reviving properties. It also has antidepressant properties, thus inhaling this oil can lift up your mood.


Essential Oil Blends for Eczema
Mentha spicata (Spearmint)


Spearmint essential oil – is great at calming down the itchiness.


Lemon Verbena essential oil – is great at calming down the spirit and relaxing the body. It also promotes a good sleep.


Ylang-Ylang essential oil – can regulate the sebum production of the skin and it can keep the skin all toned up.


Calendula carrier oil – is among the most popular vegetable oils that promote the healing of the skin. Calendula oil makes a great base for this blend.


Recipe #2

This recipe is recommended to be used by adults only.


  • Tarragon essential oil: 3 drops
  • Annual Tansy essential oil: 3 drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 5 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 5 drops
  • Palmarosa essential oil: 10 drops
  • Wheat Germ carrier oil: 50 ml (10 teaspoons)


Mix well and shake every time before application. Apply this essential oil blend for eczema 3 times a day.


Tarragon essential oil – is an excellent antiviral and anti-inflammatory. But above all, Tarragon oil is anti-allergic.


Annual Tansy essential oil – relieves itching and pain. Annual Tansy oil contains antihistamines, which are used to treat allergies.


Lavender essential oil – is known for its anti-depressant effects. Lavender oil can also help the skin regenerate faster and relieve pain. It is great even for that nasty eczema that comes back all the time.


Palmarosa essential oil – is good at healing the skin and hydrating it. It is also an astringent oil (it tightens the skin and the capillaries).


Wheat Germ carrier oil – is a great nourishing carrier oil. It can also help reducing the itching sensation caused by eczema.


Recipe #3

This recipe is one of those essential oil blends for eczema that are good for contact dermatitis too.


  • Lavender essential oil: 4 drops
  • Roman Chamomile: 2 drops
  • Myrrh essential oil: 2 drops
  • Helichrysum essential oil: 4 drops
  • Argan carrier oil: 15 ml (3 tablespoons)
  • Tamanu carrier oil: 5 ml (one tablespoon)


Mix well all the ingredients and then apply on the affected area 4 times a day.


Myrrh essential oil – is mostly good at helping the skin heal faster. But Myrrh oil can also relieve pain and act against inflammations.


Essential Oil Blends for Eczema
Helichrysum italicum


Helichrysum essential oil – can also help with the healing process. The oil is astringent too, which means it can tighten the skin and keep it firm.


Argan carrier oil – is a very nourishing oil. It can also improve the elasticity of the skin and help it stay toned.


Tamanu carrier oil – is a great addition to this eczema blend. It is so because it can repair the damaged tissue and form a new one.


Recipe #4

This is another one of the essential oil blends for eczema that is meant to help with the dry and flaky atopic eczema (dermatitis).


  • Tea Tree essential oil: 4 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 2 drops
  • Avocado carrier oil: 2 tablespoons


Shake the mix well and apply on the affected skin without scratching or pulling off any skin. Apply at least 2 or 3 times a day until the skin improves.


Tea Tree essential oil – is extremely potent in disinfecting the skin and wounds. It can keep the open wounds clean from bacteria. It can also help the skin heal quickly with minimum scar tissue left behind.


Avocado carrier oil – is a great moisturizer. Avocado oil can rejuvenate the skin, especially if mixed with olive oil. It can also help relieving pain, inflammations and the itching of the skin.


Recipe #5

This essential oil blend for eczema is great at keeping the dry, scaly skin smoother and hydrated, while healing it.


  • Chamomile essential oil: 10 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 5 drops
  • Evening Primrose vegetable oil: 10 drops
  • Myrrh essential oil: 5 drops
  • Hemp Seed vegetable oil: 40 ml (8 tsp.)


Hemp Seed oil – is full of fatty acids so it will moisturize and deeply nourish eczema affected skin. Hemp Seed oil is also a good anti-inflammatory.


Evening Primrose oil – can relieve the pain and inflammation of the skin. The oil can help with the oozing blisters. But Evening Primrose can also increase the tolerance level to other medications.


Recipe #6

This recipe works best as a compress applied directly on the affected area.


  • Geranium essential oil: 1 drop
  • Lavender essential oil: 1 drop
  • Lemon essential oil: 1 drop
  • Cypress essential oil: 2 drops
  • Chamomile essential oil: 1 drop
  • Borage oil: 2 tablespoons or 2 cups of cold water


This essential oil blend for eczema can soothe and improve the itching skin. It can also reduce the inflammation caused by eczema. Shake well the mix and soak a dry, clean cloth in it before applying it on the skin.


Geranium essential oil – can keep the skin toned while fighting off germs and bacteria as well. It can also speed up the healing of all wounds and cuts. Above all that, Geranium oil helps the skin regenerate and get rid of the scars.


