Essential Oils for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Control Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) with Essential Oils!

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Sweat is a normal and necessary body response, with several health benefits. But as usual, an excess can have serious consequences. They’re not only medical, but also psychological. Medical data suggests a local treatment like essential oils for excessive sweating. Fortunately, they have very few, if no side effects at all.   In this article, […]

Essential Oils for Gallbladder, Remedies

How to Take Care of Your Gallbladder with Essential Oils (Blends)

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Gallbladder problems are often related to the digestive system. Its well-functioning is important to digest fats better and faster. A healthy digestion translates into comfort and well-being. The best way to achieve these things is by using essential oils for gallbladder.   In this article, you’ll be reading (and learning) about: A few fast facts […]

Best Essential Oils for High Cholesterol

Best Essential Oils for High Cholesterol! Facts, Studies and Blends

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High cholesterol is silently increasing the risk of cardio-vascular problems. Luckily, it’s reversible so there’s no need to panic. It is necessary to take measures though, and learn to control your cholesterol levels. Besides food, the use of essential oils for high cholesterol is also an effective option.   It is believed that a 1% […]