Lemon essential oil – has antiseptic properties and is a very good disinfectant. Lemon oil rejuvenates the skin and calms down the spirit.


Cypress essential oil – is perfect for treating eczema wounds. Cypress oil is also recommended for bleeding blisters because it constricts the blood vessels. It can also relieve the pain.


Essential Oil Blends for Eczema
Borago officinalis (Borage)


Borage carrier oil – has good anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizes the skin deeply. Plus, there are many tests and positive results in using Borage oil to treat atopic eczema.


Recipe #7

This recipe is a spray mix that can be used on the eczema whenever, wherever.


  • Lavender essential oil: 8 drops
  • Cypress essential oils: 2 drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 4 drops
  • Myrrh essential oil: 4 drops
  • Distilled water: 2 cups


Shake well in a spray bottle and keep it stored in a cool, dark place. Apply on the skin to relieve itchiness and inflammation.


Recipe #8

This recipe should be used for oozing blisters. It’s meant to relieve pain and hydrate the skin so it doesn’t form crusts.


  • Lavender essential oil: 12 drops
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: 12 drops
  • Myrrh essential oil: 12 drops
  • Wheat Germ vegetable oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Frankincense essential oil: 12 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil: 5 drops
  • Coconut oil: 60 ml (12 teaspoons)


Melt your Coconut oil by keeping the bowl in warm water. Make sure the water doesn’t get in. Mix the oils with Coconut oil and let it cool down. Apply on the affected skin at least twice a day.


Peppermint essential oil – is good at relieving pain with its cooling effect. Peppermint oil can reduce inflammations and swelling caused by eczema.


Coconut vegetable oil – is high in fatty acids and it can moisturize the skin deeply. It can also speed the healing of open wounds such as eczema blisters.


Recipe #9

This recipe is a poultice meant to be applied many times a day on the affected skin.


  • Borage oil: 1 tsp.
  • Black Cumin oil: 1 tsp.
  • Lavender hydrosol: 3 tbsp.
  • Green Clay powder: 1 tbsp.
  • Optional Tarragon essential oil: 5 drops


Use a ceramic bowl to mix all the ingredients. Use a ceramic, plastic or wooden spoon to form a thick paste. Apply on the affected skin, and then apply a moist bandage to keep it in place for 30 minutes.


Use this poultice for a cleaner skin before applying a different blend or spray. This will also help healing the skin faster.


Black Cumin vegetable oil – softens the skin and keeps it toned. It can also soothe the skin and help it heal faster. Black Cumin oil can also work against inflammations.


Green clay – is good at cleaning the skin from all impurities and removing dead skin cells. It can reduce  inflammations, but at the same time, it can also dry the skin very much. It’s important you hydrate the affected skin after removing the clay paste.


Recipe #10


  • Olive oil (extra virgin): 30 ml (2 tablespoons)
  • Coconut oil: 30 ml
  • Bay essential oil: 8 drops
  • Calendula oil: 1 teaspoon
  • Lavender essential oil: 2 drops
  • Geranium essential oil: 2 drops


Melt the Coconut oil. Let it cool a bit, and then mix with Olive oil. Pour the rest of essential oils and mix well. You can use this essential oil blend for eczema twice a day. Always store your blends in a dark, cool place.


*Carrier oils you can use in blends to treat eczema are: Borage oil, Avocado oil, and Coconut oil, Evening Primrose oil or Argan oil. Also Calendula oil and Wheat Germ oils work very well in eczema blends.


But other carrier oils that you have at home could work well too. Just make sure they don’t leave a dry feeling on the skin (like Grapeseed oil does).


Tips on Improving and Preventing Eczema


All the essential oil blends for eczema presented above will work better if you also make a few changes in your lifestyle. Following these next tips might help you get rid of eczema once and for all:


  • Make sure you don’t expose your skin to harsh environment or weather conditions.
  • Take enough vitamins (especially zinc for eczema).
  • People that live in the city are more prone to develop eczema. So, try to spend as much time as possible in open spaces, with lots of fresh air and vegetation.
  • Control your weight. Obesity may also make matters worse.
  • Manage the stress in your life.
  • Wear good quality clothes.
  • Keep away from detergents and other chemicals in cosmetics or perfumes.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Keep both living and working spaces clean at all times.
  • Don’t scratch your blisters! And make sure the eczema doesn’t rub on anything rough either.
  • Control your allergies.
  • Try to use lukewarm water instead of hot water in your showers or baths.
  • Always nourish and moisturize the affected skin right after bath time.


Even if the doctors don’t know what causes eczema for sure yet, you can still do something about it. You just need to watch your habits and allergies closely, and maybe change your diet and lifestyle a bit. You can definitely start by using some of the essential oil blends for eczema in this article.


Don’t forget to get rid of some of that stress in your life, too!


Do you suffer from eczema? If so, have essential oil blends had any positive effect over your condition?


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